God of War: Ascension special edition and collector

God of War: Ascension special edition and collector

Four months ago, I talked about God of War: Ascension collector edition and its content, we also know the price and release date for sale. At that time there was not yet any official image that allowed us to know the contents of this collector's edition, until today.

As you can see in the picture , the contents of the collector's edition is comprised of:
  •     Play God of War: Ascension
  •     Premium metal box
  •     Kratos Figurine 8 "
  •     Game soundtrack
  •     Avatars Package
  •     Dynamic theme for the XMB
  •     Season Pass that will grant access to all the DLC that will come later
  •     Code for double XP in multiplayer

The price of this collector's edition is $ 80 dollars and will be available from March 12, 2013, date on which it will sell the game God of War: Ascension exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

The special edition is a little less "special" than the collector as this will have all of the above except for the statue of Kratos.

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