Nintendo Wii U, depth analysis

Nintendo opens the new generation of consoles with Wii U and its controller-tablet, with all that this implies and we have met since its presentation at E3 2011. His staging generated many doubts, but over time has become known known to it and its catalog of games and not unlikely to continue the trail that has left its predecessor Wii. This is one of the strongest bets in entertainment with Nintendo looking " change the way you look and play video games, "according to the president of the Japanese company, Satoru Iwata.
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The Wii U is Nintendo's hand and goes on sale on November 30, 2012, with a catalog suitable for all tastes and with two prices, depending on the package you opt for. The basic package costs about 300 euros and includes, as its name suggests, the basics to play with Wii U, ie white console with 8 GB of capacity and over. There is also a Premium version, with a price of around 350 euros, which includes, in addition to black color console with 32 GB capacity and command, the video game Nintendo Land, and support for command charging base and the possibility of create an account "Premium" for digital content that Nintendo has prepared for its new console.

First Impression

A double sensation addresses us as we get to the console. At first while you connect the console and prepare everything for your first game could give us the feeling of connecting a new Wii, with a different command, but not until we get down to the controls with the console on and enjoy a game when totally different game experience, the result of gameplay featuring the controller.

Super Mario Bros. U, U and Nintendo Zombie Land are the games that we choose to introduce the new Nintendo console, in addition to get by far, the three manage to make us quickly with the remote control and enjoy in a way never before view on a home console to use. After the first games, the console stops feeling very good and makes us think about the future holds for the console considering that this is only the beginning.

wii u 02

Technical specifications and connectivity

This is a hardware that has given much to talk about, that has divided opinion among gamers seeking a graphic section "at the height of a new generation" and those who bet on gameplay and more complete gaming experience. Beyond the debate, the console is a technical advance both its predecessor and for the other consoles on the market. So, the console includes a processor created by IBM and an ATI Radeon HD posed technical base of the console. The console also has different USB ports, SD card slot, HDMI port and wireless connectivity, with the possibility of using a network cable if you buy the USB adapter is necessary for that purpose.

The command also has its own specifications, based on its variety of sensors, peripherals, display, and connectivity. Accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, camera and all buttons will be distributed as principal of this command, to say nothing of its touchscreen , of which more later. Connectivity comes on the heels of an infrared sensor, the Nintendo Network connector and bluetooth, enough to use the various accessories that come with time or the controller itself and the last Wii to connect to the console with the least possible delay and without colliding with other Bluetooth devices.

wii u 04

The command

One of the few controls that requires its own section on analysis of a console, for all the attention since its introduction has grabbed the knob the screen that closely resembles a tablet. Fairly light and connected by Bluetooth to the console, the Wii U GamePad has everything you need to connect the traditional with the new game, with the help of a touch screen and incorporates sensors and tools inside.

The control screen is 6.2 inches in widescreen, with controls on the sides of it. The screen technology and allows control without processors or graphics cards, be able to play everything the console sees fit without any delay, from transferring the scene of the game in control and able to use it without the TV as complementary information panel data as a minimap, inventory, or more generally, and even expand the possibilities of the touch panel with the tools that can contribute.


No doubt the main innovation that brings Wii U to any gamer is the control and gameplay featuring a hybrid of classic and what is to come. Already seen how the gameplay with two screens with Nintendo DS and all its family, but his system applied to consoles is a very different experience, because the touch command captures all the attention in most of the games we play with her.
All this without mentioning the multiplayer capabilities offered by this structure, which combines the Wii Remotes with Wii U, bringing different challenges for us and for those we invite to play with us, to join us in our adventures or challenge us in different games that offer these modalities. Someone searching generation leap as far as gameplay is concerned, Wii U is a safe bet and will not disappoint.

wii u 03

Comfort and Performance

The performance can be measured only with games that have prepared different companies (and prepare) for Wii U, and every title that we play will look significantly without any performance issues. Regarding other consoles, you have to say no it shows a graphic section very different from other existing consoles, so we'll see more titles to consider all the possibilities offered by the console. Think also that this is a console that, in most cases, works two screens at once (the TV and the remote), and fulfilled without any problems, so we can say that performance is more than fair.

For the comfort one can only say that the command can be a little big and gain control costs, but because it is lightweight and ergonomic design is really comfortable and easy to play with her ​​from the start. There will be a time when control will dominate hybrid touchscreen and physical buttons and allow us to enjoy any game coming to Wii U whether using only analog buttons as you use the touch screen only or both.


While price can do something high for some pockets, it is a console that could survive with our TV even more than the almost veteran Wii. Besides the console comes at a key moment (dates prior to Christmas) along with a number of games (many of which have already become flagship Wii U, like New Super Mario Bros U), which could make it perfectly in the ideal gift for any fan of Nintendo gamer and all its most classic sagas, some of which are available from the time when the console goes on sale.

We also noticed the effort given by Nintendo to broaden its range of games with its new console, bringing different franchises such as Assassin's Creed or Batman with new forms of gameplay.'s New franchises also take place, including cutting adult as Zombie U , Ubisoft's hand. Thus, both the audience and the casual gamer, both younger and older players may enjoy all the games that Nintendo prepares to Wii U.

