Nintendo Presents Mario Kart 7, amazing!!

Nintendo Presents Mario Kart 7, amazing!!.

A few hours ago Nintendo presented in Madrid Spain their next big bet for Nintendo 3DS, Mario Kart 7 . The most famous plumber game get behind the wheel again to offer these anthologies shafts, prompted by a gameplay that does not give a moment of respite and thanks to which, the latter will always be the first.
A game for everyone

The seventh installment in the career of Mario Kart comes packed with new, but willing to respect the essence of a franchise of all generations. Parents, children, grandparents and sisters, all at one time have been at the controls to participate in the frantic races of Mario and company.

As has been emphasized in the presentation, Mario Kart is a game that removes any intimidation, capable of offering something to both newcomers and those already initiated. It is in fact the first game that hardcores and casuals (if allowed once more as hackneyed distinction) willingly accepted, because the skill level does not always guarantee victory.

How many times have you suffered defeat inches from goal because of a treacherous shell? Item I probably threw your mother, incredulous winner of the race.

The figures reflect the public alone massive Mario Kart. Mario Kart Wii has sold 827,020 units since its launch in Spain in 2005, Mario Kart DS just over 400,000. To date, both deliveries accumulate 1,323,315 copies in the country, with 27 million Mario Kart Wii sold around the world.

And attention to scoop statistics have revealed that (already referred to the Mario series as a whole), because 1.1 million Spanish has played more than 10 titles plumber in the last six months and 32% of all patriotic gamers started in electronic entertainment through one of their games.

Gears of War 3: Meet the characters of RAAM's Shadow

Gears of War 3: Meet the characters of RAAM's Shadow

There are still a few days so that we can do with the first major DLC for Gears of War 3, RAAM's Shadow, but it is possible to see the look of the characters that include this are a total of 6 for multiplayer mode.

We have the very General RAAM, Alice James, Michael Barrick, Minh Young Kim, Tai Kalis and a soldier Theron Elite.

As we can see in the pictures, RAAM's Shadow has an approximate size of 2GB, so prepare the hard disk space on your console Xbox 360 . The price for this DLC will be 1, 200 Microsoft points, for those holders [Season Pass] of Gears of War 3 , there will be free.

RAAM's Shadow will include new characters, a new set of weapons, bonus points in achievements and of course, three hours of campaigning, the same conditions where we find out the Zeta Squadron in its mission to evacuate the survivors after Emergence Day.

In the words of Cliff Bleszinski (creator of the Gears of War series), this downloadable content will help us understand civilians from the town of Sera.

Review Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Review Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

A couple of years ago Naughty Dog surprised us all with that masterpiece called Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The ETEC were pleased with the game, so that was one of the few tens we have given in this house. And I think everyone will agree with me that the game definitely deserved it. Under that premise, all eagerly expecting the arrival of 3 Uncharted: Drake's Deception and I have the pleasure to ensure, in my opinion not failed us.

From the first moment you take the controls you see embedded in the adventures of Nathan Drake, and we know that man does not have what you call a boring and monotonous life. We begin of course, to see us in the midst of finding a great treasure. I know, as in the previous two games, but no less exciting, after all who does not want to live an adventure?

Now, after everything that has happened in the first game, is really worth risking your life? That's the basic question will be the protagonist throughout the story, but that we really matters is: is it worth buying the game? And I hope to help them make a decision my impressions on the third installment of this saga.

What I liked

Perhaps one of the things that amused me was that Uncharted 3 cinematic style that fused with the history of the game and makes you feel in the middle of a movie in which you move the threads of the protagonist. Fans of the series have been able to taste it now, but what's interesting is that, although not a surprise in every sense of the word, the feeling remains the same. Are there in the midst of a world in which everything seems to be against you to get out of all danger. And believe me when I tell them they will find a lot.

It is precisely these moments of action that will encourage more in the game. Having to go flat out for a place in flames that falls on you, grab at the last moment to a ledge that is clear and bouncing out to get one save in the last minute. All are resources that we already know from previous versions but not why we are less impressive.

The game is founded on three pillars: the exploration will take us to climb all sorts of scenarios (who had those arms) and scavenging for the treasures, the riddles that I have found particularly difficult, I do not know if it's just an impression but these I found mine very easy to solve and finally, the action in which the shooting will have to build or try to be as quiet as possible (and the word I try not used in vain, but I will elaborate below) .

