aDonutConnect, download this free puzzle and skill game for Android

aDonutConnect, download this free puzzle and skill game for Android

The puzzles and mental challenges are a genre popular in mobile devices, with different challenges and puzzles in the form of different types of difficulty. Might seem that everything is already seen, but still can be found in the various bazaars digital games in this genre with challenges such as aDonutConnect , we can download totally free via the digital store for Android devices, Google Play.

The challenge of this game is to help Dony eat all the donuts that appear in each level. You'll need to eat, at least, in pairs, and should not leave any on stage. Also, never be able to eat both different types of donuts (sugar, chocolate, strawberry ...), and not all donuts are always within reach. It is, therefore, a puzzle where you have to look at each level the winning combination of moves to clear the stage.
adonutconnect 01
The rules and game mechanics are basic: we'll use your finger on the touch screen to tell what Dony eat donuts and trace straight lines to link these donuts. We can not eat donuts diagonally, so if, for example, on our way we met a donut of a different flavor, first or we will find a way to remove it so you can continue removing remaining candy. Depending on the level we must join pairs or trios of donuts, what will we think of different ways to cover each level depending on their rules, even later can create different strategies or key movements that will help us and the rest of the game's levels, as can be "liberating" a line of donuts REACTA eliminating one of the same color than the rest by another couple (or trio) away.
adonutconnect 02
The game can get really complicated, but the difficulty is not a problem, since the system aDonutConnect levels allows us to begin with tutorial type levels and simple to later move on to more complex levels and with new elements to make it more challenging. A very slick difficulty curve that will make us enganchemos from the first level. The game, even free, has a micropayment system for different level packs. With the hundred which includes basic editing have many hours of play, but if we want to extend the experience it offers, we can always choose those 300 extra levels including.
Under the simplicity of this game we have a really addictive game that, even without a remarkable replayability (all levels have a unique solution), we take many hours to complete the first 100 scenarios aDonutConnect has, and will always have the help of Dony some level if we stuck in the game. In short, if you like puzzle games, puzzles and a simple but challenging gameplay, free download aDonutConnect and try to complete all levels that this game offers.

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Turbo Kids, free download this skill game for Android

Turbo Kids, free download this skill game for Android

Another game of skill like "Dash" is one of the top positions in the list of most downloaded free apps Google Play. We talked about various games of this genre, characterized by a high speed game and the challenge of reaching the goal without a scratch, in the same way as Turbo Kids , mixing this with other gameplay genres like platforms, bringing the best of the genre with a more challenging mechanics. We find this totally free game in the digital bazaar for Android devices, Google Play.

Even a Dash style game, the game is also inspired by the gameplay of racing titles, with a much more competitive than the rest. In each level you have to play with Neil or Winnie, great runners competing alongside other children to reach the finish line first. Competition is strong, even magic can be targets as slowing down or stay frozen in an iceberg, what which results in delay our arrival at the goal.
turbo kids 01
In addition, during our career we jump across platforms and avoid various traps or penalties, without losing sight of speed bonuses or weapons we find along the way. Finally our finishing position will determine the number of stars you acquire in each scenario (up to three), being the best of the awards for the first arriving in record time. This is no game like the previous one, even if we repeat each level to achieve three stars in each of them. Our enemies have no mercy to attack us, and platforms along with the speed of our character will becoming a challenge that we must learn to master to be the first.

Unlike other games of this genre, Kids Turbo itself be room for customization, thanks to the points and stars we go getting. So unlock different jackets, pants or accessories to use our Turbo Kid for competitions. If we choose ourselves with the best scores will be monitored at all times to what extent we can control our character to almost extreme speeds. Obviously we will have more speed at more risk of stepping on a trap or of falling between the jumps demos, which would mean a loss of about two or three seconds without being able to run, adding to the delay the speed you acquire just restart, which is minimal .
turbo kids 02
We Kids Turbo competitions divided between the four seasons, each with fifteen different scenarios and a total of 45 stars to get, not to mention the extra world to overcome successfully achieve each season. For each world have different weapons or traps to use, leaving aside a monotonous gameplay bring variety to the 60 levels that can be found, with a very interesting replayability and many hours of play ahead since I tried the first level.

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Bad Piggies, download now for Android, iPhone,iPhone and Pc

Bad Piggies, available the latest game from the creators of Angry Birds

The creators of Angry Birds , the Finnish company Rovio, is release. If you do not let him rest long hyper-exploited Angry Birds saga to unveil a new character, Alex Amazing , now return to the fray with a new adventure which stars the evil green pigs have so often crushed, and we have destroyed so many fortifications based pissed launch birds at them. The game in question and that we have spoken on other occasions, called Bad Piggies and is designed for the player to break the coconut to finish each level successfully.

The story takes us Bad Piggies pigs side, ie the side of evil, because now we have to help them steal the precious eggs of Angry Birds based ingenuity. With a style reminiscent largely Amazing Alex mechanics, we need to construct various gadgets that will lead us happily to the end point of each level to progress. Then we leave with direct links to download Bad Piggies on iPhone , Android and PC, which are the platforms on which the game has debuted today.
bad piggies
We know that these green pigs, well they have planned things, do not get anything right. Not even in space, where gravity I could have had a hand, beat the Angry Birds. Lets see if Bad Piggies can contribute to their victory even for once. To do this, the game provides us with a number of objects at the beginning of each level, which will serve to create all kinds of junk ground, flying, driving, rotating or shock, anything goes in order to get the coveted eggs .

