Free Download LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Free Download LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

At last available one of the games that many children are waiting and we can already download LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 free environmental video game which the last two scenes of the movies which are the Order of the Phoenix and Las Deathly Hallows, a game that is made ​​entirely with LEGO so you can imagine that it is totally for kids so you do not have to stay can not download a game that will be very interesting to develop their mental capacity as the game is composed of many mazes and puzzles to complete missions, download LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 free.

LEGO Harry Potter Años 5-7 gratis

The graphs you know they are fully acclimated LEGO so it will be quite fun to solve all the mysteries there before fighting Voldemort, this demo is also available for Xbox 360 which can be downloaded from Xbox Live, download Harry Potter LEGO : 5-7 years free without any problems, this game can be downloaded from the official website of LEGO and clear that the full version will be available after the year November 18 this year, for now you can try the demo to see if it covers clear as expected and ideal for your children play, download LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 for PC.

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Download LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7

Devil May Cry HD Collection: Presentation Trailer

Devil May Cry HD Collection: Presentation Trailer.

Not long ago Capcom officially announced , the remastering of the franchise Devil May Cry for the next year. Devil May Cry HD Collection , will arrive on February 7 and 10 to America to Europe, this collection will comprise the first three Titles in this franchise, have support for achievements / trophies, in addition to the improvements that can be seen in the video, this thanks to this game is optimized for viewing in high definition.

Again, those who wish to relive these adventures alongside Dante and company certainly will with this game without a second thought, however, those who have not had a chance to play them, maybe a bit hesitant whether to do so. What I can assure you, is that Devil May Cry franchise has gone more or less, I am sure many will agree that these early chapters are the best of the franchise (especially Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening).

There is still plenty of time to decide whether to be or not, with this collection in high definition. Surely we will see shortly comparative videos and images on the original versions and remastered in HD for this game.

Will this help you to decide or are sure you will not fall into the "trap" of HD and the remasters? 

CastleVille The fantastic game, Zynga's most ambitious to date [Videos]

CastleVille The fantastic game, Zynga's most ambitious to date [Videos]

CastleVille is the new social game for Facebook Zynga, an epic adventure in a fantasy world out of fairy tales, with comic characters and stereotypes that seem directly taken from the popular film franchise from Dreamworks, Shrek.

From what I have seen, the game will follow a mechanism very similar to most of their games with a point & click, but adding missions similar to those of "The Sims" Playfish, in which collaboration with friends will be paramount .

Best of all, is that the company seems to have put all eggs in one basket, to show game experience more "professional", using more technical resources, how to record a soundtrack for the event itself (you can see in the second video).

The game seems not yet available, but what we have is an excellent trailer, cinematic scenes, which will give an overview of the theme of this charming title.

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Nintendo presents The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Nintendo presents The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

On November 18 Nintendo launches The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. In a unique setting such as the Ateneo de Madrid, the company unveiled to the media last blockbuster Wii.

More than 5 years of work and 100 people involved have been required to Skyward Sword get to the desktop from Nintendo, which so far had to settle with your particular version of Twilight Princess Gamecube.

A look at the various installments of the franchise, accompanied by a curious theatrical (the snapshots have in accompanying this post), he opened his mouth to the presentation itself, in which Shigeru Miyamoto himself showed us the keys to its new creature ... in video, if you guys were dying of envy.

Forget you saw many demonstrations, Skyward Sword is a much more impressive than any of them can give us to understand.
Wield the Master Sword

Swordsmen struggle we witness, introduced throughout an eminence in the art as it is Jesus Esperanza (Fencing Master and National Team Coach Men's Foil), gave us the importance of the Master Sword will no longer for narrative the title, but also for its mechanics. This is the most ambitious delivery The Legend of Zelda in terms of handling, it is designed to take full advantage of Wii Motion Plus the ill-fated (its use is required to play). It will take up the leadership and feel we do the same with as mythical weapon.

