Risk 'StarCraft' collector's edition, details

Risk 'StarCraft' collector's edition

One of the games most classic of world joins what is one of the best franchises of strategy games for PC. Risk: Starcraft Collector's Edition hits the market as an official product by both parties, being an adaptation of the original game.

The Risk of changes StarCraft soldiers, knights and cannons by figures of the game, there are a total of six colors that are divided into the three available races (Zerg, Terran and Protoss). Each color has a specific figure designated as a leader and that is also unique to each race.

In addition to changes in the figures, Risk 'StarCraft' also fits the board. We turn to have a real world map a star map based on the StarCraft universe and focusing activity in the Koprulu Sector, where the action takes place mainly in the Blizzard game.

A collector's edition can be achieved in the online Blizzard Store for about $ 50 U.S. or Amazon UK for about 37 euros. A must for fans of the series StarCraft.

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Logic Master Test your intelligence with this game for Android, tip and tricks

Logic Master Test your intelligence with this game for Android

Ready to break your coconut? No, we do not propose any style feat Jackass or similar, the issue is that the game we bring you today is going to make you devanéis brains to the edge of despair on many occasions. Master Logic is a fun but sometimes devilishly complicated and logic puzzle adventure that will keep you glued to your smartphone for quite some time. Logic Master can be downloaded completely free for phones based on the operating system Android from Google, although Game developers have devised a guide, for which many paid € 1.20 worth, in order to know the answers to those puzzles that resist them.

With a simple and clear graphics, Logic Maestro raises 100 puzzle will be solved by thinking and not take anything for granted. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty will increase, so will not be easy terminárselo soon. The game launches direct challenge to our intelligence, with a claim more than clear: "You think you're smart? Are you sure? This game will test your intelligence! "If you want to try your luck, then we leave you with the direct link to download free from Logica Master Google Play.
Puzzle Master

Interesting Games Kangaroo strategy of offering free play and taking advantage of the guide that solves all the riddles, because when the game probéis will feel the frustration of not being able to solve a minigame and the thought of "I'd give anything to know the solution "emerge in your head, that's where the guide comes into play. However we recommend trying to solve each level without aid, as based on persistence and foreign aid often can illuminate the path to finding the right solution. But if by some chance you're good at these games and play t e Logic Maestro challenging launch less than a bird with Angry Birds, you can always compete in the global ranking, showing users quicker to resolve riddles.
Puzzle Master 01
The game begins with a puzzle rather old, however if you have never faced this challenge may take you some time to resolve even give up. Change is three male frogs and three female frogs are placed in rocks from side to side within a river. Agree that cheating is wrong, but we'll leave you with tuexperto.com a video explaining how to solve this puzzle. For the rest you have two options: you break the coconut or I think based solutions, or you acquire the guide with the results . We strongly recommend the first option. Luck!

Video that solves the first puzzle game

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PlayStation 3 hacked again, details

PlayStation 3 hacked again

After the release of firmware 3.60, it seemed that Sony had controlled the problem that had come up after the group discovered Fail0verflow security keys of software, ie the keys that allow you to run the games. Unfortunately for Sony, PlayStation 3 has been hacked again.

All consoles that had a higher firmware to 3.60 and could not run custom firmware, so those who wanted to make changes needed to maintain version 3.55 or lower firmware code to run. But now the company faces the protocol filtering "passphrase", which means you could access the PlayStation Network from a modified PlayStation 3.

The master key has been released by a group of hackers calling themselves "The Three Tuskateers". Apparently, this group would have gotten in a while to discover it, but had decided not to make it known to the public. But somehow the information was leaked yesterday and a Chinese group of hackers launched a tool called BlueDiskCFW why wanted to charge. To prevent do business with their findings, the group decided to release the key LV0 and only 24 and there is a free CFW swarming Internet worlds.

    You can be sure that, but for this leak the key had never seen the light of day. Only the fear that our work is used by others to make money forced us to publish on this day.

Either way, the company has a big problem and although it is logical to think that Sony will change the "Passphrase" in a future firmware update, it seems that this would be only a temporary solution. According to experts, the key to knowing LV0 is relatively easy to decrypt future company updates.

Let's see how Sony reacts to this new event.