For starters, Bad Piggies has 60 levels spread over different locations classic panels. No change in this respect, players can finish each level with one or three stars depending on how well we have done. If we get the three stars on all levels will be unlocked automatically another 30 screens secret. To create the machines, Bad Piggies makes available a total of 33 items that we can combine in different ways: wings, engines, wheels, balloons and more. That yes, Rovio will use the desperation of gamers in some levels to offer the help of a mechanical pig, which for a small fee we will solve life.
bad piggies 01
We'll leave you with direct links to download Bad Piggies, but not before warning that the Android version is the only free for now, as both the iPhone (0.80 €) and the PC (about 4 euros ) has cost. But PC users can download a demo for the game briefly savor.

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New Super Mario Bros. 2 premieres its first DLC in October

New Super Mario Bros. 2 premieres its first DLC in October

Nintendo has been slow to join the bandwagon of the DLC but finally seems determined to implement in their games, regardless of who is against this content. The next game in the company will adapt these downloadable extras New Super Mario Bros. 2, one of this summer's big bets for Nintendo 3DS.

Specifically it will be three DLC hit the game of the laptop. On one hand we have Gold Mario Go! Go! Pack, which will put at our disposal a total of 30,000 gold coins to get. We also find the The Record A Pack Challenge, with a new time trial mode. Finally the Panic Survival Map Pack will add three new stages.

Packets arrive at the Japanese market on October 2 for a price of 200 yen, which is about 2 €. Have not yet been given release dates or prices for Europe and America as the setting for the announcement was a new Nintendo Direct Japanese. We are awaiting further confirmation by the company. 

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Campaign Story , become president with this simulator to Facebook

Campaign Story , become president with this simulator to Facebook

The United States is currently experiencing the election campaign before the 2012 elections, in which Democrats and Republicans alike are engaged in different strategies to turn their respective heads of representatives in the White House. The path to the presidency is not easy, and we can experience through Campaign Story , a fun simulation game where you, as you would expect, we will live our own election campaign from the base to the end, which is none other than our arrival for president.

And to accomplish this feat have many tools available to us based on the movements of the most famous politicians, from the delivery of electoral propaganda or using different means to reach citizens to discussions and meetings by different states and regions of the country , seeking to "conquer" the largest possible map to represent the color of our party, which translates into votes for our candidate.
campaign story 01
All these tasks, tactics and electoral strategies could not perform alone, but like every politician, will rely on their assistants and advisers. Attendees are translated as our tool to perform actions in the game, while the directors will be much of the same tutorial and will show the current state of the polls in order to predict at all times which politician has the scales in your favor. Of course there would be no debates elections, appointments and major events, something that can only be achieved with the representative of our party, ourselves. So, there will be small situations in the game in which we will take decisions without counselors or assistants, and that our actions or responses to various questions we formulate will be key to the resolution of this election.
campaign story 02
A notable failure of the game is that the version "payment" of it becomes almost mandatory in order to advance the same, leaving the free side of the game for the most monotonous, repetitive and simple game, not to mention the limitations daily that has the game, but for them to complete the game would be a matter of days. Anyway all I see is a smaller version of the gaming experience that offers the full version, but also can enjoy the experience of being president on the campaign trail. Neither see translated into our language, and that is only available in English, but with a basic understanding of the language can play quietly and not missing a game. Overall, if you like simulators with entirely new challenges or want to live the way to the presidency from the ground, do not hesitate to try Story Campaign on Facebook.

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - First Impressions

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - First Impressions

The day came, Mists of Pandaria was released and after staying for a while stuck in the brand new screen and log in, I experienced some of what Blizzard has to offer us in this new expansion.

I'll start by saying this: World of Warcraft has changed, World of Warcraft is still the same.

What I mean is that there are fundamental changes in things like talent and new things like pet battles, farms for players and of course, a new race and class. The truth is that WoW is definitely not the same game that came out eight years ago it has undergone a constant evolution that keeps millions of active users (and some who leave and return) and we can always count on new content and activities to keep us occupied.
world of warcraft: mists of pandaria
However, in the end, still has the same mechanics, the same visual style and retains its gameplay feature so if someone ventures to re hoping for a change of 360 degrees, will be disappointed, yes, still have to collect 10 shoots June grass or monkey livers.

But this is not necessarily bad, I've seen plenty of reviews comparing this game to newer ones like Skyrim or Guild Wars 2 and WoW complaining that you can not do this, and in WoW you can not do that, but it is by why WoW is WoW and Guild Wars 2 Guild Wars 2 is. Why would I want that all games have the same mechanics? Everyone enjoys something different and that is great for those who like to try more than one style of gameplay .


Male pandas are in my opinion, and unlike other races, humorous, without big muscles and a beer belly bouncing with each step. Females are quite nice. Accompanied with their emotes and jokes, between which lies the Konami code. What I notice is a more fluid animation on characters and detailed features in their appearance.

The new class

The monk is a hybrid class (tank: brewmaster, healer: Mistweaver or DPS: Windwalker) but no illusions with DPS, everyone asked tanking or healing in groups.

They can use only cloth and leather and come obviously movements of Kung-Fu. Energy use and can spend points Chi form in which death knights and warlocks use runes and soul stones.

His attacks are melee. Personally I've always preferred ranged attacks so it does not attract me much class, but has interesting skills as the "death knell" that instantly kills any enemy with less health than the player.

creacion de pandaren

Shen-zin His

The starting zone for pandaren is a giant turtle named Shen-zin Su and Chinese aesthetics is all we could hope for, with chord music and truly beautiful scenarios, although according to the graphics engine that can provide that is eight years old .

The missions still feel grindy, but there are some interesting developments as they interact with NPCs a more active player after completing certain quests or mobs that are uploaded to the back (I do not remember much except that happen in any dungeon).