It has enhanced the combat a bit more dynamic making based on the use of the environment which makes it definitely more fun. You can smash enemies against various parts of the scenarios and use the utility on it to knock them out (fish, bottles, anything goes). They have also added some QTE that make it more varied especially in the beginning of the game, when you take some time with the same sequence the truth begins to seem more tiresome.

As pointed system has been discussed a lot. It is true that it is less accurate than the second part of the series but still did not seem particularly difficult to target. What is certain is that the scenes of shootings may not lead us to the level of excitement to get other games.

I loved getting back to the secondary characters and above all to know more about the past of Drake and Sullivan. Has made the game more rounded and has given a little depth to the plot.

I decided to leave the graphics for the end because I do not need many words to talk about something that is so evident. Uncharted 3 is a game that can boast perfectly to have the best graphics on PlayStation 3 and is surely among the top 10 on all platforms. Lovers of the visual will be fully satisfied with the work of Naughty Dog.

The co-op and multiplayer will add extra points to the game. The cooperative mode will give you more or less about three extra hours of play but no doubt it will benefit you more competitive mode that most fans already had the opportunity to try thanks to the beta that was available some time ago . Really have nothing too significant to note. It's definitely fun though it must be coupled to the gameplay (especially to take many more shots than necessary in other games to kill someone).

What I did not like

The only part that frustrated me a bit in the game were the scenarios in which you are invited to be stealthy. I'm a big fan to get through this kind of scenarios without being found out and Uncharted 3 is practically impossible. Basically because the routines are not well defined enemies and do not have a clear sense of when it may or may not see you. This will not be a problem for shooting lovers. But for those like me who plan to go try to be quiet a bit of a pain in the butt.

I confess that after repeating the same scenario several times to try to pass on ninja plan and see that it was virtually impossible to finish by making a couple and as for me I saw the shooting because he said, in a game like this in which the flow is so important, getting stuck and frustrated on a stage because the gameplay does not let you move is a sin.

In conclusion: 9

For me there is no reason not to buy the game. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has excellent graphics, it gets embedded in your world and turn all our senses with the action rampant that he usually does and round a saga that all PlayStation 3 owners should be given the opportunity to try.

The next Xbox will come in two different models

The next Xbox will come in two different models

Yes, a new rumor on the home consoles of the next generation has arrived. This time the turn of the console Microsoft , the next Xbox, you can call, Xbox 720 , Xbox Next or Codename: Loop.

The information on this console, says Microsoft will release two different editions of the next Xbox. Just as he did with the current console gradually. On this occasion, both consoles come from the outset , what are the differences?

It seems that one version will not have a HDD and reduced price will be for those casual gamers. The other would be best for most gamers, more expensive, yes, integrate a hard drive and also backwards.

Is it that, if we get the cheapest console, did you not play the games we currently enjoy? Would then have to keep our "old" Xbox 360 in case you want to enjoy the jewels Halo, Gears of War, Forza Motorsport, and so on.

Rumors like these, we often know until Microsoft officially announce what he has planned for the next generation of its console. The hardware, software, and the different versions and prices of these to acquire them.

Dream Zoo Free Download Today Zynga's new game for IOS [Game] [Video]

Dream Zoo Free Download Today Zynga's new game for IOS [Game] [Video]

Social games are really popular right now, but still not taking advantage over the pull may have their mobile versions, which would make, no doubt.

Well, today we communicate from Zynga launch of its new social game for iPhone and iPad, called Dream zoo , where our goal is to manage a fantastic zoo where we can find the strangest creatures (hey, looks like a zoo Pokémon).

According to David Ko, general manager of mobile platforms division Zynga, it aims to improve the experience of making casual players can play with friends from anywhere:

    Zynga makes every effort to innovate in the field of social games for mobile devices and to allow everyone to enjoy playing wherever and whenever. Now anyone can be the keeper of the animals experience unimaginable and share with friends.

A pretty cool game, which you can download from iTunes , at least during the day.

For you to see how it looks here's a video, but I will recommend you to download. 

Link | Dream Zoo Facebook

Microsoft could design a new Xbox that operate with Windows 8

Microsoft could design a new Xbox that operate with Windows 8

One of the products Microsoft has had more success, and almost without interruption, is your console Xbox 360 has enjoyed since the start of a high acceptance by users, for example, its online services. Kinect has been another of the great strengths of this console and, in fact, this component has crossed the boundaries of electronic entertainment and has become the basis of multiple research and development projects at prestigious universities around the world. 

