How the Prince of Persia was made?

How the Prince of Persia was made?

Prince of Persia was one of the best games I played as a child, combined action, the challenges, tricks to discover, had it all. That's why I made ​​a small article when the creator of Prince of Persia had raised the original code to the Internet . Now I see another pleasant surprise is that in an article by The Verge , the creator Jordan Mechner was counted as the realization of his game.Also his Dad made the music.

In the video look like Jordan used his brother  to create the game, to the scenes and then he created them pixel by pixel, but that hard work paid off, an excellent game.

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All Wii U games will be available digitally

All Wii U games will be available digitally

There have been some rumors about the next generation of consoles indicate that companies have considered eliminating physical media for distribution of games , advocándose in place by the use of online downloads and steaming.

Many believe that the world is not ready for that step technological, but that does not mean that some are not preparing the way.

Nintendo wants to provide the best of both worlds and has announced that apart from the traditional sale of games in its physical form, they will also be available digitally for all Wii titles U.
Satoru Iwata, company director said:

    In principle, starting with this software [the release of Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS], the company will offer software that Nintendo published titles in both physical format and in digital download for our customers choose how they want to buy.

    U Wii, digital downloads will begin [...] so that our consumers can choose either the physical version or the digital download the same software from the first day of release of U Wii.

Most likely that selling digital copies are made ​​at retail through coded cards similar to using iTunes or registration cards for Xbox Live Gold, apart of course they will have an online catalog for able to perform the download directly. The first way would be ideal for those without a credit card, or will not use it.
What is also interesting is that retailers will have the opportunity to apply their own price digital download cards, which could mean savings for the buyer (although price increases could occur).

While some would prefer the convenience of getting a degree without leaving home, there are those who love the smell of new plastic when you operate a newly purchased game, and I'm glad that Nintendo give us both.

Legends of Rayman trailer shows us how will be the Nintendo Wii U

Legends of Rayman trailer shows us how will be the Nintendo Wii U

Today came the trailer for Raymand Legends, a game for the new console Nintendo , the Wii U . This game looks good does not come just because it has attracted attention is that shown in part, as will the gameplay in the new Nintendo console.

For U Wii will come with a remote that has a touch screen, the screen that we all thought he would serve only to see the game you will also apparently be able to interact with other objects, such as putting a heart on the tablet will begin falling hearts in the game. They will also be other characters and the end leaves a surprise.
The video that looks great by the improvement in graphics, hopefully not another Wii at the time seemed very new but after a while it looked a lot not served and although it improved over time, but I apparently it was too late.

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VIDEO Sony makes its own "Super Smash Bros."

Sony makes its own "Super Smash Bros."

For some time, Sony has been looking for new ideas and projects for a new blockbuster title, over time, began to reveal small rumors that a game with all players in their exclusive licenses. But not until today when it unveils the title All-Star Playstation Battle Royale and its main features.

With this new commitment Playstation team, we enjoy a fun fighting game for up to four players, locked in a fight to determine who is the most powerful of the heroes who have left the company exclusively on Playstation. The squad of players is above all varied, we find Kratos brute force, skill and ability to Sly, dementia of Sweet Tooth, the army helpful beloved Fat Princess ...

Another highlight are the great scenes in motion, loaded with thousands of details of other titles, as a creation screen in Little Big Planet level, a direct Buzz contest and even a battle in hell while dodged the blows of Hades himself.

Little information has been obtained filter of this title he hopes his departure for Christmas, but it sure will have a large presence at the show at E3 this summer, so we have to wait for patients to lay hands on this "sonyficada "version of Super Smash Bros. Nintendo

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