Risk 'StarCraft' collector's edition, details

Risk 'StarCraft' collector's edition

One of the games most classic of world joins what is one of the best franchises of strategy games for PC. Risk: Starcraft Collector's Edition hits the market as an official product by both parties, being an adaptation of the original game.

The Risk of changes StarCraft soldiers, knights and cannons by figures of the game, there are a total of six colors that are divided into the three available races (Zerg, Terran and Protoss). Each color has a specific figure designated as a leader and that is also unique to each race.

In addition to changes in the figures, Risk 'StarCraft' also fits the board. We turn to have a real world map a star map based on the StarCraft universe and focusing activity in the Koprulu Sector, where the action takes place mainly in the Blizzard game.

A collector's edition can be achieved in the online Blizzard Store for about $ 50 U.S. or Amazon UK for about 37 euros. A must for fans of the series StarCraft.

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Logic Master Test your intelligence with this game for Android, tip and tricks

Logic Master Test your intelligence with this game for Android

Ready to break your coconut? No, we do not propose any style feat Jackass or similar, the issue is that the game we bring you today is going to make you devanéis brains to the edge of despair on many occasions. Master Logic is a fun but sometimes devilishly complicated and logic puzzle adventure that will keep you glued to your smartphone for quite some time. Logic Master can be downloaded completely free for phones based on the operating system Android from Google, although Game developers have devised a guide, for which many paid € 1.20 worth, in order to know the answers to those puzzles that resist them.

With a simple and clear graphics, Logic Maestro raises 100 puzzle will be solved by thinking and not take anything for granted. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty will increase, so will not be easy terminárselo soon. The game launches direct challenge to our intelligence, with a claim more than clear: "You think you're smart? Are you sure? This game will test your intelligence! "If you want to try your luck, then we leave you with the direct link to download free from Logica Master Google Play.
Puzzle Master

Interesting Games Kangaroo strategy of offering free play and taking advantage of the guide that solves all the riddles, because when the game probéis will feel the frustration of not being able to solve a minigame and the thought of "I'd give anything to know the solution "emerge in your head, that's where the guide comes into play. However we recommend trying to solve each level without aid, as based on persistence and foreign aid often can illuminate the path to finding the right solution. But if by some chance you're good at these games and play t e Logic Maestro challenging launch less than a bird with Angry Birds, you can always compete in the global ranking, showing users quicker to resolve riddles.
Puzzle Master 01
The game begins with a puzzle rather old, however if you have never faced this challenge may take you some time to resolve even give up. Change is three male frogs and three female frogs are placed in rocks from side to side within a river. Agree that cheating is wrong, but we'll leave you with tuexperto.com a video explaining how to solve this puzzle. For the rest you have two options: you break the coconut or I think based solutions, or you acquire the guide with the results . We strongly recommend the first option. Luck!

Video that solves the first puzzle game

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PlayStation 3 hacked again, details

PlayStation 3 hacked again

After the release of firmware 3.60, it seemed that Sony had controlled the problem that had come up after the group discovered Fail0verflow security keys of software, ie the keys that allow you to run the games. Unfortunately for Sony, PlayStation 3 has been hacked again.

All consoles that had a higher firmware to 3.60 and could not run custom firmware, so those who wanted to make changes needed to maintain version 3.55 or lower firmware code to run. But now the company faces the protocol filtering "passphrase", which means you could access the PlayStation Network from a modified PlayStation 3.

The master key has been released by a group of hackers calling themselves "The Three Tuskateers". Apparently, this group would have gotten in a while to discover it, but had decided not to make it known to the public. But somehow the information was leaked yesterday and a Chinese group of hackers launched a tool called BlueDiskCFW why wanted to charge. To prevent do business with their findings, the group decided to release the key LV0 and only 24 and there is a free CFW swarming Internet worlds.

    You can be sure that, but for this leak the key had never seen the light of day. Only the fear that our work is used by others to make money forced us to publish on this day.

Either way, the company has a big problem and although it is logical to think that Sony will change the "Passphrase" in a future firmware update, it seems that this would be only a temporary solution. According to experts, the key to knowing LV0 is relatively easy to decrypt future company updates.

Let's see how Sony reacts to this new event.

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