Microsoft wants to bring the world of console to PC and much more, apparently, Windows 8 could be the link since the Redmond company could work next year on an Xbox running Windows 8 in 2012 (which could be launched in 2014).

If this console is an updated version of the Xbox 360 or a completely new console is something that is not yet clear and are voices both ways, but regardless of this, the chances of that union (Xbox and Windows 8) could be quite interesting . 

In fact, during the past Build, Microsoft revealed plans to include the Xbox Live service on Windows 8, which would allow PC users could compete against Xbox multiplayer games, which could even be extended to Windows users Phone and grouped under one umbrella to all users of their platforms. From a business perspective, Microsoft's strategy is very accurate and Windows 8 will play an integral role quite powerful.

Conversely, Xbox 360 also begin to see some aspects close to Windows 8. For starters, the interface of Windows 8 Metro, ie widgets panel is something that will be distributed as an update on 6 December (but has already begun to be tested in beta mode for some users).

If we add the company's intentions to include YouTube and Bing inside the Xbox, the console's approach to other types of services makes us understand much more of this convergence of platforms in which, thanks to Kinect users Xbox can search content by using the voice recognition feature.

Personally, the convergence of platforms that Microsoft is considering, which would increase much more with Windows 8, I think a very interesting strategy to maximize the use of their services and increase the scope of its own ecosystem. Applying the popular expression that says that "leisure is business", in the case of Microsoft, its new operating system could carry far more niche markets that the original PC

Square Enix will launch its own game store for Android

Square Enix will launch its own game store for Android

The business of video games on mobile handsets is growing rapidly and forecasts for the coming years are very optimistic, so it's no wonder that traditional sector companies are decidedly closer to these platforms. Good example is the recent move by Square Enix, a company known especially for the development of the series 'Final Fantasy'.

Japan has announced the launch of the Square Enix Market, a new shop to sell their securities directly to the end customer Android, bypassing Google's platform or having to share with her ​​income. At the moment the business is only intended for Japan, where, thanks to an agreement with major carriers in the country, the store will come fitted as standard on their phones.

Start operating next month of December and have already been confirmed as the remake title for IOS 'Final Fantasy', 'Dragon Quest Monsters Most Wanted!', 'Chaos Ring' and 'Crystal Defenders', which in the future jewelry will be added as big as 'Chrono Trigger'. For now we will settle the Nipponese envy and wish that the store will one day to the West.

Max Payne 3: Collector's edition

Max Payne 3: Collector's edition

It's like a universal law of the great game today. If the title is great, has a history or is expected by a large number of followers, a force must have collector's edition up to expectations. And it not just ask Mass Effect 3.

Another third installment could not stay without their respective special edition is Max Payne 3 , yes, the same as the other day we see in motion , and delight with spectacular animation and action moments. Well today Rockstar Games has released the aforementioned issue , including the following.

    A copy of the game.
    A figure of 10 "Max Payne.
    Some cards with art from the game.
    Bullet-shaped keychain.
    Classic characters of the series for multiplayer.
    Exclusive weapons for multiplayer.
    The soundtrack of the title.

This edition will cost $ 99.99 and has been confirmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, for now only in USA, hopefully to be confirmed also for the other territories, because the truth is that it is very complete and LOOKS GOOD!!

Angry Birds Rio Download for Free

Angry Birds Rio Download for Free

The birds finally reached Rio de Janeiro and as well I thought it was a good opportunity for you to can have in your PC DEMO albeit as this game has caused a great commotion among all the people say lovers video games, so if you want to have fun as your option is to download Angry Birds Rio for free and see if you can kill all the enemies here to kill you as look at as in previous versions there is no hint here of blood which is suitable for all children in the house, free download Angry Birds Rio.

Angry Birds Rio is the new video game that will keep you very attentive to the PC as it is the best yet, while it has been one of the most played in mobile phones which will be only a matter of waiting a little longer for addicted to you as it should, we can say that this game is very addictive so I recommend you play only if you have nothing to do because once you try it you will not want to stop playing, download Angry Birds Rio PC.

License: DEMO

Download Angry Birds Rio

Trailer Mass Effect 3: Collector's Edition

Trailer Mass Effect 3: Collector's Edition

Long ago we knew the contents of the collector's edition of Mass Effect 3 was the amazon online store, who sleepless 5 months ago for the first time such content.