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Secrets JetSet, find objects in this new game for Facebook, tips and secret

Secrets JetSet, find objects in this new game for Facebook

The U.S. company Electronic Arts has just released a new game on the social network Facebook . This time leave out known franchises like The Sims, to focus research on a whole new adventure. JetSet Secrets will put the player to find objects in different locations of the world, the style of other successful titles on Facebook like Gardens of Time. However, Electronic Arts has wanted to increase the chances of the game, watching the script for JetSet Secrets and graphics showing a very careful and characteristic elements of RPGs.

As is usual in similar mechanical games, find objects scattered across a scenario will not be easy, since all will be found close together and sometimes we get stuck, however there are several aids available to finish finding them, as is If the microscope, every 30 seconds will reveal the location of one of the objects we are looking for. If you want to immerse yourself in the mysterious and glamorous Secrets JetSet missions, then we leave you with the direct link to play it for free from the social network Facebook.

jetset secrets

Being a game that demands our attention and reflection, it is convenient (and so we recommend the very beginning Playlands) we play full screen, giving center stage to monitor our game, but it certainly is the best way to find objects without being in sight trying. As is usual in almost all games social network Facebook, to start JetSet Secrets we will go as a tutorial for the most important parts of the game, while we meet the main characters who will join us in the adventure and do our first missions.

01 secrets jetset

The game is set in the present age but also will visit the past as the 60. Wherever we are we will be aiming to catch criminals world's boldest and only possible in a way, being smarter than them, surrounding building our team and all the necessary equipment to be as prepared as possible. To try to distance himself somewhat from all the games on Facebook find related items, EA has stated that his aim was to bring the genre to a new level, something they believe have achieved with JetSet Secrets, creating what they consider "a richer experience "To check if EA's words are true, you have only to go to the link below and let you try the game yourself. Needless to say, it is then necessary to have a Facebook account to play.
02 secrets jetset
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Halo 4 (Trailer), details revealed

Halo 4 (Trailer)

A few days ago we had the bad news that had leaked Halo 4 . Several videos were uploaded to the network in which various scenarios were detailed, cinematic and even the end of the game. But Microsoft did not stay idly by and for their loyal fans delights us with a new trailer for Halo 4, where we see Master Chief being tortured by a powerful enemy. Yet another trailer with the last pack of weapons. Find out that and more below.

    Halo 4's story begins four years after the end of Halo 3. The adventure will star again alongside Master Chief Cortana found wandering adrift through space aboard the wreckage of the Forward Unto Dawn , while slowly approaching a mysterious artificial world that will soon be called Requiem (site develop the main campaign). An interesting point in the argument will Cortana changes due to exposure to Halo. This new release of Halo 4 is intended to start a new trilogy in the future.

    An ancient evil awakens

    The main campaign of Halo 4 can be played individually or cooperatively with up to three players. An interesting detail is that all players will play as Master Chief unlike Halo 3 where each was a different character. The game will also feature a mode known as Spartan Ops, replacing Firefight mode, where you can play either individually or cooperatively adding a new story. As for weapons, we have seen the UNSC arsenal but now has added the last pack known as Promethean you can see below:

    The Promethean arsenal
    In multiplayer mode, called Infinity, players can create their own soldier Spartan-IV and participate in the arrangements and Spartan Ops War Games where they will gain experience to increase my level and acquire new weapons and armor. Like Halo 3, the game will also include the option Forge, a map editing tool. Halo 4 is being developed by 343 Industries and will be available exclusively for Xbox 360 from November 6, 2012.
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Indestructible, download free action game and racing for Android

Indestructible, download free action game and racing for Android

Combining such disparate genres like racing and shooting action games and titles can result very addictive, quite curious challenges and bringing the best of each of these genres. Many already know the result of this formula with Death Rally but games like Indestructible reveal that all is not seen in this combination of genres, now you can download totally free through the digital bazaar for Android, Google Play.

Basically the proposal is the same, but with different types of news. There is a predefined objective except to become the best driver of these vehicles armed to the bumpers in different matches against other applicants. No rival is equal to the previous one and seek the same goal as us, kill all rivals drivers either through fair play or through the different weapons and our driving skills to smash your vehicle.