Do you remember those early videos of Wii, when it was still called Nintendo Revolution ? Yes, those of us who dream hiciesen a perfect recreation of our movement, with unprecedented levels of immersion. Skyward Sword For those fantasies become reality. The recreation of our espadazos 1:1 equivalence is true, even the slightest turn of handle will be represented in the game.

Of course, this degree of accuracy required for our skill in managing to kill the enemy, who no longer enough to attack without rhyme or reason. Each will require specific routines, the majority related to the direction of the thrusts. Find the open flank of each opponent will be essential to their defeat, otherwise we will die of exhaustion without having subtracted one iota of life.

We checked with the show live, projected in the auditorium. Link was faced with a skeleton made ​​the audacity to not protect your bottom. The bone frame fell to the ground soon and that he attacked with two swords at once.
So it all began ...

There was also time to talk about the plot, which summons us to the origin of the saga. Want to know how the Master Sword was forged? What way did the symbol of the Triforce to Hyrule shield? Skyward Sword think us all the answers. In addition, for the first time, the relationship between Zelda and Link will be much closer than usual ... so good we could envision romantic overtones in the course of the adventure.

100 minutes of cinematic will call such a script, say that the most elaborate in the entire series. Of course this figure is nothing to compare with the 100 hours of game that will take to complete the title, if we undertake all the side quests.

As you know, the game will start in a floating island and traveling the world, rather than by train or boat (which all have seen already), will be in 'Pelícaro'.

Other interesting developments are the puzzles to be solved by the movement, like the control of new (and surprising) weapons, upgrades through the collection of objects, more pure RPG style. Finally, we walk while we are in first person or object selection screen, something impossible in a Zelda to date.

With The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Nintendo promises the greatest adventure of Link from Ocarina of Time, one that will live "with our body," excite us, solve puzzles and will utter more than a smile for its large number of winks the lifelong fan.


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Presentación Skyward Sword
Presentación Skyward Sword
Presentación Skyward Sword

Nintendo confirms new Zelda for 3DS

Nintendo confirms new Zelda for 3DS

I love that so many new news out about one of my favorite franchises and one of the largest in the history of the game: The Legend of Zelda. You count a few hours ago as was the presentation in Spain of Skyward Sword , the latest title in the series for the Wii that will hit stores in just over two weeks. How he wanted to get their hands!

But the thing is not there, because the producer of the series, Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that it is developing a new title in the series for Nintendo 3DS. And prepare to fill a new bag of hype because it is a new title, and not a direct sequel to the Nintendo DS.

    We are preparing a new game in the series for Nintendo 3DS, but do not think that is a direct sequel to Zelda titles released on DS. We're talking about a new game, but it takes much of what has been done on previous consoles. 

In addition, it has also ruled on the expected remake of Majora's Mask:

    It's something I often ask and I assure you is something I've talked to Miyamoto. But recently we have launched The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D as a remake. We are considering the idea, but does not seem right to launch a remake after another, so the next Zelda will be original 3DS.

Turning to the next installment, we'll probably find a game that takes advantage of the new features of the DS, and it certainly makes a very clever use of 3D in the dungeons and puzzles, something like what they are doing with 3D Super Mario Land . I certainly I left wanting to know more.

Zelda Forever Free download

Zelda Forever  Free download .

Zelda it's a great classic adventure games by if you have not had the opportunity to play because now you can as Zelda Forever is an adaptation made so that everyone can enjoy what would come back with something Well, that's why you should not run out to download Zelda Forever since the game will accompany you in every moment of boredom even if you must know that it is a very complex game so you will need to be careful because they do not comply will be returned at the beginning, Zelda Forever download free.

That's why if you are a person who likes strategy games you should not miss the opportunity to download free since Zelda Forever is one of the best and you do not need a lot of requirements so that it can run on any PC, if want to rescue Princess Zelda you should not miss this game as Link will make every effort to rescue her and leave their problems to me is a very interesting game you have to have it in your gallery games, free download Zelda Forever.

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Download Zelda Forever

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