According as shown in the official trailer, copies of this edition will be extremely limited and will be convenient to reserve. Those who are really waiting for this edition, do not have to receive such instructions.

The content of Mass Effect Collector's Edition 3 is:

    A metal box with the art of Colonel Shepard on one side and on the other, the Colonel Shepard.
    A 70-page book with the art of Mass Effect 3.
    A Mass Effect comic, by Dark Horse.
    A logo patch "N7".
    A lithograph of Normandy 4x6.
    The Mass Effect 3 soundtrack in digital format.
    An Xbox Live Avatar (exclusive to Xbox 360).
It also has some gifts ingame:

    "Arsenal N7" including: N7 Pistol, SMG N7, N7 N7 Shotgun and Sniper Rifle.
    A dog robot.
    Vests exclusive to your squad.
    N7 and a sweatshirt for our character.

Facebook Games: Castleville reaches 5 million users in 5 days

Facebook Games: Castleville reaches 5 million users in 5 days

CastleVille seems to be becoming the most popular game Zynga has created to date. So, the new game from the creators of Farmville, FrontierVille, and other "-villes" just reached 5 million daily active users in less than a week, beating previous records set by the company (FrontierVille, another highly popular, reached 2.6 million, while Cityville , 3.2 million).

Other statistics shared.

    Completed quests 135,176,025
    4,594,750 expancion the "Gloom"
    Removed from the realm enemies 23,845,983
    Bubbly 182.1360 created Grogs
    8,262,768 cows raised.

Screen shot 4

What is CastleVille

Like other games in the franchise, is a "game" casual, where we must use our energy (which is recharged over time or, of course, we can buy for real money) to go to improve our property. This time, it is not farms or cities, but of a medieval village where, in fact, it implements the same formula as always.

Clear that Zynga has been refined over time, such a formula. One of the reasons for the success of the game, is the instant gratification. Every action we make, from cutting down a tree, build a tower, visual feedback will fill us with coins, stars and other things, ensuring that we are having some progress. This, coupled with social competitiveness have all the games on Facebook (with a ranking at the bottom, always visible, determining which of our friends are "better) and the constant quests or missions that give short-term goals, make of these games, the perfect formula to keep playing. Although, in reality, are not any fun, and be more like a job, something entertaining.

Of course, now we have to eliminate enemies and quests more interesting, but as always, to have some kind of progress, we must pay. Or spend hours, hours, hours, doing the same . If you want to take a look, here I leave the Link

World Of Warcraft Ad with Chuck Norris, Amazing

World Of Warcraft Ad with Chuck Norris, Amazing. ads to promote World of Warcraft are usually pretty horny, but the latter really loved it, because its protagonist is neither more nor less than the very Chuck Norris, the toughest guy on this side of the Internet (and the other too).

The following sketch we see Mr. Norris with his virtual alter ego, who is kindly letting live 10 million people who inhabit this metaverse.

A great video that you can not miss, or else you will suffer the wrath of Chuck ... enough said.

Battlefield 3 Cheats for PS3

3 is the new Battlefield game from DICE and as we all know that this has a lot of demand in the early weeks has been, here come all the tricks presenting this game may have in order to unlock all the trophies, no doubt to the people I always kept abreast of all the trophies to unlock new upgrades for these tricks will fall and they can do great at the moment and I offer you the best tips for Battlefield 3 for PS3 and of course the same is true for other consoles including the PC.

With these tricks Battlefield 3 will have the opportunity to learn how to unlock the trophies which are a bit hidden and clear without the knowledge this would ignore the well the tricks ranging from Bronze to Platinum is why you have to improve a lot and demonstrate your great skill in the game and more on the shooter we know are in high demand as it has been a Battlefield 3 which has been very welcoming.

Battlefield 3 Cheats for PS3


You have destroyed 6 enemy tanks before reaching the fort in Thunder Carrera

Jet've shot down a single attempt at the rock and

Two for one
You have removed 2 enemies with 1 bullet in Night Shift

On the horns of a dilemma
You defeated Solomon, so perfect in the great destroyer


Completed the Campaign history

Twice hurray!
You completed all the missions Cooperative

've Unlocked all the unique weapons in Cooperative

Better than nothing!
3rd MVP in a ranked match


Semper Fidelis
You have completed the story campaign in Hard mode

An army of two
You completed all the missions in Coop. Hard mode

You received a gallon of each class of those in the game

You have reached the rank 45!


