Casey's Contraptions, the new game from the creators of Angry Birds

Casey's Contraptions, the new game from the creators of Angry Birds

Rovio, the developer responsible for the mobile gaming franchise Angry Birds, achieved with the title star of over a billion downloads recently, and before reaching that figure has remained among the most downloaded games from the App Store and Google Play for months either the main game as any of the secondary titles. Now the company aims to expand its catalog of mobile games and preparing the launch of Casey's Contraptions.

Scheduled for release this month on iPhone and iPad for later, make the jump to Android devices. Was not immediately clear whether it will appear to the Facebook social network or other network, as did the angry birds. Again, there is an arcade game of skill and still far from the release of birds from structures and green pigs. This time will be based on the construction of complex chain.
Caseys contraptions
This means that we create circuits using different tools and objects to capture the stars that we find in each scenario. Scissors, ropes, toys, books, magnets ... the number of objects is unlimited and all have a unique role in each level. We play with the environment and create hundreds of different solutions for all levels, but very few will get the stars in the shortest time possible.

Not be lost sight of the dynamic objects and movable main protagonists in these puzzles. We from tennis balls and pig-shaped money boxes to soccer balls and balloons, which together with other objects interact with each other to win as many points as possible. The game is much like other classic titles as The Incredible Machine , in which the objective, the mechanics and gameplay was identical to this game.

The graphics will look much like that seen in Angry Birds, with a cartoon like appearance and simple animations. The game is presented as a mixture of what is seen in many games for smartphones, gaining a bit of each and combining them in a physics puzzle game. For example, we see parts of stacked boxes and objects, launching slingshot tools , achieve the greatest possible number of stars in each level ... And all in all and each of the levels of the game.

The game was developed by Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut, but the Finnish company bought the rights to the game and finished developing it and polish it to throw it under your name. He had a brief recently launched in the App Store, but after the acquisition of rights by Rovio have decided to temporarily remove the digital bazaar and prepare for a relaunch "Rovio style" as the creators of Angry Birds. 

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