Something that gave me quite laugh was a particular mission over an area called the nasal singsong, where they must defeat other apprentices while fighting on logs buried in a lake. If you should fall into the water, the player will become an animal-referencing Ranma 1 1/2. You know that Blizzard has a habit of integrating so many pop culture jokes as possible.

Shen-zin His apparently is dying and we must find out why talking to the turtle, which will take the player to meet with members of the Alliance and the Horde and thus choose a faction.

Shen-zin Su

Higher levels

The change for higher level characters is remarkable when taking the mission sent by Garrosh / Varian war as it breathes in the game, the hostilities between the Alliance and the Horde have exploited and this gives a different meaning to the missions, which actively encourage the player to attack the other side.

There are now more dialogue between players and NPC giving more understanding of why these attacks definitely a good thing if at that time we do not feel like reading.

There are also more frequent cut-scenes to help understand the history and varied mission objectives that give the impression of doing something really different, but as I said, with the same mechanics. By the way, continue to see our world change after performing certain actions through the use of phasing.
guerra entre alianza y horda

Other changes

The character creation screen has been streamlined to make the process less tedious. The missions are faster respawn time for items and mobs has been shortened and not need to go with a trainer for new talent, they are automatically acquired as you level up and now professional instructors are universal. All this decreases enough playtime for those who are bored to grind and farm the game.

Content for all

WoW has many detractors who wonder how a game "old" and in addition to pay can have 10 million subscribers. The answer is that there is no one way to play, the truth is that in this expansion, more than any other, seems to have content for everyone, not only for the hardcore who enjoy raids and heroic and crawl through Stormwind and Orgrimmar with his armor epic dragon mount that was a rare chocolate-drop after completing this dungeon three thousand times in less than 10 minutes.

Players can enjoy the game in many ways, through missions, scenarios, professions, achievements, PvP, PvP pet, exploration, reputations, collecting mounts, the auction house and the rich social environment that has always enjoyed WoW ( do not waste time, to block the jerks).

And I repeat, basic mechanics remain the same and those who have never enjoyed, may not do so now, but for those who enjoy this style of game, Mists of Pandaria brings new content to ensure enough hours added to his / played.


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Burger, free download arcade game for Android

Burger, free download arcade game for Android

In recent years it has become known gender "Dash", a style of play based on the arcade game system in which our ability and reaction speed are tested gameplay with simple and straightforward, giving as result a really addictive game, like Burger, you get at the top digital downloads for Android bazaar Google Play totally free, offering gender-Dash arcade style in its purest form.

We had seen other Dash games where you had to running a restaurant or a fast food chain, but this time will be more complex than seen in other. In the first titles Dash, we had to take care of customers in queue, clearing tables or taking orders in the proper order, among other things. In Burger shall disregard all these elements and we will pass direct treatment, bar service in our restaurant, where they prepare all orders.
burger 01
The aim will be to operate a burger from its most basic, that is, in the preparation of menus that customers, some of them very impatient, we will ask the time of day. Time will be our main meter when evaluate our efficiency in serving the orders and the number of mistakes we may make.

Of course like any game of this genre the replayability is present in it and makes fun extends for hours. Always have the possibility of opening the restaurant and get to dispatch different orders reaching us at the level we want and the complexity of desire. As we end one day see how much money we have raised or how many people have attended that day, looking at each item may break our own records.

In the early stages of the game we will be guided by the title, using sheets with recipes of the different dishes that will serve and arrows indicating the order of steps to serve current customer tray. So, we'll see how we prepare basic elements such as drinking, potatoes or regular burger to pass custom dishes like burgers or serve a certain number of drinks or potatoes, besides applying sauces and accessories that we have requested.
burger 02
Gradually elements appear more and more complex dishes, but time will be the same against us since we started playing Burger. There will always be an ideal time to complete each course, from which gradually begin to lose points. Of course errors will be more penalized, which serve both as in the order of preparation. In short, if you enjoyed games like Burger Dash and would like to test your skills in games of this cut, try on your mobile or tablet Burger preparing your skills at speed orders.

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Xbox 720 to become the walls of our house in part of the game

Xbox 720 to become the walls of our house in part of the game

Can you imagine for a moment that the next generation Xbox will allow part of the game beyond what today makes Kinect? More interesting is the new Microsoft patent which we have heard in today. And is that Xbox 720 could use a technology capable of recreating 3D environments across from our room, using the walls of the house.

Thus, as shown by the images of the patent, the new device recreate the game scenario 360 degrees beyond the television screen. Additionally, this technology would be accompanied as it could be otherwise Kinect, the 3D sensor would be able to detect the exact position of the player on the pitch, it would fit perfectly with military titles, as shown in the drawings.
Patente Xbox 720
However, we must realize that this is just a starting point. The registration of a patent does not mean much unless the technology is ready for use. We are facing a complicated innovation as each player makes use of the console in a room and under certain conditions, which would make it very difficult to use the walls of our houses for the game.
Even so, it waits to meet in the coming months which is able to offer Xbox 720, this patent breaks new ground in the world of video games. Besides the fight in terms of graphics power and technical specifications, it is encouraging that companies are still making efforts to innovate and try to launch new game types, and broaden the experience and options market for video games. 

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Car Unblock, free download puzzle game for Android,tips, cheats

Car Unblock, free download puzzle game for Android

The simplest games are, in most cases, the ones that really caught our smartphone or tablet, making it the most replayable and addictive to be found in mobile devices, many of them focusing on everyday situations based puzzles as you can be a car park. Unblock Car brings us this simple but challenging challenge through the digital bazaar Play Google Android, being at the top of the most downloaded free apps in the last days.