Platinum Trophy
Get the rest of the game trophies

Metal Gear Solid 5 is confirmed by Hideo Kojima Gear Solid 5 is confirmed by Hideo Kojima

Although no one cause surprise, this time was the same who Hideo Kojima confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 5 will , genius, gave an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK and it was there where he made such an announcement, to the delight of fans of the franchise, it also offered some details about the fifth installment of the saga longest.

On the cover of this publication may be noted that I also talk about Metal Gear Solid: Rising and a new game now called "Project Ogre."
What surprises will be for MGS 5 ? Who will star in this new episode, Snake?

All the details, we will have until November 29, the date on which this publication goes on sale. We should be attentive to what is made known, certainly not disappoint the millions of fans awaiting this good news, and, thus, confirmed by the creator of the Metal Gear saga.

Batman Arkham City: how to activate the "Big Head Mode"

Batman Arkham City: how to activate the "Big Head Mode" imagine that at this point, you already should have done Batman: Arkham City.

If you already have completed the story mode and you gotta do all the side quests in the game, you might think that there is no more to do with this game ... sell it to the store? all, pay a pittance.

Perhaps this little trick motivates you to give him another chance to play Rocksteady Studios , the trick to which I refer is that which makes all the characters in the play-headed. Batman included.

The trick is not more useful, it's just a small mod that adds a touch more than fun to play. way to activate it with the sequencer and manipulate cryptographic sticks in the way shown in the video accompanying this note, it is observed that this mod works perfectly on the Xbox 360 however, has not been confirmed whether runs on the PlayStation 3 version as well.

I recently met the problems of Batman: Arkham City and saved games on the Xbox 360.

They disappeared without a trace of the consoles, affecting hundreds of gamers who had not completed the game and had to begin again to play.

Free Download The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

For fans of the games online role because I come today featuring The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall the second part of 5 that is, that's why if you want to see how it has evolved one of the best RPGs then you must download this game which although it is true that does not have great depth but a unique experience which you can appreciate without any problem, we can say that is an online game where you have to have a good connection so that you do not have problem with data transfer , download The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall for free.

License: Free

Download The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

In the graphic I said that has nothing good for which you will have to settle for the adventures here is so you'll have a good game where adrenaline is very good and of course you must have a good strategy to accomplish all here are asked to arrive at an end, The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall has a great story and of course even more with the new version is much improved from the graphics to the missions, download The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall for PC game do not have to miss for any reason, download The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall for free .

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Tricks and cheats

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Tricks and cheats .

Today I am presenting the best tricks I come Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 to be completed without any problems because we know that now has lots of action and thus more difficulty many people will have a hard time to complete all the trophies here is by which with our help you can complete this course but you also need to do your part to be able to complete everything without any problem, Call of Duty continues to surprise and more realistic now that we see here is unique as few games as well Battlefield 3 has been achieved.

These Tricks Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 you can do anything you want as they are very good and very helpful so far will not have to kill every achievement seeking to reach all bounds, Call of Duty Modern Warfare also realism also increased the difficulty of what we now have to put into practice what you learned in previous installments so you will have to improve a lot.

Tricks Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3:


Assault on Castle
Discover the next movement Makarov. Complete "Strength" on any difficulty

First date
Find the girl. Complete "scorched earth" on any difficulty

Diamond in the rough
Rescue the Russian president. Complete "In the hole" on any difficulty

Kill 5 enemies with one grenade or Special Operations Iindividual

Jack the Ripper
Melee attacks 5 enemies in a row in Single Player or Special Operations

Get information objects 22


Only the brave win
Complete the Campaign on any difficulty

Get information objects 46

Get Rich or Die Tryin
Get a balance of $ 50,000 in a game of survival of Special Operations

Survive 10 waves in each mission as Special Operations Survival

Survive 15 waves in each mission as Special Operations Survival


The best of the best
Complete the campaign on hardened difficulty level or veteran


Platinum Trophy
Get the rest of the game trophies

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 : Latest rumors

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 : Latest rumors

PlayStation 3 has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and we doubt you have rope for another five, especially with the large number of rumors about a new generation that have emerged in recent weeks.

Xbox 720

Maybe Xbox 360 which is more likely to be replaced. Xbox 720 (or whatever they end up calling the successor) no longer appears in countless rumors. The only thing confirmed so far is that four Microsoft employees have referred to the new machine in their profiles, so that the project is still going strong.

