Dream Zoo Free Download Today Zynga's new game for IOS [Game] [Video]

Dream Zoo Free Download Today Zynga's new game for IOS [Game] [Video]

Social games are really popular right now, but still not taking advantage over the pull may have their mobile versions, which would make, no doubt.

Well, today we communicate from Zynga launch of its new social game for iPhone and iPad, called Dream zoo , where our goal is to manage a fantastic zoo where we can find the strangest creatures (hey, looks like a zoo Pokémon).

According to David Ko, general manager of mobile platforms division Zynga, it aims to improve the experience of making casual players can play with friends from anywhere:

    Zynga makes every effort to innovate in the field of social games for mobile devices and to allow everyone to enjoy playing wherever and whenever. Now anyone can be the keeper of the animals experience unimaginable and share with friends.

A pretty cool game, which you can download from iTunes , at least during the day.

For you to see how it looks here's a video, but I will recommend you to download. 

Link | Dream Zoo Facebook

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