Our goal: to make the vehicle a parking lot in a chaotic state, our car taking the brunt of the situation, to always be at the far end of the parking area. Parking in this find from simple cars to motorcycles or buses, each one with specific dimensions and, as expected, occupy a particular space in garage. We will have access to the movement of all vehicles in each level, in order to take our own car. The number of moves we make and the time takes us determine the final score for each level to solve.
unblock car 01
Thus, through simple movements on our touch screen, will move to either side to cross to any vehicle that has room to move. Succession of these moves will result in a clear path for our car, but sometimes not find him at first sight and we have to do tracing their way out with small shifts, opening and closing constantly step.

The difficulty of the game will not be a problem as it will have different difficulty levels, adapted to any kind of level of challenge. The difference between levels is basically limited in the number of movements to achieve the highest score or more vehicles in the parking lot. Even we can see, in the more advanced levels, some cars can not move or that their mobility is very limited, resulting in a more elaborate puzzle.

We will have dozens of levels within reach with this game, with the possibility of later upgrade, as developers of mobile games we are accustomed. Thanks to the simplicity of the challenge developers can create in a short period of time hundreds of different levels, as standard parking scenarios add 2000 different, among which are distributed to different difficulty levels the game has.
unblock car 02
The classic game titles remind us full of puzzles or puzzles with a cut similar to that we see in Car Unblock, and the gameplay and game mechanics, although simple and somewhat monotonous, we offer fun for many hours, especially if we complete all levels with the highest possible score.

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Black Mesa, the remake of the original Half Life, download Link !

Black Mesa, the remake of the original Half Life, is finally available for download!

One of the mods that has taken years of years (in years) to appear, is finally available for download! Black Mesa is a modification that uses the graphics engine of Half Life 2, to recreate it one of the best games of all time, the original Half Life.

According to the authors:
    "Get ready for an experience you will find as nostalgic, exciting and fresh. Black Mesa is a recreation of Valve's seminal game Half-Life. Opening will revisit the role of Gordon Freeman and his memorable journey through the Black Mesa Research Facility.
    Expect to find tremendously detailed environments to explore, a great cast of characters and experimental weapons. New music, voice acting, choreography and added dialogue gives way to a more expansive and immersive than ever. In short, play Half Life of the way in which we think should be played. "

9-14-2012 1-20-13 PMTotlamente The Mod is free, but will need to install the Source SDK Base 2007 is included - also for free - with Steam. Ojo also not about the whole experience - that is, not everything is recreated Half Life 1 - but that about covers 80% of the events of the first game.
The servers are extremely busy, so I recommend using a bittorrent client to try and discharge; surely have better luck.

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Bad Piggies, this is the new game from the creators of Angry Birds

Bad Piggies, this is the new game from the creators of Angry Birds

Finally we will not see the Angry Birds in the enemy attacking green pigs, stars of the new game from Rovio, Bad Piggies. The game will once again physical and skill, a genre that the Finnish company knows how to work perfectly from the beginning with Angry Birds. The creators of this popular series of mobile games announced earlier this month the launch of this title, to reach both the App Store and Google Play on September 27, both in the form of payment as totally free.

As the company said, players will see the Angry Birds universe "through the eyes of pigs", but with a proposal based on a different physical game. Pigs still want to be with angry birds eggs, but This time they will use vehicles built with the same materials as their structures. This is a game with less liabilities pigs in Angry Birds saga, because now they will at the controls of different prototypes we believe to be the precious eggs.
bad piggies 01
We can see a preview of the new game in the video below ...

The game system is based on two stages for each level: vehicle construction and improvement of the level. The first is the key to complete each level, because we have to create a vehicle that will use the pigs to reach the eggs Birds Angry, from the pieces that allow the level and condition of the terrain. The other phase is less creative but equally challenging, having to take the car to the finish avoiding all obstacles appear and guarding the integrity of the car and our driver will be removed.

Among the items you can use to create new vehicle are also the main elements (wood, glass and stone), find dozens of useful components to our invention avoid any obstacle or even go through the air. Thus have elements like helices , engines, wheels, balloons, engines and many other items. The use level demand, always ycuando the scenario where we are allows.

The most important part of this game is that the player has creativity, allowing us to complete the levels with thousands of different options, as there will be a single optimal solution for this game, although we will see solutions with similar patterns, being the limited to creating vehicle parts available. Also rarely repeat the design of a car, an airplane or a helicopter, as the needs of each scenario will change completely in each scenario, and even have to build many prototypes until we find the solution, not to mention those players who wish the three stars of each.

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Halo 4: The Return of Master Chief in new images

Halo 4: The Return of Master Chief in new images

One of the most powerful of the catalog titles this year for Xbox 360 is Halo 4. First announced at E3 2011, has been over a year know little by little new details of the Master Chief's return to the Microsoft console. Fall is almost here, and with it come Halo 4, specifically the next 6 November.

Halo 4

To continue creating buzz, 343 Industries has released a handful of new images. In these screenshots we can see more about the game's main campaign mode, through which we will discover the story of Master Chief.

The release of Halo 4 will come along with a great support from the company. For one Collector Editions will have both in America and in Europe. Moreover, it has also confirmed a pack with an Xbox 360 Halo Edition 4, in addition to custom accessories with motifs of the franchise.