In fact, the planning system would have begun in 2005, just after the release of 360. That at least we read the other day at half French, which contained statements from a nearby source (although confidential, of course) to Microsoft. We ensured that the console would be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (10 to January 13) and that would uncover some specifications and features of the console.

It is said that incorporate a six-core processor, GPU by AMD, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, Windows 9 and that would be smaller and cheaper.

He even spoke of studies, which would already be working on their first projects for the machine: RARE develop more formal adult character, a new Lionhead Fable and the hypothetical Turn10 Forza 5 . Also cited 343 Industries, who had to step out a few days ago to deny that Halo 4 will be a game of the next generation.

The latest on 720, after denying Electronic Arts had a development kit in their offices, alludes to Ubisoft. It is said, it is said, that the Gauls are already a primitive version of the console, and software running Microsoft proprietary components.

In addition, the magazine EDGE dares to contradict the official version of EA, and alleging that also fiddles with the SDK. This would be referred to other developers this Christmas, in order to present some projects in the Media Briefing that Redmond offered during the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles.

PlayStation 4

Each time there is a rumor that a study is already working with PlayStation 4, Sony rushes to disprove as it is now when PlayStation 3 business through their best moment.

A shot of giant Nippon seemed to allude to the new console at a meeting of investors, but later said a misunderstanding, saying that the manager was referring to PlayStation Vita .

Since then we have rained reports on internal studies of Sony Computer Entertainment, which would already be engaged in the hardware. According to EDGE (again), most of them have clinched their latest productions for PlayStation 3 and the first projects planned for the fourth PlayStation.

Free Download Mario Online for PC

Free Download Mario Online for PC.

For lovers of video games and even more so today I come classic Online game featuring Mario where we know what we have to do though now is a bit different because we have to destroy the enemies in a line, not here you have to defeat Bowser but rather to kill all enemies as quickly as possible using our ability to do so, if so you can show your skills in a way which will be recognized by thousands of people download free Mario Online .

With Mario Online besides being able to live again the scenes where Mario goes through the sewers to save his princess but now we can not fight other people who have the same taste in games, the server is kept full by the simple fact a game that is highly sought after by many people for which you do not have to miss as you can see how the adrenaline comes over, you get to discover more hidden in this game, Mario Online download free.

License: Free

Download Mario Online

Download Need for Speed: The Run

Download Need for Speed: The Run

Need for Speed: The Run is the game that comes back to cause a sensation among all the players career, well Need For Speed is listed as one of the best racing games that can be so today you can download it for so you can see again the thrill that comes to presenting this racing game which will be available in the paid version so you do not have to buy it to enjoy it, Need For Speed: The Run is offering new adventures, download Need For Speed : The Run free.

The graphics of Need for Speed: The Run is very good so you do not have to miss it for any reason because it will only power the police cum all coming to get you to get you and the car confiscarte walk in that time, remember that as in all previous releases have to modify your car to do this is almost impossible to achieve and reach all the missions assigned to us, download Need for Speed: The Run free.

License: DEMO

Tip: How to Block Games requests on Facebook

Tip: How to Block Games requests on Facebook

Fed up with receiving requests for games that have completely abandoned in Facebook ? Or just prefer to play them only when they want, without receiving notifications every half hour?

Today, we have a simple tip to block Facebook applications. It not only works with games, but any application you are using.


The first thing to do is open Facebook, and go to "Games Applications"2011 11 14 15 04 19

Once inside, you will see all requests. What we have to do is locate the application whose notification we want to block, and just click on the "X". No matter which of all notices to be.
2011 11 14 15 06 01

Once down the X, we give you the option to block the application, so proceed with the action:
2011 11 14 15 06 25

And presto!

So we will not receive notification or application information, plus the authorization to remove it relates to our Facebook account. This means that if you want to use a new application will have to unlock it manually:
Screen Shot 2011 11 14 at 3 10 50 PM

Play Tetris online, with TwitchTetris (HTML5)

Play Tetris online, with TwitchTetris (HTML5)

Want to play something like Tetris? Then you might want to check out TwitchTetris, a fairly faithful version to the original, made entirely in HTML5 , so you can play it without installing Flash or other plugins .

The game retains the simplicity of the original, giving us several options of control (to rotate the pieces, we can use Z, X, or arrow, or save a piece with C or Shift).

Play it in this link

11-13-2011 4-57-21 PM

Another advantage of using HTML5 instead of flash, is that the response time is much greater. In short, there is less "lag", or almost no delay between the time you press the button and the screen response. You know, to play Tetris and experts:

The Top five best Xbox games

It was a November 15, 2001 when the original Xbox , hit stores in America.

