Secrets JetSet, find objects in this new game for Facebook, tips and secret

Secrets JetSet, find objects in this new game for Facebook

The U.S. company Electronic Arts has just released a new game on the social network Facebook . This time leave out known franchises like The Sims, to focus research on a whole new adventure. JetSet Secrets will put the player to find objects in different locations of the world, the style of other successful titles on Facebook like Gardens of Time. However, Electronic Arts has wanted to increase the chances of the game, watching the script for JetSet Secrets and graphics showing a very careful and characteristic elements of RPGs.

As is usual in similar mechanical games, find objects scattered across a scenario will not be easy, since all will be found close together and sometimes we get stuck, however there are several aids available to finish finding them, as is If the microscope, every 30 seconds will reveal the location of one of the objects we are looking for. If you want to immerse yourself in the mysterious and glamorous Secrets JetSet missions, then we leave you with the direct link to play it for free from the social network Facebook.

jetset secrets

Being a game that demands our attention and reflection, it is convenient (and so we recommend the very beginning Playlands) we play full screen, giving center stage to monitor our game, but it certainly is the best way to find objects without being in sight trying. As is usual in almost all games social network Facebook, to start JetSet Secrets we will go as a tutorial for the most important parts of the game, while we meet the main characters who will join us in the adventure and do our first missions.

01 secrets jetset

The game is set in the present age but also will visit the past as the 60. Wherever we are we will be aiming to catch criminals world's boldest and only possible in a way, being smarter than them, surrounding building our team and all the necessary equipment to be as prepared as possible. To try to distance himself somewhat from all the games on Facebook find related items, EA has stated that his aim was to bring the genre to a new level, something they believe have achieved with JetSet Secrets, creating what they consider "a richer experience "To check if EA's words are true, you have only to go to the link below and let you try the game yourself. Needless to say, it is then necessary to have a Facebook account to play.
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