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Carnimalz, download this free racing game for iPhone and iPad

Carnimalz, download this free racing game for iPhone and iPad

Free format applications is, without doubt, the most successful mobile devices, with a range between users rarely see in a paid app. Many developers have realized this format, and companies like RLS Games change their games to it and become gradually fashion applications, such as your Carnimalz game, a fun car game developed with Panini and the publisher can download totally free on the App Store,

The proposal offered by the game is cut is aimed at children and the youngest of the house, but they and we enjoy the racing and the various challenges it offers. Moreover the game offers the chance to play racing between two devices by WiFi or Bluetooth, which offers replayability to the title, which in this genre is welcome. The title, like all races, has no definite end, but we may be playing the hours we want without losing fun at any time, from small runs to competitions obstacles.
carnimalz 01
W e all the scenarios that we see in the games will be natural animal habitats, from jungles and deserts to oceans and glaciers. And it Carnimalz has not earned its name only by the visual appearance of the vehicles in which we see from models that simulate tigers and rhinos and giraffes to crocodiles, but each of these vehicles have a number of attributes and skills . These abilities allow each of these cars have more advantage over others depending on the situation.

We will see, for example, that the rhino can do a lunge in the race and destroy one of the obstacles in its path, or the tiger jump to avoid your enemies. Each car has a completely different behavior of their rivals, and will be key as to complete the map more easily and be the first. Our opponents will put us not easy, as you can during the race to push us out of track or lead to a stationary obstacle, not to mention more offensive skills you get at Carnimalz.

RLS Games Obviously there changed entire system to free format, but has been based on the mechanics of micropayments. Thus to access exclusive content like car panther, buffalo or different types of maps or unique content, we purchased separately at an average price of about 80 cents, the same price as was the application before passeth free format. We can say that this content is merely optional and only improves Carnimalz game experience, but not worsen the standard game (free version).

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Mists of Pandaria, Pandaria Island reaches the world of World of Warcraft

Mists of Pandaria, Pandaria Island reaches the world of World of Warcraft

The World of Warcraft universe and the world of Azeroth was expanded from 25 September morning with the arrival of the fourth expansion, Mists of Pandaria. This massively multiplayer role playing online, launched in mid-2005, has managed to maintain a solid number of players to ten million, thanks to small updates, content patches and expansions that expand the horizons of the world of Azeroth and continue the story of the Warcraft universe, focusing on the eternal struggle between the Alliance and the Horde, the Main features of the game.

While the launch will be in a few hours, the presentation will be tonight in different capitals of the world (including Madrid), in which there will be different types of activities and, at twelve o'clock, several shops sell the first copies of this expansion. Different events can be followed through the official account of World of Warcraft YouTube from its beginning, ten thirty at night.
mists of pandaria 01
With the arrival of the new continent, Pandaria, come two other key elements of this expansion and the Pandaren Monk class. The Pandaren are the inhabitants of Pandaria, pandas are known in the Warcraft universe that become a playable race from the Mists of Pandaria release. Their main features, besides starting the Wandering Island during the early levels is that they are the first playable race that can choose whether to belong to the Alliance or the Horde, and includes different racial attributes unique among that are the specialty of the profession "kitchen" and to stun the enemy for a few seconds during combat.

The monk is a playable class will have three different specializations together, can become tank (role player capable of supporting all possible enemies), generator damage (responsible for weakening the enemy) and healer (who maintain stable life of the Allies). Along with other features of the game existing as dual specialization or the possibility to restart our choice of talents, we can make the monk a versatile character and ready for any challenge to bring this expansion.

In addition to these new features the game will have a number of improvements in various aspects of the game, most notably an increase in the maximum permitted level of the game, which will go from 85 to 90, an increase of five levels will enjoy the millions of characters the game that have grown along with the game with each expansion. Increased level includes additional improvements as increased all attributes of the character, new skills and new talent points.

This expansion comes with a number of objectives: to attract more players, bringing new content to fans of the series and rescue those players who left the game in previous expansions. The latest expansion of World of Warcraft have been received with open arms by the gaming community and have always managed to fill the world servers in any of its regions, the same fate? Expansion of Pandaria? Must await launch in a few hours.

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The false panacea to blow the VideoGames cartridges

The false panacea to blow the VideoGames cartridges

During our first years in the exciting world of gaming, it was common to find very common failure when trying to boot our favorite game: The console lit up and instead of displaying the title of our favorite entertainment cartridge, we met with a screen full of loose and unconnected pixels. It is at that time and before a panic, our amateur PhD in electrical engineering took control for a cure of urgency: blow the cartridge. In many cases the operation was a success and we could continue our leisure, but to what extent was blowing cartridges recommended?


It appears that this technique was not as traditional as safe as we expected, and in his time, Nintendo began to distribute their games with the warning that it is not advisable blowing cartridges to solve boot deterioration of our games. But, if the blow was not recommended although cash Why we could not use it and what other way was recommended?

The answer to these questions lies in the electronic own cartridges. During distribution of the first game, they possess a physical format in electronic cartridge form, with all the necessary electrical circuit to operate in the interior, and by a set of pins at its opening, could emulate console our content seamlessly of our games. As we all know, the opening of the cartridge was the main cause responsible for reading errors, that contrary to what many think, would not be caused by the presence of dust in the contacts, but in the physical deterioration of the pins.


According feature leading experts in the field, the wiring diagram form contact pins, consists of a system that resembles a spring mechanism. Thus, entering the game console, deploy the pins for proper operation. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the mechanism tends to suffer small malfunctions on the docks and some of them are unable to move completely. The solution for these cases is as simple as removing and re-enter the game in the console to release the mechanism.

Thus, the blowing process, although slightly functional success of the fact come out and introduce the game again to blow. In fact, due to alloys of copper and nickel electrical circuits vapor our own breath causes corrosion in the system over time. For this reason, it is recommended always cleaning the cartridge openings, ear through a cotton soaked in alcohol.