From that moment the gaming world went through a revolution, especially the birth of Xbox LIVE and all that it stood for: play online.

There are five games for the console, which many will have a special affection, but, these are the chosen to be featured in this list:


The first, original, one who developed Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios and who gave many hours of fun for all those owners of the Xbox console. Indeed, a large number of gamers were made ​​with this console, only for this game, one of the best of his era, no doubt.
Halo 2

Revolutionary, this sequel had the potential to be enjoyed with people around the world, without knowing. He gave another meaning to the term "multiplayer" and indeed, from November 2004 until recently, in April 2010, thousands disputed items in the online multiplayer of Halo 2.

Forza Motorsport

In 2005, Turn 10, Forza Motorsport created direct competition of the franchise Gran Turismo competition. The Xbox exclusive game, had a total of 231 cars and a damage system very close to reality, thanks to his physics engine which was rated by several experts who said the system would respond almost like a car true.


In September 2004 Fable Xbox reached, the creation of Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios team, began his adventures with this title, a cult for those who love action RPG genre. Although the original game dates from 1996, adapting it to Xbox, marked a great leap for the franchise, of course, to the console as well.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

I know, GTA San Andreas, and had some time on the PlayStation 2 but their arrival in the Microsoft console, no doubt was a big boost to both how many of you first played this title on Xbox? Bet than many. For this reason, this title is considered one of the best ever for the Xbox console.

I have to mention games like Ninja Gaiden, Shenmue II, Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic, Project Ghotam Racing among others.

These are just some games that you have marked the history of the Xbox, are also known and surely you have your top five, let us know.

Trailer Super Mario Land 3D

Trailer Super Mario Land 3D

Nintendo makes its entrance to look once again one of the games most prominent in its history as is the little plumber from his lucid and colorful adventures for decades not gone unnoticed. The turn now is for Super Mario Land 3D almost a month of its release in Europe comes with a new launch trailer for Super Mario Land 3-D to make your own with the madcap adventures of the chubby plumber.

In the new trailer you can see other characters to accompany the new platform title that will be available starting November 18. Super Mario Land comes to dazzling 3D effects creation in three dimensions with the particularity that is not limited to aesthetic really a game, because otherwise affect the use of the stage.

In Super Mario 3D Land has sought to go beyond the lateral mode, and corners to explore in depth the objective has been achieved for the new adventures of the title. Among other things the use of StreetPass be used for exchanges of data items with other players. This November 18th is the release of the Nintendo 3DS.

Pah! for Android A free shooter voice-controlled Amazing!!

Pah! for Android A free shooter voice-controlled Amazing!!.

The games for smartphones are becoming more fun, and rare, but if what you want is a laugh with your  friend I recommend you dig out Pah! .
The mechanics of this title is very peculiar because it is a side-scrolling space shooter with, of all life, but with the peculiarity that there are no control buttons, we have to use the voice, and simulate the effects sounds of gunfire. ¿Mola, huh.
The truth is that control is a challenge, and our vocal cords may resent the effort, but I think it's worth All for fun and a laugh!.
If you urge to try it, remember that Android is free, and iPhone will cost $ 0.99 (a chore, really).
Here you have a couple of videos for you to judge yourself what you think.

Link| Pah!
Download| Android Market (Free),
iTunes (0,99 dólares)

Apk Android free 

Download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free

Download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is one of many war games where we have many soldiers to fight for a single goal such as winning, as well to introduce a little Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is true that first is a game where you have refuge in your room and will not let go so easily, very good game where the adrenaline is what is left clear and coherent action which does not have to run out of power Download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free and enjoy the shots that enemies want to give you for what you need to dodge around killing them first, download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free.
So if you're looking for a game where the action happens as it limits what you find here as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is totally focused on the war, where you can choose between various types of soldiers ranging from medical, snipers, engineers and assault units, all with a single purpose such as it is to stop the German army, is your chance to see where you're able to get in a game as this first-person shooter is free but you must have a good PC to play it without any problem, download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for free.

License: Free
Download Now: Download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Assassin's Creed Revelations: Launch Trailer

Assassin's Creed Revelations: Launch Trailer.

Needless to remind that on November 15 (very soon), Assassin's Creed Revelations come, a game that is expected to respond to many of the questions that we have the gamers.

