Grand Theft Auto V Trailer - Analysis and rumors

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer - Analysis and rumors.

So, as promised by Rockstar, November 2 today finally unveiled the first trailer for the eagerly awaited fifth installment of one of the sagas of videogames most popular of all time: Grand Theft Auto.
Do not miss the look that we gave to the games above. Here's a piece:
Grand Theft Auto usually comes to the news by scandals related to what you can do in the game (kill whoever is walking down the street, run over or even, as in Chinatown Wars, running a business of buying - selling drugs). But beyond that, GTA innovated in the genre now known as "sandbox game", a game where we have a city to us, and we do whatever we want.

Rockstar has yet to reveal or release date, or what consoles will be available. But judging from the charts, it seems to be available for the current generation of consoles. The graphics look quite similar to those we've seen in GTA IV / Red Dead Redempton, clear that in more detail and an emphasis on large environments: 

Screen shot 2011 11 02 at 12 23 57 PM
Screen shot 2011 11 02 at 12 24 57 PM
Screen shot 2011 11 02 at 12 25 30 PM
Screen shot 2011 11 02 at 12 26 21 PM

This last image is revealing. Vinewood is modeled as "Hollywood" and is, in fact, part of the map of San Andreas. So it almost certainly will, then, an area (or the entire map) of San Andreas, the new title.

San Andreas being the largest map  in a game of GTA (covering almost three cities, a whole province, as well as small towns) are excellent news for fans of the game.

In fact, a few days ago a user of 4chan revealed some information about GTA V . I did not want them because until then no one knew anything, but you hit the city, so here I play the rest of the rumors . Now that we know happens in San Andreas, the rest of them could end up being true

  • The protagonist is Hispanic and his name is Adrian
  • It happens in San Andreas, in 2012. Because of this, the whole business end of the world is parodied enough in the game.
  • We started in Los Santos, and then ended up in the neighborhood rival "The Aztecs", after being beaten and robbed.
  • The game revolves around money in a big way, but still not revealed how.
  • The story continues in GTA 4, so I have several references.
  • We again modify cars.
  • 9 radio stations
  • Again the military when we reach 6 stars. Now is the National Guard.
  • Best cover system
  • Have different endings (4 total, 2 good, 2 bad)
  • The PC version will be ported by Rockstar Leeds, which means it will work (hopefully) better than the PC version.
  • San Andreas includes the same cities in GTA San Andreas, only much larger and detailed.
  • Gang wars again.
As I said, these are just rumors, but given that some of them proved to be true after the appearance of the trailer, perhaps several standard term in the game.
Definitely, GTA V has jumped to my most anticipated games. Hopefully we see 2012.

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Meet the new 2 characters from Mario Kart 7

Meet the new 2 characters from Mario Kart 7.

Mario Kart 7 of Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo  have two new characters which are Wiggler Honey and the Queen who have always accompanied the series but in a different way and were always we had to overcome obstacles and now switch roles as they will be two characters whom we choose to venture within the powers that make this game as exciting, in the picture you can see all the new characters in Mario Kart and they are clearly feeling the fact that even now make their appearance in this series.
So now you have to watch and wait until the December 2 of the current year to have access to all the best that has been presented, we also know that personalization is the new karts which is novel and striking, Mario Kart has always been one of the most played games around the world and without the necessity of violence amuses us so much and is a fairly nice to be able to appreciate.

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Monster Dash The brilliant arcade parents of Fruit Ninja Recommended

Monster Dash The brilliant arcade parents of Fruit Ninja Recommended.

The study does not leave Halfbrick and make good games like, classic, Fruit Ninja, and also the recent Joyride Jetpack.
Well, today I discovered the version for Monster Dash Monster Dash, an arcade platformer that mixes the aforementioned Joyride Jetpack with a Metal Slug-style action.
For my part I could not prove it, to experience some problems with my browser, but in principle we can install and play freely, and judging by the videos I've seen two iPhone version has to be awesome.
Here you have one for you to see if you like it or not.

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