Angry Birds Heikki, ¿first racing game of Angry Birds?

Angry Birds Heikki, ¿first racing game of Angry Birds?

The game birds pissed Angry Birds are heated engines (pun intended) to debut soon with a new adventure that could break fully the aesthetic and gameplay to which we are accustomed. This is because Rovio, the Finnish company responsible for the franchise, it seems that is developing the first set of cars from the Angry Birds, judging by the tracks that have been giving in recent hours. Rovio has set up a special website Heikki called Angry Birds , which shows the image of Angry Birds red bird and a number of reasons that lead us to think of a title related to the races (possibly Formula One) and checkered flags, the characteristic lines of pianos circuits and a message that says "warming" ...

Along with these images is a date, June 18, the day that presumably will launch the game to market. The name of Angry Birds Heikki is not the first time that comes to light, since from the beginning of this season of Formula One driver Heikki Kovalainen has been seen with a helmet printed with the red bird and the name "Angry Birds", so it appears that the veteran pilot will be the main attraction of the next set of these 
 02 Heikki angry birds
It is not strange therefore, that being a Finnish company Rovio, have wanted a fellow sportsman and is the banner to kick out the new title of this millionaire saga. At the moment were not disclosed further details, although the first rumors assume that this Angry Birds Heikki will be the first game of Angry Birds that first drop of his trusty slingshot, for mounting on a race car. The gameplay could be similar to that seen in the Mario Kart series , ie a local competition in which almost everything to win it, and knowing the character of the Angry Birds pissed, would not be surprising road imagine them throwing up some green pork.
01 Heikki angry birds
It seems that the phenomenon will continue dragging Angry Birds million-selling, something that has happened since the first game of the series debut on the iPhone back in 2009. Since then the Angry Birds have generated more than 1000 million downloads on all platforms where available (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Pc, etc ...). The merchandising surrounding the franchise also started the millions and the last game has been released, Angry Birds Space, has managed to beat all records generated over 50 million downloads in just 35 days. There is no doubt that Rovio has managed to reinvent the game constantly to avoid tiring to most fans of Angry Birds, which could materialize fully with the Angry Birds Heikki, unfortunately, seems to have to wait until 18 June to definitely know what surprise we are preparing the most famous birds of time.


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