The launch of this title will be worldwide, so much American players such as Europe, can enjoy it from day 15. The versions available are only those for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and the PC version has been postponed to December.

In Revelations, history will again in the shoes of Ezio Auditore, this will have to find five keys to enter the library and thus Altair, answer all your questions.

I recently mentioned that Assassin's Creed Revelations, would have some elements of RTS games or "tower defense", this system is called Den Defence, also, some media have reported that this issue will also feature elements fps.

Assassin's Creed Revelations ends the story of Altair and Ezio, Desmond's will end in December 2012 . 

God of War IV could come in September 2012

According to the site GamesRadar , an online store in New Zealand, has listed the game God of War IV in September 2012. Without further details, only limited to display the picture accompanying this note, it may be possible to appreciate the game's logo.

Of course this is just a rumor, we should expect by statements from the developers or the same Sony.

Since the arrival of God of War III, rumors about the next installment of this franchise did not wait. Many pointed to this, would in 2012, but of course, nobody paid much attention for the simple fact that the third installment was "cool" in the minds of the followers of the "God of war."

After a while, the magazine PSM3 sleepless IV God of War come in the month of September 2012, its source, anonymous.

The study commissioned the development of God of War , Santa Monica Studios , had not said anything about it. Just simply announced that they were working on two completely different titles in the series starring Kratos.

Let's wait for news about it, who knows, you might hear something in the VGA's 2011 or at the next E3.

Play for free on Facebook Ninja Fruit Frenzy! Great Game

Play for free on Facebook Ninja Fruit Frenzy!  Great Game.

Attention because it is now available for Facebook, and completely free, one of the largest services for smartphones, this is the great arcade Halfbrick, Ninja Fruit Frenzy .

The title has all the essence of the original, very careful with graphics to be a social game, where we have limited time to cut all the fruit you can, avoiding the explosives (for reasons too obvious).

I just played 5 minutes and it took me to quit because a hook which is not normal, so if you have a spare moment and you are bored, I assure you it is advisable to 100%.

Link | Ninja Fruit Frenzy

Angry Birds comes to PCs in box

Angry Birds comes to PCs in box.

The world's most popular game comes to PC format "retail". Rovio Entertainment signed an agreement with Focus Multimedia to be the exclusive distributor of the series Angry Birds . The deal covers the 3 versions of the franchise for the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The launch will begin on November 25 with the original Angry Birds at a price of almost $ 16, which represents almost three times that of the digital distribution version and a 1600% increase compared to the version of IOS for $ 0.99. This is not to mention that there are free versions for Android, Chrome, Facebook and Google +.

Near the Christmas version will be released related to the movie "Rio" at 20th Century Fox and in 2012 published Angry Birds Seasons. The first game of the series was downloaded by more than 500 million people worldwide, making popularity is so great that it created a whole series of products such as plush toys and T-shirts with the different characters of the game.

As stated Heijari Ville, a spokesman for Rovio, the site MCV

    "The box format is another way to reach a wider audience, digital and mobile but still the focus of our business, but the box is a nice addition to take the brand forward."

Angry Birds While not a particularly brilliant game for gamers who seek deeper experiences, accessibility and simplicity made ​​it a worldwide success for casual gamers since its launch in 2009. Rovio is a little time to launch a store in Finland where they sell all products related to Angry Birds and is in talks to enter the huge and lucrative Chinese market. The future of the brand includes more toys, comics and even animated series, so I doubt that the phenomenon will disappear for a while.

Download Exalight 2.41: 3D racing games

Download Exalight 2.41: 3D racing games.

A truly spectacular game is the one time I want to give you, if you're looking to become an expert on racing games, you have to play a game Exalight free PC can be inferred by running an adventure in 3D, but Exalight interesting and fabulous is that you will have the opportunity to run with thousands of online players around the world and actually demonstrate whether you are the best.

Download Free Exalight and experience new adventures is this 3D racing game that features a varied level systems very similar to what the MMORPG genre, where you can also equip weapons, car changes with virtual money that you are getting through career win.

In Exalight PC game you can enjoy Arcadia, a paradise on earth as long as you win races and win as the best runner, as the most skillful and fast runners from around the world. In Exalight are four races: Myriath, Jawal, Piro Piro, Zhuu of which each has different designs where weight is what will influence its performance.

License: Free
Language: English
Size: 987 MB
OS: Win XP/Vista/7

Download: Exalight 2.41

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