Play to beat Justin Bieber and get the best score,Bieber Ragdoll

Justin Bieber is one of the most hated and loved on earth. It has several followers, among mostly teenagers who call themselves Belieber who die and are passionately to his artist.

However, there are other people who repudiate the singer of 'Baby', to the point that can not tolerate listening to his music far from its name, do not even understand how Belieber idolize him.

Now there's a game where you can do whatever you want with Justin Bieber. Is to demolish it and give it the bloodiest blows possible, the stronger and cruel are, the more points you get. You'll have 30 seconds to destroy it.

Drag and smash Bieber Ragdoll to pulp! Send your score and see who else hates him. Includes Arcade and Free Play. This game is also on Mochi LiveUpdate, I can add more weapons as time flies.


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LittleBigPlanet Karting will arrive on November 6

LittleBigPlanet Karting  will arrive on November 6

United Front Games and Media Molecule have finally unveiled the release date for its new creation called: LittleBigPlanet Karting. This title will arrive on November 6 at the shops of America and a day later in European stores. What's more, LBP Karting will bring some surprises that surely will appeal to fans of the franchise.

If the game reserve, we may receive from Kevin Butler Sackboy and their particular executive golf cart and other characters. Our friends in Europe will have available a special edition, it is a different box, comes with a new lenticular 3D design.
In the video accompanying this note, we can appreciate the different modes of play and competition are there in LittleBigPlanet Karting . Loved by many hated P0R many more to copy the model of the legendary Mario Kart, this new title characters cloth will surely sell a considerable amount of copies worldwide, and is not course for its originality, but because they franchise is a very well loved by gamers that gender is extremely fun.

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Amazon launches videogame development,scared Microsoft,Sony and Nintendo

Amazon launches videogame development,scared Microsoft,Sony and Nintendo

The popular online store today announced the department will focus on developing different social games. Amazon Game Studios will be responsible for the gaming division of the Internet giant and his letter is titled Living Classics. The game is available today on Facebook .

Living Classics presents a peculiar family of foxes that will enter into different worlds tales inspired by the illustrations of each of the books. Nothing is missing from 'Alice in Wonderland' to 'King Arthur' through 'The Wizard of Oz'. In order to enhance the social character of the title, players can interact with the different families of his friends in the social network and help them in their journey.

    We know many of Amazon's customers enjoy playing games - including free social games - and thanks to the expertise of Amazon, we believe we can provide good and accessible gaming experience that players and guests can play at any time.

This "game of moving objects," as described by the company, has its own Facebook page and is presented with the following trailer. It can see the colorful scenarios through which the player must find the story moving images in question:

Digital commerce, e-books, tablets, applications, services, music and now video games. It seems that Amazon is willing to stand up to big companies with their own range of products. At the moment it looks like things are going pretty well. We'll see if this new adventure ends bearing fruit.

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GaymerCon: The Gay Games Convention

GaymerCon: The Gay Games Convention

Video games do not differentiate beyond the limitations of gender display their menus profiling and aesthetics of the models of his characters to choose who you play and what kind of personal characteristics are. Those are separate and discriminate against people because of video games, gamers are all equal in power beyond their differences. It is therefore a project in Kickstarter you kicked off the first Gaymercon, the gaming convention for gay or LGBT to be held within a year in the U.S..

    The diversity in video games is the amount of genres that exist and the different profiles of players sitting in front of screens and live all kinds of adventures. In turn, the diversity in video games is also experienced when entering an international server and play with people of different nationalities, languages, cultures and religions, creating a gaming experience quite rewarding from all major points. But there is also gender diversity is remarkable, and which lately is starting to make it clear to the developers, distributors and all those involved in the industry that makes us get calluses on your fingers and it's not porn. Gaymercon 2013 is the collective personal proposal and now seeks to make more explicit the commitment to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender), video games and geek culture all to celebrate the first gay video game convention.

    Itself began as an idea of who has looked at the other and want to include in a society that still treats homosexuality as a taboo and an "other problem", and after making a campaign very geek and presentations Many celebrities and gaming dubbing, Matt Conn could open invitations to the convention will be the first gay video game. To be more specific, the call is for all LGBT geek culture and the idea is to get together to meet, play and share ideas about the state of its position on how the gaming world to the LGBT community is talking about integration cases or exclusion, discrimination, promoting the destruction of stereotypes and winning points against the dogged stubbornness of those who believe that video games "are for males." As the inclusion is a goal, the Gaymercon is open to any type of sexual orientation, ethnicity and nationality that is over 18 years.

    The call has a funny taste and a considerable social importance, and to demonstrate it has achieved the participation of important voices in video games benders, such as Ellen McLain (GLaDOS in Portal ) and John Lowry, the amusing speaker behind the Sniper Team Fortress 2 . In addition, SMBC Theater people participated in a fun video presentation along with the driver of the initiative gathered in a few days and the total requested $ 25,000 and up to the time of writing this article had raised $ 32,303. The Gaymercon is 3 and August 4, 2013 in San Francisco, USA and has not been given information about which games will be presented and what kind of events will take place, but with the arrival to the media that is making assume that the offers to advertise products and games will soon come and soon we will know more.

    Any proposal of this nature, resistance in the network (mainly from nothing brave anonymous) has been felt strongly in the form of hatred by the usual as well as questionable arguments, including people claiming to be gay . The main criticisms are reasonable to create a gender distinction that exists in video games, but the organizer Gaymercon said that the idea of the convention is not divided into genres, but demystify the membership of this activity just as beautiful a group of people with certain sexual orientations.

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