Skyrim added crossbows and snow elves in their first DLC

Skyrim added crossbows and snow elves in their first DLC

According to what has been discovered by a user of the forums of Bethesda 's first DLC Skyrim will focus on snow elves and crossbows and more. The user nicknamed Karellan found several files in the folders added in the last patch with several key terms such as "snow elves" (snow elves), "Snow Elf Prince" (Prince snow elf) and several animations crossbows. Other possibilities that are revealed by analyzing the files is that the DLC add new animations of vampires feeding.

Those who do not know what a snow elf, please contact the Wiki Skyrim , which states that these elves were once a proud race and formed a prosperous society but were driven off their land by the Nords, human high-rise and high resistance to cold. Meanwhile the Elf Prince was a character who led the fight to race against the Nords just mentioned, but were massacred in battle.
While Skyrim contains several types of arcs, so far does not include any kind of crossbow, a weapon that can be extremely useful for eliminating enemies at great distances from silently, which can be key in certain complex missions. It is likely to include some new stealth missions to use these weapons in concrete.

On April 26 Bethesda reported that the first DLC Skyrim could be officially announced next week and will be exclusive to Xbox 360 during the first 30 days.

Ubisoft reveals new information on Assassin's Creed III

Ubisoft reveals new information on Assassin's Creed III

The new Assassin's Creed III returns to the spotlight. After a few weeks of respite, Ubisoft returns to talk about his big bet for this year, which show that his saga of Murderers can also run away from Europe and the medieval Middle East. A few others will not like the change, while for many is a breath of fresh air to the franchise. Either way, the truth is that all of them try again.

Alex Hutchinson, creative director of the game, spoke in a recent interview to digital Ausgamers about some of the progress made, and also unveiled new details about this new installment in the acclaimed Ubisoft franchise, which will be led by John Connor.

Hutchinson was keen to stress the great improvement in artificial intelligence that will Assassin's Creed III with respect to previous deliveries.
    "The biggest additions allow individuals from the crowds are attracted to certain areas or interactions, and then let those things and start another action sequence. You will not see people still staying in a conversation for hours. At some point follow their path. "

In addition, players can hunt animals. The aim of Hutchinson is that the goal of full player in the role of hunter, who use tactics and strategies to stalk and hunt prey, and not only seek to shoot. Some species will find them touring the mapping, but others are hidden and must strive to find them.

    "In addition to rediscover the great crowds already seen in the series in this new iteration adds a new element, the animals that we see outside the cities, 'the animals are the multitudes of the wilderness. Players can hunt the animals, but we want players to feel the immersion time of chase and catch them.

    We want people to see a few species sailing around the world, but to see many more the player must use tactics and strategies to find and kill them. Somehow, we want players to slay the animals rather than just shoot them.
    Depending on how we behave when hunting will be rewarded, for example if we do particularly well is' give us access to previously inaccessible area where we can join a hunting club and receive a handful of new challenges and rewards " .

In these statements we can see the interest from developers for trying to improve the gaming experience of one of the most anticipated titles of this generation and the next because we know that is confirmido the U Wii launch .

Assassin's Creed 3 will be available October 31 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. No one knows the release date for Nintendo's console, but hopefully at E3 resolve this doubt and emergence of new details about the game.

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