Download Need for Speed: The Run

Download Need for Speed: The Run

Need for Speed: The Run is the game that comes back to cause a sensation among all the players career, well Need For Speed is listed as one of the best racing games that can be so today you can download it for so you can see again the thrill that comes to presenting this racing game which will be available in the paid version so you do not have to buy it to enjoy it, Need For Speed: The Run is offering new adventures, download Need For Speed : The Run free.

The graphics of Need for Speed: The Run is very good so you do not have to miss it for any reason because it will only power the police cum all coming to get you to get you and the car confiscarte walk in that time, remember that as in all previous releases have to modify your car to do this is almost impossible to achieve and reach all the missions assigned to us, download Need for Speed: The Run free.

License: DEMO

Tip: How to Block Games requests on Facebook

Tip: How to Block Games requests on Facebook

Fed up with receiving requests for games that have completely abandoned in Facebook ? Or just prefer to play them only when they want, without receiving notifications every half hour?

Today, we have a simple tip to block Facebook applications. It not only works with games, but any application you are using.


The first thing to do is open Facebook, and go to "Games Applications"2011 11 14 15 04 19

Once inside, you will see all requests. What we have to do is locate the application whose notification we want to block, and just click on the "X". No matter which of all notices to be.
2011 11 14 15 06 01

Once down the X, we give you the option to block the application, so proceed with the action:
2011 11 14 15 06 25

And presto!

So we will not receive notification or application information, plus the authorization to remove it relates to our Facebook account. This means that if you want to use a new application will have to unlock it manually:
Screen Shot 2011 11 14 at 3 10 50 PM

Play Tetris online, with TwitchTetris (HTML5)

Play Tetris online, with TwitchTetris (HTML5)

Want to play something like Tetris? Then you might want to check out TwitchTetris, a fairly faithful version to the original, made entirely in HTML5 , so you can play it without installing Flash or other plugins .

The game retains the simplicity of the original, giving us several options of control (to rotate the pieces, we can use Z, X, or arrow, or save a piece with C or Shift).

Play it in this link

11-13-2011 4-57-21 PM

Another advantage of using HTML5 instead of flash, is that the response time is much greater. In short, there is less "lag", or almost no delay between the time you press the button and the screen response. You know, to play Tetris and experts:

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