The control is based on the use of the touch screen in our smartphone or tablet, using two virtual joysticks to steer our car through the levels through a camera from the sky and can see what happens anywhere in the circuit at all times. The basic weapons such as machine guns alone will target the enemy or the front, depending on the situation, and the special weapons can fire us whenever we want and not wasting ammunition monitor.

indestructible 01

What really sets this classic title Death Rally is its multiplayer gameplay for up to four people, leading to different races or fighting to the death against other participants, where only one will emerge victorious. They will be fighting in real time by scoring a podium to fill and that will make only the most aggressive players and survivors of each battle on the road.

The visual aspect is another highlight of the game, with an engine that makes this section look considerably. And is that a racing game and action require a certain amount of realism that can only be achieved through the graphics, which gets more than Indestructible. Visual effects such as fire, explosion or sparks by rubbing the body cars highlighted during the fighting, and different light bulbs are no longer seen, especially in the night circuits.

Customization of our vehicle could not miss such games, where we can "tune" the car to our taste in style, design and colors and accessories as arsenal available, and the different models that we have at our disposal . Overall this is a game with good graphics, fun and simple and intuitive gameplay, which together make a download free be highly recommended, especially for fans of these two genres, although they have many similarities, together offer a proposal very funny.

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Wii U Controller Pro version Super Nintendo, details

Wii U Controller Pro version Super Nintendo, details

After knowing the duration of the battery with which count the Pro Controller for Wii U official, today we discovered a curious command to reach Australian EB Games stores (at least for now). This is a very similar to Pro Controller for Nintendo, but manufactured by a third company and as you can see, shows some colors and shapes that are sure to arouse nostalgia apex more than one.

Wii U Pro Controller NES

This knob to control the shape of the classic Super Nintendo and the colors and corresponding buttons will go on sale after the launch of the console on 30 November by about 48 Australian dollars, about 40 euros. Following shaking retro fashion in recent years certain technological devices, the Nintendo 16 bit inspired this new command with the same features as the Pro Controller white or black official.

At the moment it is not known if the command will be marketed through other distributors in other countries, but it sure is a good demand especially for more traditional players.

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New Super Mario Bros. U will come with the highest definition

New Super Mario Bros. U will come with the highest definition

A major doubts about the new Nintendo platform was possible graphics power. Throughout the development process of the new platform, we have witnessed countless rumors about the graphics capabilities of the console. Most of these were directed at a resolution too equal to that of its competitors PS3 and Xbox 360, but some of the major criticisms, pointed to Wii U was unable to play your games in the highest definition (1080p). However, the news published today could end up with all kinds of hearsay, with confirmation that New Super Mario Bros. U, will have the largest market definition in its output.


As we can see in a publication of Eurogamer.net , Nintendo would have confirmed the graphics capabilities of the latest installment of Mario, with the following statement from their website.

    Presence Mario as never before made ... in full 1080p HD Only Wii U!

The truth is that this story has some surprising character, as in all fairs and events where he has been promoting the game to date, it was displayed in a setting of 720p, and have managed to modify it before it is put to sale is quite an achievement. However, this news may have some uncertainty in their existence and have to wait to have it in his hands, in order to experience for ourselves, the strength of the title.
mario 2

Clearly, Nintendo has the most important unresolved by selling all Wii U: play your games get image quality equal to or greater than that of its competitors (especially, for his nearly seven years of difference in the market ).

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Angry Birds: Star Wars, The Force will be with you on November 8

Angry Birds: Star Wars, The Force will be with you on November 8

Looks like there will not settle for conquering outer space and smartphones of millions of users, since now the famous game birds pissed Angry Birds , will immerse themselves in " The Star Wars "This has been announced its creators , the Finnish company Rovio, which is working on a new installment of this saga that will be called Angry Birds: Star Wars, and that you will come to our terminals November 8. saga of George Lucas will set the stage for Angry Birds to dress as Star Wars films, and we could even see a curious Teaser Trailer as an appetizer that is priceless, which you can see below.
angry birds star wars
So far it has not been needed much Rovio claim to that of their own characters for the game Angry Birds triumph in all editions, however, this time will match the fans of "Star Wars" numbering in the millions worldwide and that will certainly be happy to download an edition of Angry Birds inspired the series. As it could be otherwise, the "dark side" of Angry Birds: Star Wars, will be played by the evil green pigs have so much trouble giving the birds from their debut iPhone back in 2009

angry birds star wars 01

Although we currently have transcended specific details of the mechanics of the game, and if it will come out of the provisions of the saga, as it did with Angry Birds Rovio Space, birds are known to change their costumes back to normal by the the most charismatic characters of Star Wars. Even as we see the figure of pork embodies the dark side with the style helmet Darth Vader. In the presentation trailer shows the great Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi and the space pirate Han Solo, coming to what looks like the moon. But to her surprise, what at first seemed like the moon finally revealed as the Death Star, the awesome Star Wars spaceship, but this time has a flair Angry Birds, with elements reminiscent of the wicked pigs.