We seem to have lived in deception during the years of our childhood. But never too late to learn from our mistakes and avoid the deterioration of our devices.

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Rising Robot, action and shooting game for Facebook, Cheats

Rising Robot, action and shooting game for Facebook

We have not seen the full potential of social networking site Facebook as a platform for video games, despite having a few years of life has evolved considerably. One of the genres that is emerging in the social network is the action, which together with the style of play "shooter" or shots we have a very addictive and replayable game, without a pause. So Robot Rising , title set in a futuristic world where robots plagued not miss the action in real time, but the gameplay is not the only aspect that stands out in this game to Facebook.

The first thing that stands out of the game is the graphics, which not even get to the controls of the robot stand out from the outset, as it is a title with three-dimensional graphics and a graphics engine that shows up different types of lights and explosions, other things. The futuristic games or gender "robotic" often need to highlight remarkable graphic section, and get excel Robot Rising on Facebook as one of the games with the best visuals we can see.
robot rising 01
Robot Rising takes us behind the controls of a robot immersed in a futuristic world where wars no soldiers, but robots are real war machines, equipped with different types of devices and weapons. Our goal: eliminate all hostile robots that appear in our wake as we journey through this world, in which all seek to destroy robots. Our enemies will become more numerous and stronger, but luckily we also grow on par with them.

So, start with simple machine guns or grenades to take combinations later as projectiles, double minigun or even explosions in mines or lures area. While weapons show a pure war game and all action will enter the assault on every base or level you are, there will be infiltration missions, where everything will monitor the most enlightened or areas through which we pass. Thus, items such as lights or infrared sensors will find us waiting and sounding the alarm to be assaulted by a horde of robots, which will further complicate our way through the levels.

We will also see different elements worthy of an RPG as the variety of weapons or tiered system, thanks to the experience we get more easily we can improve and get the latest updates from our robot. There will also be a number of objects on the ground or useful that could shelter both serve (health cure) to get temporary improvements, from improvements to exclusive weapons damage. Definitely Rising Robot is one very complete game, showing the progress of the game for social networks, platforms and more classic players such as consoles or laptops will welcome these improvements both in gameplay and in the graphic. In short, if you like action and shooting games, futuristic and paragraphs outstanding graphics, play Robot Rising and take your robot to the top of this futuristic revolution.

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Wii U reveals its final launch catalog for North America

Wii U reveals its final launch catalog for North America

From Nintendo America have refused to confirm the 24 titles that will be part of the catalog Wii U initial from the time of its release (November 18). Although so far not been confirmed, it is expected that the list is played the same way in the European market. A total of 24 titles from Nintendo and other developers that add to the remaining 30 that are coming before the first half of 2013.

    We're making sure Wii U holders are great games to play from the moment you open the box.

These are the words of Reggie Fils-Aime, president of the American division of the company, who also ensures that they are pleased to offer a wide range of products for all ages. From hardcore gamers to the family audience will have a wide variety of titles that will then pass ye will list below.
Games available on launch day


    Call of Duty: Black Ops II
    Skylanders Giants
    Transformers Prime
    Wipeout 3


    Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Electronic Arts

    FIFA Soccer 2013

Namco Bandai

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition


    New Super Mario Bros. U
    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
    Nintendo Land
    Sing Party


    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Tecmo Koei

    Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper


    Darksiders II


    Assassin's Creed III
    ESPN Sports Connection
    Rabbids Land
    Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
    Zombie U

Warner Bros.

    Scribblenauts Unlimited
    Party Game Champions
    Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition

Games that come before the end of 2012

Broken Rules

    Chasing Aurora

Pwnee Studios

    Cloudberry Kingdom

Electronic Arts

    Madden NFL 13


    Mighty Switch Force HD


    Trine 2: Director's Cut
    Namco Bandai
    Tank! Tank! Tank!


    Neo Nano Asssault

Tomorrow Corporation

    Little Inferno

Two Tribes

    Toki Tori 2

Games that come between 2012 and early 2013

505 Games

    Funky Barn

2K Sports

    NBA 2k13


    Legends 007
    Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013
    Rapala Pro Bass Fishing

D3 Publisher

    Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game
    Ben 10 Omniverse
    Part Family: 30 Great Games: Arcade Obstacle

Electronic Arts

    Mass Effect 3


    Game & Wario
    LEGO City: Undercover
    Pikmin 3
    Wii Fit U
    The Wonderful 101


    Aliens: Colonial Marines


    Wheel of Fortune


    Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
    Rayman Legends

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Full specs of the new PlayStation 3 Super Slim

Full specs of the new PlayStation 3 Super Slim

Wow that Sony has left us with a lot of ads that include the new look of the PlayStation Network Store, the new PS Vita and PS3 Essentials and among them is the New Super Slim PlayStation 3 , for which specifications have finally complete.

PlayStation 3 Super Slim Superior Control


    CECH-4000series (Charcoal Black / White Classic)


    Cell Broadband Engine ™


    RSX ®
PlayStation 3 Super Slim Superior Control
Audio output

    LPCM 7.1ch, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD, AAC.


