Dragon Ball Z Kinect (Trailer), AMAZING!!!

Dragon Ball Z Kinect (Trailer)

Fans of Dragon Ball Z is going to be happy with this news. And finally a game where will we be able to make a Kamehameha with our own hands. Could it be true? Of course, thanks to Kinect sensor we will be able to relive again the epic battles of one of the best anime such as Dragon Ball Z. And after you see this trailer for Dragon Ball Z Kinect, you better put to practice the pose of your favorite technique.

The gameplay in Dragon Ball Z Kinect is the most interesting, being able to experience each movement with our own hands. Kinect sensor will allow us to throw pineapples, kicks and balls of energy in a first person perspective. Also we avoid such attacks only move to one side, bending down to reload Ki and even can fly with only jump.

Conducting special attacks like the Kamehameha and Goku's Genki Dama, which will be such as we have seen in the anime, having to pose for. And if you forget this pose, an option will be displayed on the screen to do it.

In Dragon Ball Z Kinect return once again to revive the legendary battles we've seen time and again in the anime. Story Mode will cover the four main sagas: the Saga Saiyan , Frieza Saga, Androids Saga and Majin Buu Saga, choosing from more than 50 characters, including transformations and the novelty of an entirely new. In addition there will be more than 100 movements that we can learn and perform with your hands. At last we can feel the excitement of launching a Kamehameha with our own hands.

While the idea of a game of Dragon Ball Z with motion sensors is not new in 1994, he left Dragon Ball Z: Virtual Reality Versus Sega arcade machines, then the System 32, incorporating motion sensors that allowed the player to move his body to control the character in the game, a very limited way, of course. But aside from that, the title will come with a surprise, as did Dragon Ball Z: Rising Blast 2: Special Bardock TV episode that took place last year. Dragon Ball Z Kinect is being developed by Spike Chunsoft and available for the October 30, 2012, being an exclusive title for Xbox 360.

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We finally have YouTube PlayStation Vita, Details

We finally have YouTube PlayStation Vita, Details

As promised, Sony has confirmed on its official blog that can already be downloaded for free from the mobile YouTube application, as announced at E3.

As part of its plan to provide support to PS Vita and complement it with new features, Sony has confirmed that it is available completely free YouTube application for your laptop.

With this new application, users can enjoy millions of videos that are posted on YouTube, with some features like:
  •     Recommended Video: YouTube shows recommended videos
  •     Search: search for videos by typing a keyword
  •     History of views: displays the latest videos we have seen the user
  •     Favorites: A list of videos that have been added to the list of favorites. You must be logged in to your account to add a video to your favorites.

Users can enjoy videos in two modes, full screen and small screen, it just depends on how they prefer to see the viewing.

The full screen will have a control panel that allows you to easily expand or minimize the videos. You will also have a button that will use so that it can switch to HD high definition 720p.

On the small screen may be showing video add-ons, that is, the extra information of the video and comments from these.

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Wii U: first impressions and first games analysis

Wii U: first impressions and first games analysis

Yes, we could get their hands on U Wii , Nintendo's new console, which officially come to market later this year for the Christmas season. Two weeks after E3 2012, arrives in Madrid the trial version that was at the show and the first catalog of games, and we can say we are surprised. What the hell ... we love it!

As we had last year , the first thing that hits very little weight is the gamepad, a theme that was very concerned at the size of it. It is true that the screen of 6.2 "is not the best quality in the world, not nearly as the new iPhone or HTC One X, but does the job. The tactile response is good, and its use is very well integrated into the games. For access to the buttons, does not have any complications and is carefully designed ergonomics. It is very easy and natural to use.

Game & Wario

To start, enter with Game & Wario, a title composed of four games, very basic but hilarious. Arrow is one of these mini-games, is to shoot arrows from the touch, pointing to a small gamepad Warios very friendly. On display are mine, if we target explode and burst multiple enemies. There are also powerups such as pepper, the stronger we get combos. A noteworthy point is where we throw all over, from the screen action gamepad. This is where we must crush all miniwarios giving the touch, to clear the display.