As expected and using the pull set of Angry Birds and Star Wars, Rovio has also prepared an arsenal of merchandising. Collectors may buy a red bird characterized as Luke Skywalker, like pink or yellow Princess Leia as Han Solo. All these products and many others including a comic will soon be available in stores and can be booked now at Amazon. With this launch will be the third game that Rovio launched shortly after Alex and the Amazing Bad Piggies, besides the occasional updates of existing games dedicated to Angry Birds. Rovio has confirmed that the game will be available for iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Mac, PC, Windows Phone and Windows 8.

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God of War: Ascension special edition and collector

God of War: Ascension special edition and collector

Four months ago, I talked about God of War: Ascension collector edition and its content, we also know the price and release date for sale. At that time there was not yet any official image that allowed us to know the contents of this collector's edition, until today.

As you can see in the picture , the contents of the collector's edition is comprised of:

  •     Play God of War: Ascension
  •     Premium metal box
  •     Kratos Figurine 8 "
  •     Game soundtrack
  •     Avatars Package
  •     Dynamic theme for the XMB
  •     Season Pass that will grant access to all the DLC that will come later
  •     Code for double XP in multiplayer

The price of this collector's edition is $ 80 dollars and will be available from March 12, 2013, date on which it will sell the game God of War: Ascension exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

The special edition is a little less "special" than the collector as this will have all of the above except for the statue of Kratos.

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Donkey Kong and Super Mario, in 8-bit on your wall

Donkey Kong and Super Mario, in 8-bit on your wall

The collection of vinyl geeks we are completing fills us with pride and satisfaction.

The latest addition brings a pack of 48 reusable stickers with which you can play on the wall of the levels of the legendary video game "Donkey Kong", which was born more than 30 years still very popular Super Mario.


Unlike the dazzling resolutions and image quality with which we play today or the like Mario Kart, Mario was a sprite primitive 8-bit and 15 pixels high. Very simple but highly addictive, as history has shown us.

If you like the iconography of ancient video games, do not miss the vinyl also Space Invaders , Pong , Asteroids and Super Mario .If you want to support our job please visit our links, we have a lot of offers for you, if not you can also visit our Top 10 past articles

Meet the Super Slim PS3 special edition for Japan

Meet the Super Slim PS3 special edition for Japan

Today were announced two special editions of the console Super Slim PS3 in Japan. The first is commemorative game Yakuza 5 and the other reasons for the upcoming release features the title The Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 "Legend Edition". Both come with a 250GB hard drive and of course, the game they represent.
The first of these, the special edition of Yakuza 5 (above), will arrive on December 6, the PlayStation 3 is black with patterns in gold on the shore, the command is very similar to the special edition of the London 2012 Olympic Games, comes in gold and black, with the usual buttons and sticks. The second, the special edition of The Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 "Legend Edition" (below), also is black but has white color motifs, similarly to the command. This edition will come days after the previous one, precisely on December 20.
No one doubts that the two special editions are fantastic. "Unfortunately" this is the new PlayStation 3, it leaves much to be desired in terms of design and quality. For now, these consoles have only been confirmed for Japan and do not know anything about whether or not to come to Europe and America.

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FIFA 13 vs PES 2013, comparative

FIFA 13 vs PES 2013, comparative

A year already here FIFA and PES, major genre sagas of football for consoles and PC. Konami and Electronic Arts have already posted for 2013 deliveries of its games for gamers football fans, two deliveries always monopolize the best selling games lists into our own country. Yet both games looking to make the podium in the sports genre, currently holds the FIFA franchise sales after passing the PES series in the final installments of both franchises. This time the Konami game comes loaded with new features and innovations in the genre that could be enough for a strong increase in new players.

