Campaign Story , become president with this simulator to Facebook

Campaign Story , become president with this simulator to Facebook

The United States is currently experiencing the election campaign before the 2012 elections, in which Democrats and Republicans alike are engaged in different strategies to turn their respective heads of representatives in the White House. The path to the presidency is not easy, and we can experience through Campaign Story , a fun simulation game where you, as you would expect, we will live our own election campaign from the base to the end, which is none other than our arrival for president.

And to accomplish this feat have many tools available to us based on the movements of the most famous politicians, from the delivery of electoral propaganda or using different means to reach citizens to discussions and meetings by different states and regions of the country , seeking to "conquer" the largest possible map to represent the color of our party, which translates into votes for our candidate.
campaign story 01
All these tasks, tactics and electoral strategies could not perform alone, but like every politician, will rely on their assistants and advisers. Attendees are translated as our tool to perform actions in the game, while the directors will be much of the same tutorial and will show the current state of the polls in order to predict at all times which politician has the scales in your favor. Of course there would be no debates elections, appointments and major events, something that can only be achieved with the representative of our party, ourselves. So, there will be small situations in the game in which we will take decisions without counselors or assistants, and that our actions or responses to various questions we formulate will be key to the resolution of this election.
campaign story 02
A notable failure of the game is that the version "payment" of it becomes almost mandatory in order to advance the same, leaving the free side of the game for the most monotonous, repetitive and simple game, not to mention the limitations daily that has the game, but for them to complete the game would be a matter of days. Anyway all I see is a smaller version of the gaming experience that offers the full version, but also can enjoy the experience of being president on the campaign trail. Neither see translated into our language, and that is only available in English, but with a basic understanding of the language can play quietly and not missing a game. Overall, if you like simulators with entirely new challenges or want to live the way to the presidency from the ground, do not hesitate to try Story Campaign on Facebook.

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - First Impressions

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - First Impressions

The day came, Mists of Pandaria was released and after staying for a while stuck in the brand new screen and log in, I experienced some of what Blizzard has to offer us in this new expansion.

I'll start by saying this: World of Warcraft has changed, World of Warcraft is still the same.

What I mean is that there are fundamental changes in things like talent and new things like pet battles, farms for players and of course, a new race and class. The truth is that WoW is definitely not the same game that came out eight years ago it has undergone a constant evolution that keeps millions of active users (and some who leave and return) and we can always count on new content and activities to keep us occupied.
world of warcraft: mists of pandaria
However, in the end, still has the same mechanics, the same visual style and retains its gameplay feature so if someone ventures to re hoping for a change of 360 degrees, will be disappointed, yes, still have to collect 10 shoots June grass or monkey livers.

But this is not necessarily bad, I've seen plenty of reviews comparing this game to newer ones like Skyrim or Guild Wars 2 and WoW complaining that you can not do this, and in WoW you can not do that, but it is by why WoW is WoW and Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 is. Why would I want that all games have the same mechanics? Everyone enjoys something different and that is great for those who like to try more than one style of gameplay .


Male pandas are in my opinion, and unlike other races, humorous, without big muscles and a beer belly bouncing with each step. Females are quite nice. Accompanied with their emotes and jokes, between which lies the Konami code. What I notice is a more fluid animation on characters and detailed features in their appearance.

The new class

The monk is a hybrid class (tank: brewmaster, healer: Mistweaver or DPS: Windwalker) but no illusions with DPS, everyone asked tanking or healing in groups.

They can use only cloth and leather and come obviously movements of Kung-Fu. Energy use and can spend points Chi form in which death knights and warlocks use runes and soul stones.

His attacks are melee. Personally I've always preferred ranged attacks so it does not attract me much class, but has interesting skills as the "death knell" that instantly kills any enemy with less health than the player.

creacion de pandaren

Shen-zin His

The starting zone for pandaren is a giant turtle named Shen-zin Su and Chinese aesthetics is all we could hope for, with chord music and truly beautiful scenarios, although according to the graphics engine that can provide that is eight years old .

The missions still feel grindy, but there are some interesting developments as they interact with NPCs a more active player after completing certain quests or mobs that are uploaded to the back (I do not remember much except that happen in any dungeon).

Something that gave me quite laugh was a particular mission over an area called the nasal singsong, where they must defeat other apprentices while fighting on logs buried in a lake. If you should fall into the water, the player will become an animal-referencing Ranma 1 1/2. You know that Blizzard has a habit of integrating so many pop culture jokes as possible.

Shen-zin His apparently is dying and we must find out why talking to the turtle, which will take the player to meet with members of the Alliance and the Horde and thus choose a faction.

