PES 2013 Trailer with Cristiano Ronaldo

There is still much to reach that point in the calendar welcomes a new title Pro Evolution Soccer, but Konami people takes time with the ovens on, what will be cooking PES 2013. The first trailer is loose, just a "teaser" that shows Cristiano Ronaldo making mischief with the ball, but along with the trailer there are some official information, which talks about what improvements we should expect in the next game.

Having tried both the Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 as FIFA 2012, personally I did not feel comfortable with either. The promises of greater realism and greater control are repeated year after year, yet only enough to see a football game and make a simple comparison to ensure that these promises end up staying short. 


The community of fans of Pro Evolution Soccer has become very vocal when highlight and criticize some of the problems in the last game, and its ability to detect bugs borders on relentless. Apparently, people from Konami has not been deaf to these complaints, and plans to make any necessary adjustments in what will be Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.

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New trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online (updated with new data)

 New trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online (updated with new data)

It is true that images can be seen in the video does not differ much from the cover that you put yesterday, but already beginning to feed the great beast of hype that eventually engulf us all shortly before his departure. Because this title has won a large following with the announcement of a simple ring, others on their way out with a whole cast of beautiful damsels .

What will the next thing we see of this highly anticipated title? Will we be able to resist the withdrawal? We can only hope to watch the screen, to know that the tide will bring us news.

And from the leaking juicy news as we can highlight:

    There will be at our disposal three different factions with three races available each will be Daggerfall Covenant (Bretons, Red Guards and Orcs), Ebonheart Pact (Nordic, Dark Elves and Argonianos) and Aldmeri Dominion (High Elves, Elves and Khajiit Forest)
    Continue with the bases of other MMORPG, we will have classrooms, offices, third-person camera but in deference Cobate shift system (not very good as it can develop this)
    For fans of PvP, there will be large-scale battles of up to 200 simultaneous characters fighting each other in huge halls armed with siege engines available, plus a control group as in the famous sands of PvP
    Do not leave the PvE side with large public dungeons and instances for up to 5 players ready to fight in public against the enemy and can even combine different sets attacks to terrible attacks
    As already mentioned the story will center 1000 years before the events in Skyrim , so there will be no dragon in sight, but if other unions that become known as the thieves, mages or the same to lists Dark Brotherhood get ready (will they come back to wake up after killing someone?)
    The game is completely folded, but has since announced that will be released only in French, English or German as languages, a real shame that we hope to correct with future expansions.

In summary this is what has brought us the tide, a series of leaks that we make do with small sketches of what will this highly anticipated MMORPG, the trouble is that we will have to wait for the release of the print edition of Game Informer for new exclusive bombings.

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