Although these are two games in the genre and with many similarities, there are several differences in the key points and improvements over previous releases. The first difference between the two games are at the time of purchase: price and platforms. PES 2013 The price is about 50 euros, while FIFA 13 is about 70 euros, but it has many more different platforms, portable consoles like Sony and Nintendo.

fifa 13 vs pes 2013 01Graphics

The football games have taken giant steps in the graphics with each generation, and realism that can be found in the latest installment is impressive, especially for those players who have seen it grow both sagas from the beginning. Already in FIFA 12 we saw how the series improved graphics engine and gave a remarkable leap in this respect, with new systems such as the impact of players. PES 2013 has improved slightly from aa its predecessor, but its graphics engine lets not grow much more and must be replaced for future deliveries if you want to take the upper hand in the graphics. Cup 13 was able to give a great leap and still looks better than the Konami game, something that the Japanese company will seek change in the next installment in the preparation a new graphics engine for your favorite football saga.


One item that can not seem to improve as much when both franchises have already covered a lot of race, but still never ceases to amaze. Konami's work in this section reveals that you can still work on improving this section, normally found in the background. Thus, PES 2013 will have a greater variety of chants, shouts and variety of sounds from the stands, with a more dynamic and will change with each event occurring in the field or as the focal point of the party in each time. Anyway the two games meet significantly more than this paragraph, but PES 2013 know more immersed in the stadium taking advantage of this aspect of the game.

fifa 13 vs pes 2013 02


Both games offer intuitive gameplay know, precisely and for all levels of player, without sacrificing the classic control systems each and offering simpler and more intuitive. For the game EA have a control that, but sometimes plays show us almost simulated and are more automatic than manual, usually see a style of play much faster, such as in passing, with the rest of the team ready or getting ready to receive the next pass and set pieces or team tactics very calculated and carried out by all our players with no margin of error.

By PES have a more tactical style of play, with a style of play that allows us to think more deeply about the direction of the ball before deciding each pass or movement we make, but with a more manual system and quick passes, a pleasure for those seeking a realistic gameplay that manages the Konami game pretty well. addition PES 2013 brings big changes here, affording new ball control systems and active team players, now much better to attend our selected player from the time when the ball becomes.

fifa 13 vs pes 2013 03


This time PES 2013 brings more changes to FIFA 13, after several deliveries with small innovations. Now is the turn to the Konami game, which this time brings numerous improvements to the AI and gameplay, especially in the control of ball and the player. use the right trigger our control is another novelty in the ESP control system, allowing us to sort dribbling, preparing receptions or sync with the rest of the team in a play together. The interesting thing is that this new action will be highly dependent on the skill of the player with the ball, an attribute that takes far more relevancy.

By FIFA 13 have little extras that really bring the game like Football Club Match Day, an optional set of utility that will allow both alignments as real world events, while importing almost realen the game itself. Injuries, expulsions , transfers or the status of the major sports leagues that are just part of our game events imported from the world of football today to our game via internet. impact system that brought players FIFA 12 has been slightly improved and also see an improved dribbling system, among other things, but virtually all the improvements are focused on improving the mind that has worked so well in the series in the final installments. Overall, both games have made ​​several improvements and new features in this new annual installment, but this time it was more PES 2013 who has taken advantage of this resource.

fifa 13 vs pes 2013 04


No doubt both FIFA 13 and PES 2013 will offer the fun that everyone expects in a football game, but you have to analyze separately the number of game modes and multiplayer mode to determine which one offers more variety. Already for several deliveries both games offer game modes such as "race", where you can create your own player (or select an existing one) and control over his career as a player or coach since the start of the season until the years we want. In this case FIFA has a more complete career mode with a variety of performing feats that allow us to improve the different attributes of our player.

The difficulty curve of both games shows a clear difference: PES 2013 needs more time to master the ball to FIFA 13. This does not mean that a game easier or harder than another, but Konami's game will be a challenge since the first game we play, both for the beginner to the most experienced in the genre who have not played before to PES. Already at the end of this difficulty curve both games and test us know only our ball control and our team will allow us to bring the cup home.

fifa 13 vs pes 2013 05


Again the player's choice will be difficult to return to have two very similar games but with slightly different graphics, playability and price. Either option will be a choice of quality whether we are fans of football as beginner, and a few key points we will decide between a game or another. Thus, if we seek a more challenging gameplay and do not need a graph to the last aspect, PES 2013 is the most favorable option, while if we look realistically and frantic gameplay, FIFA 13 will have everything you look for in a title of this genus. Both games comes an equally remarkable fun and a full online mode and full of players, although the multitudinous items are the specialty of the game from Electronic Arts.

