Video First announcement of Diablo 3 on TV

Video First announcement of Diablo 3 on TV

Since Blizzard have a clear premise that 2012 is a key year for all the worshipers of the franchise's most anticipated role-playing: Diablo III is finally finished and ready for sale next May 15.

And as you'd expect to exit this level, numerous events have been happening for attracting consumers go to the PC. Since the announcement out, there have been invitations for a closed beta and has even given way to a weekend of open beta two weeks ago (which attracted so many people who assumed several system crashes).

With the proximity of the target date, Blizzard has the consumer with all your senses on him, simply carefully prepared his trap master and wait for your helpless victim falls prey consumerist hype and what would be better to trap the exit the first television spot for Diablo III?

The truth is that has it all, drums, effects, text read slowly moving forward, Tyrael, etc.. A gallery of items that lie ahead with your purchase, purchase various means: we can buy it digitally from their website (we can even book it), buy the typical physical release in specialty stores and even get a gift for all users the World of Warcraft who have purchased an annual pass .

This his how StarFox would look in HD

This his how StarFox would look in HD

No friends, no illusions. Nintendo has not yet announced plans for a HD version of Super Nintendo StarFox (Starwing in Europe) for future console, the Wii U . However, a Youtube user nicknamed Rickonami decided to imagine how it would be if this wonderful game is adapted to high definition and reflected in a 4-minute video he shared with us all.

For those who do not remember or have not seen the original intro, I recommend you see the first video and then uploaded to the highest definition possible second. I'm sure if they played StarFox be wishing with all his heart that people see this video Nintendo and be inspired to give all gamers an updated version on their next console.

Original Intro Super Nintendo StarFox
And the STARFOX HD video

Video Create your own Super Paper Mario in motion with paper

Video. Create your own Super Paper Mario in motion with paper

Tomorrow marks the day of work in several countries of the world and many will not rest, because if you're bored and want to do something different you can make a Super Mario Paper to move (mechanical).

The video you see below instructions will show you how to create your own Paper Mario in motion , something different but fun to do this weekend ... 

Download intructions here.

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