Grand Theft Auto V second trailer

Grand Theft Auto V second trailer

Rockstar is still trying to keep the memory of Grand Theft Auto V constantly on our minds. By releasing information that's going to trickle to maintain the image and look fresh thrill even further. And to continue the tradition here is the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

Ready for action? Well get ready to take a first look at the lives of our three protagonists. Know firsthand the problems with their teenagers Michael apparently will cause a lot of trouble. The bad milk Trevor tolerate not getting into "business" and setting fire to fix everything that is put in front of Franklin and love for cars, which apparently will eventually bring down the wrong path.

Intense Action, loud music and a first look at some of the vehicles that we can use in the game. If we talk about graphics, if we look at what you see in the trailer will be a substantial improvement, but we should expect to see something in game before you get excited.

What has been what most drew the attention?
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