According to figures that have left the previous installments, FIFA 13 could help them regain first place in the genre, although with much less difference than their predecessors.'s Solid player base EA game with your online gameplay of eleven players per team have done a favorite among soccer games in a few years, but PES 2013 is not far behind with its new improved control and playability, which are not a sacrifice to control fans Konami's classic and will be a new challenge for this game, which already had a very comprehensive control system.

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First DLC for Assassin's Creed III depicts Washington as villain

First DLC for Assassin's Creed III depicts Washington as villain

Ubisoft has announced the first DLC for Assassin's Creed III entitled "The Tyranny of King Washington" whose story takes place in a world where most beloved political figure George Washington Americans becomes a villain at all.

Ubisoft says:

    While the revolution is drawing to a close, a new and unexpected enemy emerges. Driven by the desire to secure the fate of the colonies, the greatest hero of the Revolution, George Washington, succumbs to the temptation of infinite power.

washington el tirano en assassin's creed III  The new king is born and his reign leaves no one untouched. To return to the land of freedom our new hero must dethrone a tyrant who once called friend.

With this the company announces a pass that give you access to all future DLC that will be five in total. But the end of this particular saga will not be in the DLC announced, it will run through three of them.

While I think it is fun to play with a scenario "what if" that becomes the hero of my northern neighbors a tyrant, I wonder what fans say that Americans are not on a game that will focus on events in the U.S.

I have read many opinions against forums and specialized sites on the decision to develop the plot around the 13 colonies, and it would be naive to ignore that there is a feeling "anti-Americanism" around the world. I honestly wonder if this situation will affect sales of Assassin's Creed III.

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The mythical shield of Zelda recreated in LEGO

The mythical shield of Zelda recreated in LEGO

The numerous displays of affection in the world of video games have always been known for its huge dose of originality and effort. Today we discovered a fantastic recreation of the most iconic shield of Zelda saga, made ​​entirely of LEGO pieces you can believe?

From our first experiences with the game more popular constructions, we have always imagined develop fantastic creations that reflect our ideas more unthinkable. Unfortunately, our lack of originality, coupled with the limited number of pieces that all our disposal, all ran our ambitious creations resembling a strange collage of multicolored buildings or vehicles squared strangers. Although our interest in the game was decreasing along with our adolescence, there are times when we turn to be fascinated with the ability to clear some specialists.


The Reddit user called remig, has published his masterpiece on the network. A fantastic recreation of Hylian shield using LEGO pieces valued at $ 1,500 (about € 1,150). We found no words to grab describe the greatness of this work, which is a fitting tribute to everyone gamer.

Seeing the possibilities of the LEGO world, it would be good to devise a competition to mostrarais us your creations inspired by the video game industry right?. Consigáis may not so much realism, but it sure the effort will be rewarded.

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New Models Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan: Black, Mario and Animal Crossing

New Models Nintendo 3DS XL in Japan: Black, Mario and Animal Crossing

Thanks to a new Nintendo Direct in Japan, we have discovered that the Japanese will receive three new designs of Nintendo 3DS XL, which add to the variety and existing in the country. This is one side of a completely black, while adding a touch of color find one red and one white motif New Super Mario Bros 2 or Jump Out Animal Crossing.

For starters, come November 1st black model, which will be available in pack with Monster Hunter 3G. This model joins the black-blue, black-red, black-silver, black and white rose that currently exist in Japan. A week later, on November 8 based models reach the two aforementioned games.
Nintendo 3DS XL Edicion NSMB2
New this pair of limited models come in pack with games, but not in physical form. Both New Super Mario Bros 2 (red model) as Animal Crossing Jump Out (white model) will come pre-installed on the console. All for 22,800 yen, about 230 euros to change.

Tomorrow we will discover what news keeps Nintendo in Europe , being able to uncover some of these new models, black being the most ballots have to reach the West. And it must be remembered that in the words of Reggie Fils-Aime, white models do not work well in America and Europe. For now we leave you with the video where you can find much better the new Japanese models. 

