Review Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Review Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

A couple of years ago Naughty Dog surprised us all with that masterpiece called Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The ETEC were pleased with the game, so that was one of the few tens we have given in this house. And I think everyone will agree with me that the game definitely deserved it. Under that premise, all eagerly expecting the arrival of 3 Uncharted: Drake's Deception and I have the pleasure to ensure, in my opinion not failed us.

From the first moment you take the controls you see embedded in the adventures of Nathan Drake, and we know that man does not have what you call a boring and monotonous life. We begin of course, to see us in the midst of finding a great treasure. I know, as in the previous two games, but no less exciting, after all who does not want to live an adventure?

Now, after everything that has happened in the first game, is really worth risking your life? That's the basic question will be the protagonist throughout the story, but that we really matters is: is it worth buying the game? And I hope to help them make a decision my impressions on the third installment of this saga.

What I liked

Perhaps one of the things that amused me was that Uncharted 3 cinematic style that fused with the history of the game and makes you feel in the middle of a movie in which you move the threads of the protagonist. Fans of the series have been able to taste it now, but what's interesting is that, although not a surprise in every sense of the word, the feeling remains the same. Are there in the midst of a world in which everything seems to be against you to get out of all danger. And believe me when I tell them they will find a lot.

It is precisely these moments of action that will encourage more in the game. Having to go flat out for a place in flames that falls on you, grab at the last moment to a ledge that is clear and bouncing out to get one save in the last minute. All are resources that we already know from previous versions but not why we are less impressive.

The game is founded on three pillars: the exploration will take us to climb all sorts of scenarios (who had those arms) and scavenging for the treasures, the riddles that I have found particularly difficult, I do not know if it's just an impression but these I found mine very easy to solve and finally, the action in which the shooting will have to build or try to be as quiet as possible (and the word I try not used in vain, but I will elaborate below) .

It has enhanced the combat a bit more dynamic making based on the use of the environment which makes it definitely more fun. You can smash enemies against various parts of the scenarios and use the utility on it to knock them out (fish, bottles, anything goes). They have also added some QTE that make it more varied especially in the beginning of the game, when you take some time with the same sequence the truth begins to seem more tiresome.

As pointed system has been discussed a lot. It is true that it is less accurate than the second part of the series but still did not seem particularly difficult to target. What is certain is that the scenes of shootings may not lead us to the level of excitement to get other games.

I loved getting back to the secondary characters and above all to know more about the past of Drake and Sullivan. Has made the game more rounded and has given a little depth to the plot.

I decided to leave the graphics for the end because I do not need many words to talk about something that is so evident. Uncharted 3 is a game that can boast perfectly to have the best graphics on PlayStation 3 and is surely among the top 10 on all platforms. Lovers of the visual will be fully satisfied with the work of Naughty Dog.

The co-op and multiplayer will add extra points to the game. The cooperative mode will give you more or less about three extra hours of play but no doubt it will benefit you more competitive mode that most fans already had the opportunity to try thanks to the beta that was available some time ago . Really have nothing too significant to note. It's definitely fun though it must be coupled to the gameplay (especially to take many more shots than necessary in other games to kill someone).

What I did not like

The only part that frustrated me a bit in the game were the scenarios in which you are invited to be stealthy. I'm a big fan to get through this kind of scenarios without being found out and Uncharted 3 is practically impossible. Basically because the routines are not well defined enemies and do not have a clear sense of when it may or may not see you. This will not be a problem for shooting lovers. But for those like me who plan to go try to be quiet a bit of a pain in the butt.

I confess that after repeating the same scenario several times to try to pass on ninja plan and see that it was virtually impossible to finish by making a couple and as for me I saw the shooting because he said, in a game like this in which the flow is so important, getting stuck and frustrated on a stage because the gameplay does not let you move is a sin.

In conclusion: 9

For me there is no reason not to buy the game. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has excellent graphics, it gets embedded in your world and turn all our senses with the action rampant that he usually does and round a saga that all PlayStation 3 owners should be given the opportunity to try.

The next Xbox will come in two different models

The next Xbox will come in two different models

Yes, a new rumor on the home consoles of the next generation has arrived. This time the turn of the console Microsoft , the next Xbox, you can call, Xbox 720 , Xbox Next or Codename: Loop.

The information on this console, says Microsoft will release two different editions of the next Xbox. Just as he did with the current console gradually. On this occasion, both consoles come from the outset , what are the differences?

It seems that one version will not have a HDD and reduced price will be for those casual gamers. The other would be best for most gamers, more expensive, yes, integrate a hard drive and also backwards.

Is it that, if we get the cheapest console, did you not play the games we currently enjoy? Would then have to keep our "old" Xbox 360 in case you want to enjoy the jewels Halo, Gears of War, Forza Motorsport, and so on.

Rumors like these, we often know until Microsoft officially announce what he has planned for the next generation of its console. The hardware, software, and the different versions and prices of these to acquire them.

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