Shen-zin Su

Higher levels

The change for higher level characters is remarkable when taking the mission sent by Garrosh / Varian war as it breathes in the game, the hostilities between the Alliance and the Horde have exploited and this gives a different meaning to the missions, which actively encourage the player to attack the other side.

There are now more dialogue between players and NPC giving more understanding of why these attacks definitely a good thing if at that time we do not feel like reading.

There are also more frequent cut-scenes to help understand the history and varied mission objectives that give the impression of doing something really different, but as I said, with the same mechanics. By the way, continue to see our world change after performing certain actions through the use of phasing.
guerra entre alianza y horda

Other changes

The character creation screen has been streamlined to make the process less tedious. The missions are faster respawn time for items and mobs has been shortened and not need to go with a trainer for new talent, they are automatically acquired as you level up and now professional instructors are universal. All this decreases enough playtime for those who are bored to grind and farm the game.

Content for all

WoW has many detractors who wonder how a game "old" and in addition to pay can have 10 million subscribers. The answer is that there is no one way to play, the truth is that in this expansion, more than any other, seems to have content for everyone, not only for the hardcore who enjoy raids and heroic and crawl through Stormwind and Orgrimmar with his armor epic dragon mount that was a rare chocolate-drop after completing this dungeon three thousand times in less than 10 minutes.

Players can enjoy the game in many ways, through missions, scenarios, professions, achievements, PvP, PvP pet, exploration, reputations, collecting mounts, the auction house and the rich social environment that has always enjoyed WoW ( do not waste time, to block the jerks).

And I repeat, basic mechanics remain the same and those who have never enjoyed, may not do so now, but for those who enjoy this style of game, Mists of Pandaria brings new content to ensure enough hours added to his / played.


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Burger, free download arcade game for Android

Burger, free download arcade game for Android

In recent years it has become known gender "Dash", a style of play based on the arcade game system in which our ability and reaction speed are tested gameplay with simple and straightforward, giving as result a really addictive game, like Burger, you get at the top digital downloads for Android bazaar Google Play totally free, offering gender-Dash arcade style in its purest form.

We had seen other Dash games where you had to running a restaurant or a fast food chain, but this time will be more complex than seen in other. In the first titles Dash, we had to take care of customers in queue, clearing tables or taking orders in the proper order, among other things. In Burger shall disregard all these elements and we will pass direct treatment, bar service in our restaurant, where they prepare all orders.
burger 01
The aim will be to operate a burger from its most basic, that is, in the preparation of menus that customers, some of them very impatient, we will ask the time of day. Time will be our main meter when evaluate our efficiency in serving the orders and the number of mistakes we may make.

Of course like any game of this genre the replayability is present in it and makes fun extends for hours. Always have the possibility of opening the restaurant and get to dispatch different orders reaching us at the level we want and the complexity of desire. As we end one day see how much money we have raised or how many people have attended that day, looking at each item may break our own records.

In the early stages of the game we will be guided by the title, using sheets with recipes of the different dishes that will serve and arrows indicating the order of steps to serve current customer tray. So, we'll see how we prepare basic elements such as drinking, potatoes or regular burger to pass custom dishes like burgers or serve a certain number of drinks or potatoes, besides applying sauces and accessories that we have requested.
burger 02
Gradually elements appear more and more complex dishes, but time will be the same against us since we started playing Burger. There will always be an ideal time to complete each course, from which gradually begin to lose points. Of course errors will be more penalized, which serve both as in the order of preparation. In short, if you enjoyed games like Burger Dash and would like to test your skills in games of this cut, try on your mobile or tablet Burger preparing your skills at speed orders.

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Xbox 720 to become the walls of our house in part of the game

Xbox 720 to become the walls of our house in part of the game

Can you imagine for a moment that the next generation Xbox will allow part of the game beyond what today makes Kinect? More interesting is the new Microsoft patent which we have heard in today. And is that Xbox 720 could use a technology capable of recreating 3D environments across from our room, using the walls of the house.

Thus, as shown by the images of the patent, the new device recreate the game scenario 360 degrees beyond the television screen. Additionally, this technology would be accompanied as it could be otherwise Kinect, the 3D sensor would be able to detect the exact position of the player on the pitch, it would fit perfectly with military titles, as shown in the drawings.
Patente Xbox 720
However, we must realize that this is just a starting point. The registration of a patent does not mean much unless the technology is ready for use. We are facing a complicated innovation as each player makes use of the console in a room and under certain conditions, which would make it very difficult to use the walls of our houses for the game.
Even so, it waits to meet in the coming months which is able to offer Xbox 720, this patent breaks new ground in the world of video games. Besides the fight in terms of graphics power and technical specifications, it is encouraging that companies are still making efforts to innovate and try to launch new game types, and broaden the experience and options market for video games. 

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