Assassin's Creed Revelations: Launch Trailer

Assassin's Creed Revelations: Launch Trailer.

Needless to remind that on November 15 (very soon), Assassin's Creed Revelations come, a game that is expected to respond to many of the questions that we have the gamers.

The launch of this title will be worldwide, so much American players such as Europe, can enjoy it from day 15. The versions available are only those for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and the PC version has been postponed to December.

In Revelations, history will again in the shoes of Ezio Auditore, this will have to find five keys to enter the library and thus Altair, answer all your questions.

I recently mentioned that Assassin's Creed Revelations, would have some elements of RTS games or "tower defense", this system is called Den Defence, also, some media have reported that this issue will also feature elements fps.

Assassin's Creed Revelations ends the story of Altair and Ezio, Desmond's will end in December 2012 . 

God of War IV could come in September 2012

According to the site GamesRadar , an online store in New Zealand, has listed the game God of War IV in September 2012. Without further details, only limited to display the picture accompanying this note, it may be possible to appreciate the game's logo.

Of course this is just a rumor, we should expect by statements from the developers or the same Sony.

Since the arrival of God of War III, rumors about the next installment of this franchise did not wait. Many pointed to this, would in 2012, but of course, nobody paid much attention for the simple fact that the third installment was "cool" in the minds of the followers of the "God of war."

After a while, the magazine PSM3 sleepless IV God of War come in the month of September 2012, its source, anonymous.

The study commissioned the development of God of War , Santa Monica Studios , had not said anything about it. Just simply announced that they were working on two completely different titles in the series starring Kratos.

Let's wait for news about it, who knows, you might hear something in the VGA's 2011 or at the next E3.

Play for free on Facebook Ninja Fruit Frenzy! Great Game

Play for free on Facebook Ninja Fruit Frenzy!  Great Game.

Attention because it is now available for Facebook, and completely free, one of the largest services for smartphones, this is the great arcade Halfbrick, Ninja Fruit Frenzy .

The title has all the essence of the original, very careful with graphics to be a social game, where we have limited time to cut all the fruit you can, avoiding the explosives (for reasons too obvious).

I just played 5 minutes and it took me to quit because a hook which is not normal, so if you have a spare moment and you are bored, I assure you it is advisable to 100%.

Link | Ninja Fruit Frenzy

Angry Birds comes to PCs in box

Angry Birds comes to PCs in box.

The world's most popular game comes to PC format "retail". Rovio Entertainment signed an agreement with Focus Multimedia to be the exclusive distributor of the series Angry Birds . The deal covers the 3 versions of the franchise for the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The launch will begin on November 25 with the original Angry Birds at a price of almost $ 16, which represents almost three times that of the digital distribution version and a 1600% increase compared to the version of IOS for $ 0.99. This is not to mention that there are free versions for Android, Chrome, Facebook and Google +.

Near the Christmas version will be released related to the movie "Rio" at 20th Century Fox and in 2012 published Angry Birds Seasons. The first game of the series was downloaded by more than 500 million people worldwide, making popularity is so great that it created a whole series of products such as plush toys and T-shirts with the different characters of the game.

As stated Heijari Ville, a spokesman for Rovio, the site MCV

    "The box format is another way to reach a wider audience, digital and mobile but still the focus of our business, but the box is a nice addition to take the brand forward."

Angry Birds While not a particularly brilliant game for gamers who seek deeper experiences, accessibility and simplicity made ​​it a worldwide success for casual gamers since its launch in 2009. Rovio is a little time to launch a store in Finland where they sell all products related to Angry Birds and is in talks to enter the huge and lucrative Chinese market. The future of the brand includes more toys, comics and even animated series, so I doubt that the phenomenon will disappear for a while.

Download Exalight 2.41: 3D racing games

Download Exalight 2.41: 3D racing games.

A truly spectacular game is the one time I want to give you, if you're looking to become an expert on racing games, you have to play a game Exalight free PC can be inferred by running an adventure in 3D, but Exalight interesting and fabulous is that you will have the opportunity to run with thousands of online players around the world and actually demonstrate whether you are the best.

Download Free Exalight and experience new adventures is this 3D racing game that features a varied level systems very similar to what the MMORPG genre, where you can also equip weapons, car changes with virtual money that you are getting through career win.

In Exalight PC game you can enjoy Arcadia, a paradise on earth as long as you win races and win as the best runner, as the most skillful and fast runners from around the world. In Exalight are four races: Myriath, Jawal, Piro Piro, Zhuu of which each has different designs where weight is what will influence its performance.

License: Free
Language: English
Size: 987 MB
OS: Win XP/Vista/7

Download: Exalight 2.41

Modern Warfare 3: Video Locate all intelligence briefcases

Modern Warfare 3: Video Locate all intelligence briefcases.

Modern Warfare 3 just arrived  to stores in the world - except Japan - and the way how to locate any classified information briefcases (Intel) is now online. The aim of this video, is to facilitate all those who wish to become a more "comfortable" of the two achievements / trophies that are obtained by performing the task.

These kits are found in the story mode the game are a total of 46 and some are very well hidden from the length and breadth of the tasks contained in this shooter.

The first achievement / trophy, you get to find Intel 22 briefcases in the game, the second to collect 46.

Nobody forces them to watch the video, those who do should be aware that most likely, you will be removing a good deal of research to the game, especially a few hours of fun. Highly recommended for those wishing to get multiplayer as soon as possible, but not before done with all achievements / trophies of the campaign.

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