Overall, this is a console that no fan should miss Nintendo, nor those seeking a totally new and different gameplay to the already seen on consoles.'s Catalog of games will not be a problem and there from the first day for everyone, not to mention what is to come. Wii U is Nintendo's commitment to continue the legacy of Wii but in order to please both casual players and the more traditional, and does more than . Failing to see the future of Sony and Microsoft bets, if you give more importance to the gameplay or innovation compared to the last technical section, Wii U console could be looking to make the leap to the next generation of consoles desktop.

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'New Super Mario Bros. U' for Wii U: analysis

'New Super Mario Bros. U' for Wii U: analysis

Nintendo wants the Wii U launch is powerful. That is why we have decided to go for their franchise star to come out hard and have a reference. We're talking, how could it be otherwise, the plumber and his new venture: 'New Super Mario Bros. U'.

'New Super Mario Bros. U', the challenge of renewing a series questioned

When this franchise debuted in his day in Nintendo DS, was met with a fairly good acceptance. Reinvented 2D although the approach to reach all audiences, a direction hinted in subsequent sequels.

The introduction of up to four players, aid for when we get stuck, development increasingly silly and hardly challenges for experts ... elements that have helped many people reach but also to repel many others.

Now, after passing through Nintendo 3DS, are among those who are not very clear about their future. The Japanese company are clear that at least one more delivery itself and Nintendo Wii U want to prove they can bring things to a trilogy that has quite continuity sin.

There are elements that remain, but there are also many new features. Now we have made this introduction is to contextualize the saga where we come to talk about the game, which aims to exploit some of the new concepts introduced Wii U when playing.
More than just a bait to attract sales

'New Super Mario Bros. U' tells the story. Surprise! At this point, nobody is surprised the monotony of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Stockholm syndrome of Princess Peach. Never mind. I assume in the end, no matter how simple it may be, serves to justify the game chicha.

New Super Mario Bros. U

Following the introduction of the facts, and finish at the other end of the Mushroom Kingdom, began our adventure to rescue the princess. Repeat development in world map but this time Nintendo has done a great job.

Gone are the linear and somewhat stale worlds of the first three titles. Now we are able to map, alive, beautiful and with many avenues to explore. They have taken three games to realize that a formula like 'Super Mario World' works.

We started playing and we see that the trend of the previous 'New Super Mario' is repeated: colorful scenes, a very successful design levels but also with many successes to be watching as we go. New ideas arise and are not used to rehash, as in 'New Super Mario Bros 2'.

New Super Mario Bros. U

Of course, there is still an aspect that grinds me, a lot. Play 'New Super Mario Bros' is like being part of a musical. Enemies move to the rhythm of music, stand to sing. Do not give the impression of being a threat but part of a kind of play where everyone is happy. Bowser has no thugs really inspire some danger.

There is nothing groundbreaking in what we have seen in 2D, are ideas that fit well into the concept of the franchise and make playing a fun experience and above all varied, not only in the themes of each world but in the how to play.

With this, and objects as the Yoshis, the mix is excellent and there are four sets of 'New Super Mario' this is the most comprehensive by far. Getting all the stars in the saved game will take a few hours so we have hours and hours of game time.

New Super Mario Bros. U

The rest of the mechanics involved no surprises: the controls are very precise and show that Nintendo has dominated this aspect only. New objects, like the flying squirrel suit, are as one in this experience.

The difficulty curve also comes with some changes. While you walk far from genres like masocore ('Super Meat Boy', 'I wanna be the guy' ...) the truth is that it has a few challenges. Nothing particularly difficult but we will just lose a few lives. We are grateful to have this aspect carefully.

For more awkward when we lose some life may play automatically level and decide where we want to continue on our own. Something that many ignored but do not forget who wants to go Nintendo.

New Super Mario Bros. U

Parallel to the main story, there are three modes of play that far from being added spaces give enough. Challenges that will test our ability where the medals and records encouraged to keep playing. Also we can play with our Miis but the truth is that never quite fit into the aesthetics of the game.
The game and experience on Wii U

As we know, Wii U introduces the gameplay through the GamePad. In this case there is conspicuous by its versatility but by something quite important: comfort. The control display will serve as a mirror of the console and can play without using the monitor or TV.

Is not that innovative? The truth is that it is possible to play but lying on the couch or in bed also has its positive side though that's what the handheld, actually.

If we choose to play as a group, up to five players, who have the GamePad can act as a fifth player attending the rest. Perfect if you have someone who is skilled or simply just want to go without getting too full.

Leaving aside the remote, Wii U serves as a platform to share messages online via Street Pass function. With it, we have the support of the online community and the official forums. Well to strengthen the community but does not play a role.

On the technical side, it is clear that today there is still a significant difference between the games developed by Nintendo and those made ​​by third parties. Everything looks very polished, as in 'Nintendo Land', although again not a game where you look too.

Even so, this section also rises a little ribbon, by design and aesthetic details resultón is most of all. The sound section meets although recycling note melodies, which are beginning to be quite tiresome and repetitive.
'New Super Mario Bros. U' conclusions

New Super Mario Bros. U

A priori, when Nintendo announced the game, it seemed that this would be a poorly designed game. However, after playing we have made ​​a major effort to relaunch the franchise and give us a compelling reason to play.

Those who enjoyed the three previous games, so do with this release for Wii U. For those who doubted him, will serve to reconcile and give a well deserved opportunity. Today, the best exclusive title for the new console from Nintendo. 

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