Nintendo Presents Mario Kart 7, amazing!!

Nintendo Presents Mario Kart 7, amazing!!.

A few hours ago Nintendo presented in Madrid Spain their next big bet for Nintendo 3DS, Mario Kart 7 . The most famous plumber game get behind the wheel again to offer these anthologies shafts, prompted by a gameplay that does not give a moment of respite and thanks to which, the latter will always be the first.
A game for everyone

The seventh installment in the career of Mario Kart comes packed with new, but willing to respect the essence of a franchise of all generations. Parents, children, grandparents and sisters, all at one time have been at the controls to participate in the frantic races of Mario and company.

As has been emphasized in the presentation, Mario Kart is a game that removes any intimidation, capable of offering something to both newcomers and those already initiated. It is in fact the first game that hardcores and casuals (if allowed once more as hackneyed distinction) willingly accepted, because the skill level does not always guarantee victory.

How many times have you suffered defeat inches from goal because of a treacherous shell? Item I probably threw your mother, incredulous winner of the race.

The figures reflect the public alone massive Mario Kart. Mario Kart Wii has sold 827,020 units since its launch in Spain in 2005, Mario Kart DS just over 400,000. To date, both deliveries accumulate 1,323,315 copies in the country, with 27 million Mario Kart Wii sold around the world.

And attention to scoop statistics have revealed that (already referred to the Mario series as a whole), because 1.1 million Spanish has played more than 10 titles plumber in the last six months and 32% of all patriotic gamers started in electronic entertainment through one of their games.

Gears of War 3: Meet the characters of RAAM's Shadow

Gears of War 3: Meet the characters of RAAM's Shadow

There are still a few days so that we can do with the first major DLC for Gears of War 3, RAAM's Shadow, but it is possible to see the look of the characters that include this are a total of 6 for multiplayer mode.

We have the very General RAAM, Alice James, Michael Barrick, Minh Young Kim, Tai Kalis and a soldier Theron Elite.

As we can see in the pictures, RAAM's Shadow has an approximate size of 2GB, so prepare the hard disk space on your console Xbox 360 . The price for this DLC will be 1, 200 Microsoft points, for those holders [Season Pass] of Gears of War 3 , there will be free.

RAAM's Shadow will include new characters, a new set of weapons, bonus points in achievements and of course, three hours of campaigning, the same conditions where we find out the Zeta Squadron in its mission to evacuate the survivors after Emergence Day.

In the words of Cliff Bleszinski (creator of the Gears of War series), this downloadable content will help us understand civilians from the town of Sera.

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