Wii U Controller Pro version Super Nintendo, details

Wii U Controller Pro version Super Nintendo, details

After knowing the duration of the battery with which count the Pro Controller for Wii U official, today we discovered a curious command to reach Australian EB Games stores (at least for now). This is a very similar to Pro Controller for Nintendo, but manufactured by a third company and as you can see, shows some colors and shapes that are sure to arouse nostalgia apex more than one.

Wii U Pro Controller NES

This knob to control the shape of the classic Super Nintendo and the colors and corresponding buttons will go on sale after the launch of the console on 30 November by about 48 Australian dollars, about 40 euros. Following shaking retro fashion in recent years certain technological devices, the Nintendo 16 bit inspired this new command with the same features as the Pro Controller white or black official.

At the moment it is not known if the command will be marketed through other distributors in other countries, but it sure is a good demand especially for more traditional players.

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