The Top five best Xbox games

It was a November 15, 2001 when the original Xbox , hit stores in America.

From that moment the gaming world went through a revolution, especially the birth of Xbox LIVE and all that it stood for: play online.

There are five games for the console, which many will have a special affection, but, these are the chosen to be featured in this list:


The first, original, one who developed Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios and who gave many hours of fun for all those owners of the Xbox console. Indeed, a large number of gamers were made ​​with this console, only for this game, one of the best of his era, no doubt.
Halo 2

Revolutionary, this sequel had the potential to be enjoyed with people around the world, without knowing. He gave another meaning to the term "multiplayer" and indeed, from November 2004 until recently, in April 2010, thousands disputed items in the online multiplayer of Halo 2.

Forza Motorsport

In 2005, Turn 10, Forza Motorsport created direct competition of the franchise Gran Turismo competition. The Xbox exclusive game, had a total of 231 cars and a damage system very close to reality, thanks to his physics engine which was rated by several experts who said the system would respond almost like a car true.


In September 2004 Fable Xbox reached, the creation of Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios team, began his adventures with this title, a cult for those who love action RPG genre. Although the original game dates from 1996, adapting it to Xbox, marked a great leap for the franchise, of course, to the console as well.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

I know, GTA San Andreas, and had some time on the PlayStation 2 but their arrival in the Microsoft console, no doubt was a big boost to both how many of you first played this title on Xbox? Bet than many. For this reason, this title is considered one of the best ever for the Xbox console.

I have to mention games like Ninja Gaiden, Shenmue II, Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic, Project Ghotam Racing among others.

These are just some games that you have marked the history of the Xbox, are also known and surely you have your top five, let us know.

Trailer Super Mario Land 3D

Trailer Super Mario Land 3D

Nintendo makes its entrance to look once again one of the games most prominent in its history as is the little plumber from his lucid and colorful adventures for decades not gone unnoticed. The turn now is for Super Mario Land 3D almost a month of its release in Europe comes with a new launch trailer for Super Mario Land 3-D to make your own with the madcap adventures of the chubby plumber.

In the new trailer you can see other characters to accompany the new platform title that will be available starting November 18. Super Mario Land comes to dazzling 3D effects creation in three dimensions with the particularity that is not limited to aesthetic really a game, because otherwise affect the use of the stage.

In Super Mario 3D Land has sought to go beyond the lateral mode, and corners to explore in depth the objective has been achieved for the new adventures of the title. Among other things the use of StreetPass be used for exchanges of data items with other players. This November 18th is the release of the Nintendo 3DS.

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