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Dungeon Rampage, action role-playing game for Facebook, cheats and tricks

Dungeon Rampage, action role-playing game for Facebook

The variety of genres to be found on the Facebook social network allows us to have games for all tastes, from the most popular as puzzles or skill to genres for gamers as the role, which are increasingly present in the social network. Dungeon Rampage recently came to the social network and has managed to make the gamer audience of Facebook, with many opportunities for character creation and a multiplayer mode that offers many hours of fun.

With a cartoon visual style, the game offers the ability to create our own little avatar, which will be the hero of a land surrounded by magic, dungeons and monsters, where our little guy will feel like home. We will have at our disposal various points of interest that will enhance or advance in the game, such as the tavern, training camps, the store or the Coliseum itself, a world instantiated and accessible for us and friends where everything will to do is fight.
dungeon rampage 01
The improved system is layered character with variety of modifiable attributes. This means that as we go up a level, we can improve the different statistical manual dexterity are our hero both in combat and in the magic, and to improve our lives or amount of maximum mana. Every detail of our hero is at hand, and nothing will be free of modifications on our part.

Beyond making or changing how our character is the coliseum and the dungeons, the real core of the game where you will spend hours playing alone or with friends from Facebook. Thus appear different waves of enemies and obstacles that we must overcome cooperatively, preventing nobody is left behind and no hero is left behind. To do this we coordinate our attacks and our role fully aware in every battle, and know how to use our abilities at all times. There will be times when we focus our attacks on one enemy or small waves of fighters who fall easily using area attacks.

With each advance in dungeons win new objects as weapons or bonuses in combat that we buy in the store or used directly in the fighting. There will be no place to relax in this game, which despite maintaining the essence of an RPG maintains the frenzy of an action game. Besides being able to play with Facebook friends cooperatively, fighting hand to hand and reviving the fallen is an addition that really worth it and makes the game much more interesting. Ultimately, if you like RPGs whose bouts are in real time rather than turn-based, adapted to social networks with their capabilities, please try Dungeon Rampage, preferably with your Facebook friends for a better online gaming experience. 

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Justin Bieber in NBA 2k13 not a joke

Justin Bieber in NBA 2k13 available

The fan phenomenon is about to reach its peak. Legions of believers begin to take positions at the entrance of the shopping stores to get the latest product in which debuts their favorite star. And the last appearance of Justin Bieber, will be one of the most unexpected territory: as a playable character in the title NBA2K13 .

The franchise's most talented leading the NBA world to our consoles, save big surprises for consumers. Because in addition to being able to enjoy the passion of basketball, driving the biggest stars on the planet, the developers at 2K Sports executive producer alongside the famous rapper Jay-Z, have decided to sign some of the most popular stars of today to his team of celebrities. What better signing for the team that the teen pop idol, able to tide fond sigh and repugnant to so many at once?
As we saw in the first sequence, the resemblance to the singer keeps her character is admirable ... if we look from the neck up. Because the body robust showing in the title, does not correspond with known traits too androgynous and 1.65 meters tall. However, thanks to the skill of the user, it appears defense with great skill in the basketball court.

Certainly, I think this adaptation has proclaimed itself as the least desired additional content by title fans. That sure would have liked to have a more updated content of the star, for some of the unique movements of his last concert (nausea, retching, etc.)

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FIFA 13: the game has sold faster this year

FIFA 13: the game has sold faster this year

FIFA 13 has just been released in late September, however, and became the game that has sold faster this year.

And not only that, it is also the game's fastest sports flown off the shelves in history, which is certainly great news for Electronic Arts . Only in the UK the amount sold 1.23 million copies in just 48 hours.

So far the numbers are around 4.5 million units sold worldwide, and EA says this is due to the high quality of the game, which has received mostly positive reviews both in the version for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Moreover, most of the errors that existed in previous editions have been corrected for this title.
But the Wii version has been a big disappointment as it is not more than the same version of FIFA 12 lightly made ​​up, which many consider a real robbery fans.

Compared Madden NFL 13 has sold 1.65 million copies in its first week, a small number at all, but this shows that it is still the most popular sport on the planet, even on consoles. 

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