    256MB XDR Main RAM, 256MB GDDR3 VRAM


    CECH-4000A: 12GB flash memory
    CECH-4000B: 500GB HDD * 1

Inputs and outputs

    2 high-speed USB 2.0


    Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) x 1 IEEE 802.11 b / g
    Bluetooth ® 2.0 (EDR)


    Wireless control by bluetooth
    AV Output


    1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i (for PAL 576p, 576i)

HDMI output connector


AV Multi Out connector


Digital optical output connector



    BD / DVD / CD drive (read only)

Maximum read speed

    BD × 2 (BD-ROM)
    DVD × 8 (DVD-ROM)
    CD × 24 (CD-ROM)

Energy Use

    AC 220-240, 50/60Hz x 4
    Approximate Power consumption 190W

External Dimensions

    Approximately 290 × 60 × 230 mm (width × height × length)


    Approximately 2.1 kg

It includes:

    1 Super Slim PlayStation 3
    1 Control DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless
    AC power feeder
    1 AV cable
    1 USB cable

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FIFA 13, free download the demo for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

FIFA 13, free download the demo for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

It has already started the football season this year, but only need to both Electronic Arts and Konami launched new versions of its games football for the atmosphere completely jugona invade us. In this, as in war, there are two sides, the faithful of the Pro gamers and fans of FIFA. Precisely the latter going to talk now, as Electronic Arts has released the demo of FIFA 13 for Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 and PC , and can be downloaded completely free to try out the new features of this simulator, which promises (as each year) more realistic and fun than ever.
fifa 13 01
Although this demo players can enjoy a flavor of FIFA 13, the full version will not arrive until the 27th of September each year going as multiplatform, for the above systems as well as for PlayStation Vita, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 2, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The demo of FIFA 13 for PlayStation 3 can be downloaded by all users of this console, while the Xbox 360 version will be available exclusively for one week for Gold members (paid users). PC gamers can download the demo of FIFA 13 directly to your computer, so we leave then with the direct link to do so.

fifa 13 07

Within the 2 gigs that took the demo of FIFA 13 players can play games with teams Manchester City, Arsenal, Juventus, AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund, who are only a small sample of the vast array of clubs that can be selected in FIFA 13, all having the corresponding official license, again following the tradition of every year. EA wanted it in the demo of FIFA 13 players try out the new game mode Match Day of EA SPORTS Football Club, a challenge that thins the line between the simulator and the real football, allowing view and manage a large number of attributes and characteristics of the game and the players.

In EA were not very happy with the result of the impact between players engine in the previous game, so this year has promised greater realism in this respect, also improving the gameplay and control at first touch. Artificial intelligence has undergone a new facelift, noticing the behavior of the CPU controlled players, whether peers or rivals, noticing more realism in their decisions and how they act. This IA allow attackers the ability to analyze the plays, to put best by creating new opportunities for attack. Messi, was a clear reference to EA, to creating what they call a full control of the ball, where players skillful touches and explosives could use more accurate moving real.

You can find the demo of FIFA 13 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. As we told you earlier, we leave you with the direct link to download the demo of FIFA 13 on the PC version.

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Wii U: Everything you need to know

Wii U: Everything you need to know

Already had scheduled, but also the early burst event in the city of New York, where Nintendo announced that the Wii successor had already release date, price and desire to reach users. Wii U was released and arriving late year, we will show how the outside and inside. With videos, pictures and lots of information about what is and what will be the console from November 18 may mark the rebirth or the condemnation of hell for Nintendo.

    Nintendo is scraping against the guardrail and about to dump launches Nintendo Wii U to return to the scene of the consoles and show that creativity does not have run. Always intended for a more casual and hardcore gamer least typical PS3 or Xbox, the Wii U is a console that is meant to have some fun and play. Laughing with friends, getting some moments of absolute concentration and others a little terror. This is the concept that Nintendo is transmitted after start losing the tug against PS3 and Xbox in terms of graphics engines. The Wii was a demonstration of it despite not flaunt their graphic qualities and stories of their most thorough games, console is fun, no doubt. Retracing the same and not worrying again for the great specifications, but adding little "details" of art in the way you interact with the game, Wii U sees the light and gives full details on how it will play with her.


    All very nice aesthetics and presentation, but the real gamers, those who do not buy for novelty but by merit, we want to know what's inside this new toy of Nintendo. For starters, nothing beats going through the basic specifications:

  •  The size has been a matter of dispute in the think tank called Nintendo during development, but eventually agreed to leave it on 4.57 high, 26.9 wide and 17cm long. Simple, portable and fully incorporated into the fashion of small things with great power. Weight is not a concern, since we assume that your little arms can hold 1.6 kg while playing.
  •  As for the CPU power, we will act to IBM multi-core processor with a GPU based on AMD Radeon HD. Being very sued for manufacturing those games, high processing amount becomes a good motivator to see a little more sophisticated games and more demanding, both CPU and GPU.
  •  In storage, the Wii U uses SDD 8GB or 32 GB depending on the model Basic or Deluxe. Additionally, the new console has support for SDHC and the obvious and always recommended external storage via USB.

    Wii U complete.
 Wii U completa. - Wii U

  •  The video output will be so inclusive that will support 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. So if you want picture quality, this will be resolved. Moreover, compatible cables have a list where HDMI lead, Wii D-Terminal, Wii Component Video, RGB Wii, Wii S-Video, AV Stereo AV and Wii. The audio system will consist of a six-channel Linear PCM output via HDMI or analog via legendary AV Multi Out connector. Completing the multimedia section, we see that the Wii U will use optical discs up to 26 GB capacity. It is still unknown how this will affect on piracy, but we do know that the discs will be unique.
  •  As in any current generation console, the Wii U can connect to internet and play there with friends via a wireless connection (IEEE 802.11b/g/n). But what I really liked is that it supports a LAN mode where up to four players can connect through the 4 USB ports that have the console (two on rear, two on the front).
  •  On Battery and efficiency, Nintendo has dwelt on how well Wii U uses the energy with low power mode. Autonomy has not yet commented, but when we have the information we update the article. What is known is that the battery is a rechargeable lithium ion battery and weighs about 500 grams.

