Prototype of The Legend of Zelda for NES for sale on eBay

Prototype of The Legend of Zelda for NES for sale on eBay

Today has come to our attention another of those great treasures of collectors in video games, a prototype of The Legend of Zelda for NES has come to auction on eBay and you can get with him for a staggering $ 150,000, which come to be at change about € 12,250. An incredible value for a single cartridge of 25 years old.

For those who read this news stunned, unaware of the astronomical prices that are capable of moving the great treasures of collectors in video games, totally discontinued cartridges strangers who awaken the desire of all participants in this luxurious hobby. 

A few weeks ago on Joystiq published a developed article on some of the greatest treasures known for gamers , where we explained because Nintendo World Championships titles like Nintendo Power Fest 1990 or '94 have come to cost figures $ 17,500 (€ 14,250)

This time, we may be talking about the piece more existing value, because the previous games are unique titles for competitions and is known the existence of several, this cartridge is the only one known to date. We're talking about a prototype version of the American version of The Legend of Zelda a perennial flag Nintendo would be destined to become a benchmark in the world of video games.

The prototype has the peculiarity to stay in a perfect condition and be dated with the date 23/2/87, about six months before the start of the title to the market and has little quirks that vary with respect to the final game: variations in the color palette of some enemies, gameplay more accessible than the original thanks to fewer enemies and alteration of some areas of the map. Details that can be recognized thanks to the brilliant work done by a group of fans.

For this product so unique, the seller puts tjcurtin1 cartridge sale on Ebay for a price of $ 150,000, surpassing all sales records and becoming the greatest treasure of collectors to date. 

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