Infinite Monster, Cheats and Secrets , the new crushing zombies Android free

Infinite Monster, the new crushing zombies Android free

In an apocalyptic world, destroyed, full of ruins and where our only goal is to survive, can you guess which is the most abundant? indeed zombies. That's the game scenario that we are going to speak next and the threat that our hero will have to eliminate base bullets. Infinite Monster is one of the most downloaded free games lately on Google Play , and it is precisely why your original script or by flaunting hiperealistas spectacular 3D graphics, Infitinto Monster is one of those games with little known trap and keep you glued to your mobile from the first game.

Infinite Monster continues the earnest fashion that pervades the current video game zombies and positions us as the only hope against the threat of zombies and horrific monsters. No, the kind you see in the picture above is not Duke Nukem, but looks suspiciously , is Infinite Monster Hero, uncle to chop much like Duke, cigar in mouth, not when inmutará get rid of the endless hordes of zombies that lurk. Then we leave the direct link to Google Play Android bazaar where you can download free of just over 7 megs of Infinite Monster.
mostruo infinito
The first thing that catches the attention of Infinite Monster is its simplicity, it really is part of what makes success to the most successful titles of the moment. After taking a quick look at a simple tutorial, we start with the first level. The game is raised in the old way, using the classic 2D side-scrolling and crushing the large amount of enemies that appear on the right and left until you reach the boss that awaits us at the end of each level. Beginning Infinite Monster, will have a simple pistol and a shield that will protect us from enemies temporarily. Obviously both the arsenal and the number of objects, may go up as we win money. Thus we have at our disposal a total of 14 different weapons and skills 7.
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Infinite Monster graphs resemble typical Flash animated series, so they offer very colorful and funny animations on occasion. The controls are superimposed on the touch screen of our device, we can control them the right / left of the character and the shot. There will be buttons to activate different skills acquired. As a recommendation, we will tell you to try to resist starting gun for the first few levels, something that can be achieved with little effort, so you can save enough to buy a good shotgun or machine gun. But the character can take several weapons at once.
mostruo infinito 02
We leave no more with the direct link to download from the bazaar Infinite Monster Android application, and with a video where you can appreciate its playability.

Infinite Monster download for Android 

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