This is the new Nintendo 3DS XL !!!

This is the new Nintendo 3DS XL !!!

If you have been attentive to EVENTE of Nintendo Direct , you will know that these Japanese Nintendo have done it again. Has only been just over a year since the launch of its portable Nintendo 3DS and already announced a redesign of the console in style with the name of Nintendo 3DS XL , which will hit our stores on July 28.

To enter the main features of this new console include its growth, mainly the increase of their screens with respect to the previous version: 4.88 inch and 4.18 inch top screen on the bottom, which account for 90% more than 3DS Nintedo screens (3.53 and 3.02 inches). With this increase in screens, the console has increased in size by 46% with measures of 96x156x22 mm

Another of their most important is the increased duration of their batteries, as we have gone from a period between 3 and 5 hours 3DS games to a range between 3.5 and 6.5 hours, significant increases consumption is accentuated if the DS game, where the reach XL 3DS battery lasts 6 to 10 hours for the range of 5 to 8 hours lasting 3DS.

Also, do not forget that next to the 3DS XL will have a 4Gb SD card including storage (compared to 2Gb giving today). But the most curious of it goes on sale is a statement that is not including the electrical charger to cut costs. Former Chargers DSi, DSi XL and 3DS are perfectly valid for charging, so that only sold separately (though certainly varies in different regions where it is sold)

By the end we most importantly, the price of this console is estimated at about 18,900 yen to dollar exchange corresponds to $ 199, with its colorful formats on sale white, red and black and gray. So ye will not yet decided with the new Nintendo console stereoscopic this summer you have a perfect chance to make it big with the new Nintendo 3DS XL
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