Another is Fruit, whose mechanics is a character who steals fruit, while others must guess who it was. Thus, a gamepad controls, managing the thief, however, other players have to look to try to discover who is responsible for the theft, quite to the "Where's Waldo." After the game, each participant must choose among several potential thieves, winning the giver true.

Wii Fit U

We got to the table of Nintendo, that intended to move a little skeleton, with Wii Fit U . Here again we have several mini-games, like the lady at the launch of the E3 2012, which is to take food from the cooks to the customers. 

All this using the Wii Fit stepping board to walk, watching the gamepad to not waste food. Honestly, I threw a laugh trying it out, pretty funny. There were more games like bobsleigh, which will help tighten your abs.


New Super Mario Bros. U

Yet another twist to Super Mario Bros, yes, but what can we do? If that is so simply returns the multiplayer fun ... with four users and one wiimote gamepad. The latter can be kind, placing temporary platforms to help the players, or evil, creating obstacles to prevent the advance of the screen.

Nintendo Land

Is the virtual park Nintendo, where we 12 options to choose from. One is Luigi's Mansion Ghost, a kind of PacMan XXI century, where they play up to 5 people. Four control the "Ghostbusters" with the Wiimote, while the one with the gamepad manages to touch the ghost. The important thing is to keep the team play, to round up the ghost with lantern and destroy, but we can only find guided by the vibrations of the command. If you die, a partner can revive you with the flashlight, but takes a long and dangerous. Furthermore, the energy of the lantern is decreasing, so be careful. If the rest of mini-games from Nintendo Land are like this, it has everything to gain cool to hang out with friends and family.

Armored Batman Arkham City Edition

We never imagined a Batman "large" on a Nintendo console, but there you have it: Batman Arkham City. During the presentation of the E3 2012 looked like a run, graphically, as in 360, but to try to close it looks a little worse. Yes, the gameplay with gamepad increases considerably, jumping from TV to view this for moments such as scanning test on stage. Also to select items, direct the batarang, etc.. Perhaps the ultimate experience of the game.


The great game, the innovative, bright ideas. A priori, it could sell consoles on his own. Finished great visual and gameplay that takes out all the juice to U Wii, Ubisoft title is a clear winner. Control is the classic, complete with sticks to aim and move, while shooting with the triggers. However, we find several times when the touch becomes important, as in the case of scanning the room. But where stands perhaps not so much in control, but in the details. An example: if you kill, you become a zombie, going to embody one of the survivors. This is where you must kill your former self, transformed into a zombie to regain your computer. But beware, if you had much at the death, it will cost you, because the zombie keeps that level.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

One of my favorites for the 3DS, a degree of adventure and puzzles, where we have to investigate every room of the mansion to look for coins, keys and secrets. The ghosts we complicate life, but there we have the Poltergust 5000, perfect weapon to suck and stop these creatures from beyond. However, before we have to give a good spark with the flashlight to stun and so easy vacuuming. Hilarious and a great use of 3D. It goes on sale later this year.

Nintendo, you're on track

Watching videos is one thing, the Wii and test U is another. Change much when the console is in your hand and is expected ... Like Wii, once you know the experience is when you repeat it over and over again. What is unknown is whether this experience will stay fresh and attractive over time or, conversely, we will run the console at 6 months. As many of us did in his day.

As graphic potential, have been the batteries, though I doubt that exceeds 360 or PS3 in that respect. However, it obviously is not what you are looking for Nintendo, but wants to focus on the game feeling. The large N is well under way, as this feeling is satisfactory. In fact, the show that gave Nintendo at E3 2012 I found disappointing , but now my opinion of it has changed.

There is still half a year for the official launch of U Wii so until that day, we can only hypothesize about the console. It is also important to know its price, which will greatly influence your success. Until then, the little that we could test it has left a good impression. The wait is going to be long. 

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