Final Fantasy III will also be released on PSP -VIDEO

Final Fantasy III will also be released on PSP -VIDEO

Following the conclusion of the silver anniversary of the series Final Fantasy , from the company Square-Enix , announces the release of Final Fantasy III for PSP, although currently only in Japanese soil out later this summer.

Since PSP, we had been enjoying the previous titles in the series reissued as Final Fantasy I, II and IV, however, the publication of the third party had not developed so far. For this title shall be based on the latest reissue of previously released 3D game on Nintendo DS and IOS, a game completely remodeled with new graphics, music and scenery to return to relive this classic.

For this new version of PSP will come including some news, game viewing in widescreen format, access to pictures and play music and a new battle mode at double speed automatic. In addition, include the ability to hear music in the game in its original format of NES (a treat for those who still remember the great moments playing NES cartridge).

The release in Japan is expected on Sept. 20, for an estimated price of 3.990 yen (about 40 €) on UMD, or ¥ 3,300 (about 33 €) in the download option. Hopefully it takes us little to enjoy the title to western lands and recall the great odysseys with our gentlemen onion on your PSP and eventually in our PS Vita 
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