Sony officially confirms God of War: Ascension

Sony officially confirms God of War: Ascension

After a few days to many rumors, viral ads by Sony and other news. The company announced the name of the game that was promised for today. This is as expected, a new installment of the series God of War, whose title is: God of War: Ascension

The official statement reads:

    Kratos, the ruthless Spartan warrior, returns to PlayStation ® 3 (PS3 ™) with a new epic adventure.

    God of War: Ascension ™ is the new project he is working as Santa Monica Studios.

    Through this new episode, the player will discover the origins of Kratos on a mission to get legendary freedom.
Thus, we conclude that the story does not continue after the third game, instead, will be a prequel, as stated in the teaser, where you will discover the torment of Kratos from the beginning before becoming god of war.

Todd Papy is the director of this title to be given more details on April 30 and rumored to be slated for release in 2013, according to a leak on Amazon, of which we will inform you in detail on Joystiq.

So you know Kratos will make an appearance on Playstation3 ! Start the hype thermometer, speaking of Sony Santa Monica, is synonymous with quality titles.

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