    Nintendo ILVT

    Price and release date

    Get to the point. You can buy the Wii U if for you by November 18 U.S. or in Japan on December 8. On the European dates still expected regional confirmations, as always vary between the U.S. and Japan. In the U.S. will sell two models. The first corresponds to the basic set, which cost $ 299 and will come with a Wii U, one Wii U GamePad, accessories and 8 GB of internal memory. The Deluxe version will feature black color and will have 32GB in total. Your cost will be $ 349. As always, the Japanese have several interesting promotions when buying the Wii U launch day, as it has launched a bundle that offers a set Deluxe, Pro joystick and Wii U RPG Monster Hunters approximately $ 500 3G .

Los dos modelos de Wii. - Wii U
 El bundle con el que Nintendo planea conquistar billeteras japonesas - Wii U

 The bundle with which he plans to conquer wallets Japanese Nintendo - Wii U The bundle with Nintendo plans to conquer the Japanese wallets

    Wii U GamePad

    Wii U GamePad is the newest of the whole matter to provide the unique option of watching the game in your control and interact with what you see on screen. Overall, the Wii U GamePad be used as an extension to what you see on TV (or for mini games), like a second monitor from where you can look at a map while moving in a FPS or accommodate your inventory in an RPG. In addition, as we see in the videos, also serve to make zooms or movements that require high detail overlay your command with the TV.

Wii U GamePad - Wii U

    The GamePad will have a 6.2 inch screen and will support 16:9 aspect ratio on a touch screen LCD. The command will be a traditional game of cross directions, two analog sticks and buttons (sticks L / R, A / B / X / Y, ZL / ZR, on and off button, home button, SELECT and START button, and a last to control the TV. Inside, the Wii U GamePad features a motion control operation based on combo accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor. included as accessories have front camera, a microphone, stereo speakers, vibrate mode, bar sensor like the Wii, a Stylus and support for NFC.
    In turn, the Wii U is capable of supporting two Wii U controllers and up to four Wii Remote (or Wii Remote ™ Plus), as well as U Wii controllers and accessories Pro Controllers Wii and Nunchuk, Classic Controller and the Wii Balance Board. Sympathetic retro compatibility, recycling our Wii. Individually, the price control Gamepad Wii U could be in USD $ 149 and the c (a command similar to anything seen so far but exclusive Wii U) at $ 69.

    Wii U Controller Pro

    How to play? ZombiU shows it

    To show how Wii U will be used in a normal game session, the game was advanced ZombiU shaped trailer where the gameplay is mixed with the technical director and fantasy. Without more, we'll deal with this game where you are a survivor who has to take arms and information to live out of a pretty scary zombie infection.

    How to play? ZombiU shows it
    As seen in the exclusive game that Nintendo and Ubisoft re did together (it's a remake of Zombie, 1986), the zombies dominate the screen and you have to make your way through the city abiotic. Nothing original there, mixing a bit of FEAR, Left 4 Dead, the Day-Z boom and the gloom of Resident Evil, all in small cuotitas. The interesting thing about this trailer is how you play with the Wii U. In it we see how the user holds the gamepad and joystick used both as both as a second display, which uses inventory, look at the map while walking, better items and even pointing a sniper rifle. As you play, you can receive notifications from friends and perform fast queries without what happens on screen bother you, or worse, no longer affect you.


    Other games announced for Wii U is Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U and Bayonet 2, in a list that also Assassin's Creed ® III, Just Dance ® 4, Marvel Avengers ™: Battle for Earth, Rabbids ® Land, Sports Connection ™, Your Shape ®: Fitness Evolved 2013 ZombiU ™, Rayman Legends ®, NINJA GAIDEN ™ 3: Razor's Edge, Sing PARTY ™, LEGO ® City: Undercover, Wii Fit ™ U, Game & Wario ™, Pikmin ™ 3 , The Wonderful 101 ™, Mass Effect ™ 3, Madden NFL 13, EA SPORTS ™ FIFA Soccer 13, NBA 2k13, 50 more. On the first three games mentioned. , Is known to be exclusive to Nintendo's new console and the first two will launch day Wii U. Bayonet 2 only know about their commitment to the console, not much else.

    In the case of New Super Mario Bros U, is impossible not to be charmed by this new gem. The Super Mario Classic repeat formulas, but boy they are fun. This game will assume that (I love the Challange Mode), plus a lot more difficult than some previous. Do not you think? Watch the video and then tell us.

    New Super Mario Bros U

    Nintendo Land Mario is a kind of mixed with Theme Park Party will have many references to classic games and looks to be pretty fun too and we love to see and play with friends


    So much coverage of what has been launching Wii U and Nintendo renewal in its neglected and Wii. As always happens when we see a console that is designed for casual players and others involved but with alternative tastes, is that the console could hit hard and then lose a lot of interest in a year. Considering the effect that has PS3 and Xbox, Nintendo Wii U should know that is not any competition in that sense and you have to bet to accomplish what he does best, fun games and fun ways to play them.

    On the internal capacity of the two models of Wii, the feeling is very little difference of money relative to the large amount of available memory between them. This can make the first sales are tiny and only have it so that Nintendo can show a 299 on the shelves and promotions. Another point is the choice of Minidisc over Blu-ray, something weird knowing ILVT launching, the platform will be able to watch TV and videos on your Wii U. Moreover, the games, the gamepad and backward seem very favorable points and will have to see how it unfolds and what acceptance is given to long-term, but Nintendo only want to exploit wallets in the next 6 months and longer.

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