Grand Theft Auto V: First ingame images

Grand Theft Auto V: First ingame images

Today, the guys at Rockstar Games have decided to show to us with two ingame images of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V . Enjoy them, because developers have announced that they will show more of this title for a while. It seems that Rockstar will not allow leakage of information for the world.

The first of these pictures show a helicopter flying over the city, same great detail that looks as heaven, the decline is very real note.

The second image shows a park and a lake reflecting trees so real it's scary. Who did not know that this is a game, you could easily think that this is a photograph.

The developer says there will be more information soon about the game but, unfortunately, also said they have no plans to release a Beta of the game. If the guys in the big "R" think not show more of its title star, surely there will be a new trailer soon, even pictures, so we have to make do with what we have today.

The hype that this game generates can not be compared with anything. Do you remember when was the first trailer ?

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