Xbox 360, Microsoft could sell their console at low price

Xbox 360, Microsoft could sell their console at low price

It seems that Microsoft is going to squeeze the full potential of selling your home console Xbox 360 , before giving way to their next gaming platform. If all goes as expected industry should subtract a year or two at most to the Redmond company put up for sale its new console video games , a network system that has called for some time as Xbox 720. Much has changed the current Xbox 360 since it went on sale for almost 7 years. What at first was a video game console to use, it has become a media center that brings together the audiovisual content like music, movies or TV.

7 years is a long time, indeed, had never spent much time among a generation of consoles and other, which makes the Xbox 360 and 3 on two platforms PlaStation very veteran and virtually all have shown us what they are capable of giving itself. Perhaps because of this and to encourage a little more sales in the final stretch of his reign, Microsoft Xbox 360 could offer a very competitive price from next week. And, as reported by our colleagues specializing in technology for The Verge, Microsoft is planning to launch next week a new pack of Xbox 360 + Kinect sensor at a price of $ 99.
xbox 360
According to sources from The Verge, the launch would be scheduled for next week, although the company has not officially confirmed anything yet. The price would mean a kind of two-year contract, in which users must pay monthly installments of $ 15 (9 euros) that would give the right to be a member of Xbox Live Gold, plus the ability to access certain premium content such as sports Direct and other exclusive benefits. The initiative is similar to some extent the sales strategy used by mobile operators to subsidize terminals to its customers. In this case, Microsoft could take this business model to bring their console to a greater number of people.

It is said that the offer will be targeted initially for the U.S. market, although it would not be unreasonable in other parts of the world including Spain, ofertase console the same way. The news comes as Microsoft has made ​​our country a new pack of Xbox 360 Limited Edition 4GB. The pack includes the console next to the sensor Kinect in bright white, and video games Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures, two of the first titles were released for the motion sensor and voice, with which players can play without controls. The company has announced that this new pack will be available in stores starting May 4. As a bonus, will include three-month gift subscription to Xbox Live Gold, so that users can experience the full range of content currently offered by this portal.

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Official trailer of Call of Duty: Black Ops II

 Official trailer of Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Activision has finally released the video presentation of the new release of its popular shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

The trailer can be seen tech military, in the year 2025, with weapons and vehicles of all types, large-scale fighting in the city of Los Angeles, and even outdoor scenarios, with fighting on horseback in the desert.

They also show a character saying that U.S. has built an automated army for protection, but no one has thought about what if the enemy steals the keys, and is an attack on the city of Los Angeles of the future. It seems that terrorists have taken control of the automatic weapons of the United States and are using it against him and in his own territory, as a "Rise of the Machines" controlled by Islamist terrorists who celebrate in their own video. The character says that "there will always be men like us who are willing to do what others can not," an apparent reference to the players.

Covert missions now move to the near future, with characters that will remind fans of Black Ops (Frank Woods) and a technology that is far from the original, but has no reason to be without the soldiers, as indicated by the video .

For now, the official site covers only reflects the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and PC.

Previously, Activision said the development of Call of Duty Playstation Vita. Black Ops is not known whether Title II is coming to Sony's handheld. As a Wii version U

We will continue pending the new data to be coming out of this renowned franchise. Recalling that will be released on November 13th. Meanwhile, we leave you with the above video. Enjoy it!

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You can earn real money with Diablo III, but Blizzard will retain 15%

You can earn real money with Diablo III, but Blizzard will retain 15%

Among the new Diablo III promises, there is one that has raised particular interest: the possibility that players generate money through the game through the auction house .

Blizzard introduces two types: the auction house gold (gold auction house) that will sell and buy gold items collected through the game and the auction house based in real money (Real-money auction house) which will allow users to obtain items through PayPal or using a credit card.

This could potentially attract many problems and farms, so Blizzard has decided to implement several limitations:
Blizzard se queda con un 15% de ganancias de la casa de subastas en Diablo III
    The items purchased with gold have a surcharge of 15%.
    The items purchased with real money will cost one dollar as transaction fee.
    Any amount of real money to be transferred to a PayPal account or bank account, will also be charged with 15%.
    The maximum amount that can be charged for an item is $ 250.
    There can be only 10 items per user at a time at auction.

Besides all this, the auction houses are divided by region: America (which for some reason, includes Australia), Europe and Asia, although the latter will not have the Real-Money Auction House, some governments like Korea South were concerned about this feature, so it was removed.

What do you think of this introduction? The Auction Houses in games and generally impose some sort of fee for selling items with play money, but the introduction of real money is something that may not appeal to many, especially in the PvP area where the sands are finally implemented. Is it fair to deal with someone who has bought all his gear with real money when another player farmeó his long hours? And do not think a 15% surcharge is too much?

It seems that Blizzard has found ways to continue making money with Diablo III , even if a scheme "pay once".

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