Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 : Latest rumors

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 : Latest rumors

PlayStation 3 has just celebrated its fifth anniversary and we doubt you have rope for another five, especially with the large number of rumors about a new generation that have emerged in recent weeks.

Xbox 720

Maybe Xbox 360 which is more likely to be replaced. Xbox 720 (or whatever they end up calling the successor) no longer appears in countless rumors. The only thing confirmed so far is that four Microsoft employees have referred to the new machine in their profiles, so that the project is still going strong.

In fact, the planning system would have begun in 2005, just after the release of 360. That at least we read the other day at half French, which contained statements from a nearby source (although confidential, of course) to Microsoft. We ensured that the console would be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (10 to January 13) and that would uncover some specifications and features of the console.

It is said that incorporate a six-core processor, GPU by AMD, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, Windows 9 and that would be smaller and cheaper.

He even spoke of studies, which would already be working on their first projects for the machine: RARE develop more formal adult character, a new Lionhead Fable and the hypothetical Turn10 Forza 5 . Also cited 343 Industries, who had to step out a few days ago to deny that Halo 4 will be a game of the next generation.

The latest on 720, after denying Electronic Arts had a development kit in their offices, alludes to Ubisoft. It is said, it is said, that the Gauls are already a primitive version of the console, and software running Microsoft proprietary components.

In addition, the magazine EDGE dares to contradict the official version of EA, and alleging that also fiddles with the SDK. This would be referred to other developers this Christmas, in order to present some projects in the Media Briefing that Redmond offered during the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles.

PlayStation 4

Each time there is a rumor that a study is already working with PlayStation 4, Sony rushes to disprove as it is now when PlayStation 3 business through their best moment.

A shot of giant Nippon seemed to allude to the new console at a meeting of investors, but later said a misunderstanding, saying that the manager was referring to PlayStation Vita .

Since then we have rained reports on internal studies of Sony Computer Entertainment, which would already be engaged in the hardware. According to EDGE (again), most of them have clinched their latest productions for PlayStation 3 and the first projects planned for the fourth PlayStation.

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